Just why do you choose to do Soros bidding?


>deep state being faggots

imagine my shawk

I guess next on the list is Poland

so how long before the supreme magyar gets suicided by the jews?

4D chess

so far I think he is doing as he is told so I dont see it in the near future.

>Russia is evil for trying to engage in propaganda
>pumping tax payer money to try and get rid of a foreign leader and overthrow foreign governments is a-ok

Holy shit is that Ben Sorospiro

you missed two dimensions 6D chess

Not larping. I was hopeful for Trump but goddamit.

with 700,000$ you won't do shit.

You send money to the guy you want to lose. It pisses of the people voting and they vote for the other person.

US State Dept is contaminated. Tillerson is either inept or a traitor. I'd say the former or he'd be gone. Orban was the 1st world leader to endorse Trump. Tillerson has talked directly with his Hungarian counterpart. They spend Trump's target of 2% of GDP on defence, sent soldiers to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kosovo... the reward: US led regime change. What is the problem in state?

1 USD = 262.072 Hungarian Forint

I guess Assad was right, even if now is Trump in the White House after all.

That doesn't mean you get 262 times the effective value tho

don't worry anons, libtard media has no chance here. We passionately hate niggers and sandpeople. theres no amount of US monopoly money that can make hungarians become xenophile democrats

Then what is this country?
Who runs this place?
WHAT AM I Sup Forums!!!???!?!??!?!??

>thanks for the Gibbs
>No changes

You make sure you do, because Im getting disheartened watching the Jews running amok everywhere.
Fuck if I know annon.

Not Trump, it's a faggy Obama holdover, they can't replace him until Trump's pick is approved.

thanks for caring argebro

America is clownland, or Weimerica, call it whatever. It's not a real country, more like a giant economic zone, or a mall. Citizenship means nothing if it's towards a non-country. American citizenship is closer to a license that allows someone to participate in that economic zone, so basically, American citizenship is a Costco or Sam's Club membership, because anyone can get it.

why hasn't that ungodly commieblock in the back not been torn down yet?
it's the most ugly thing on the castle hill.
the st stephen statue is so great though

>the government is more concerned with shilling in other countries rather than spending money at home for something useful
Not that the government can find something useful but