Eternal Fashwave

Robert Flores
Robert Flores

Fashwave General.
Starting a new thread because I didn't see one in the catalog.

I'm one of the first artists in the movement, I'll dump my OC and encourage you to post your own!
Will take requests, answer questions etc.
Starting with a well known one!

All urls found in this thread:

Justin King
Justin King

Post more OC here /wg/catalog#s=thread%2F7074196

Gavin Morgan
Gavin Morgan

Will do another time! For now share!

Elijah Allen
Elijah Allen


Benjamin Long
Benjamin Long

Fashwave started on Sup Forums and I feel our users will appreciate these a lot more desu

Luis Green
Luis Green


Landon Phillips
Landon Phillips

Thanks bud,

Jackson Myers
Jackson Myers

Are there any guides to make this?

Ryan Ramirez
Ryan Ramirez

found it

be you, on wg
find image that would work well with style
cut the fucker out and paste him on new canvas
duplicate the fucker like 5 times or something
colorize the layers in a variety of neon colors
mess with blending mode and opacity while slightly changing the placement of the bottom layers to create the ghost sensation
use render - fog and neon color the fog
okay when you have the correct fonts don't just use them in their own layer, but go to create - logo and pick neon
right what you want and the color and a new thing will be created

alien encounter
mistral (the drive font)

Tool: GIMP

for neon text

filters > blur > gaussian blur
colors > curves > set channel value to ALPHA
make line more vertical until the text becomes round
layer >layer to image size
filters >alpha to logo >neon
choose color & set effect size to 23 (effect size depends on size of text, more for big text, less for small text)

scan lines (looks like old tvs)
filters >distort >video

darker scan lines:
new layer
bucket fill black entire layer
filter - distort - erase very other line
(for photoshop version:

That's all you really need to get started. You'll be able to figure out the rest through trial and error.

Alexander Reed
Alexander Reed

I had one for the outlines and glitches but I can't seem to find it.

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