Kosova je NOT Srbija

Country independency:
>Kosova in 2008
>South Sudan in 2011
>Catalonia attempt in 2017

And yet it's somehow the oldest among these that stilI has no flag for Sup Forums.... This is obviously a gross violation against the honor of my home country, so I hope whoever is responsible for this get's aids if this doesn't get fixed asap.

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Kosovo je Srbija zauvek

Srbija stronk

Fuck off

You mean Srbija has two flags?

fuck off

Sorry Toniblerim diaspora, but I don't see Kosovo in UN in the next 5 to 10 years.

Larping serb cucks are not welcome.

Kosova will be soon (Feb 2018) celebrating it's 10 years independency. What are gonna do against it?

>NATO puppet state
>no own army
>even palestine has more recognition

Kosovo je Srbija, and I doubt anyone in South Sudan has electricity, let alone an internet connection.
Catalonia is now available as a memeflag.

>even palestine has more recognition
>hmm... that can't be true
>gotta check out
>diplomatic recognitions

Holy Kek, it's true

>NATO puppet state
Lol nope
>no own army
One of the most stable government in the balkan region
>even palestine has more recognition
Finland has recognized us, so has the majority of the UN countries.

Go back.

Why? Your country is basically ours now.

Au contraire my albozerg friend. You are our wageslaves. If you go back you‘ll be free.

If you want to post with Kosovo flag then move back to your 3rd world shithole

He cleans toilets here with his toothbrush. He can stay.

It's only a matter of time until we become the marjority, then our roles will change.
I'm often enough there for vacation.

It seems that Switzerland needs to improve pest control. Since when are you allowed computers?

You should take it seriously. They have done it before.


How is it there ? Does Serbia have any control over this region and how poor is it ?
Here Kosovo is only known for being in Balkan clusterfuck and this fat cunt

Fuck them.
No idea. Actually I was larping as an Albanian/Kosovar.

We don‘t feed them like the jugos did. They have to work long hours and if they stop, they starve and fuck off. We bring the best out of them (it‘s not much) and then throw them away like used condoms. They will never be a relevant minority, much less a majority.

All their food and water comes from us,they are bassiclly a region that pays for it.

When are you gonna declare martial law around your monasteries and churches? You should annex the territories as exclaves in kosovo as they have serbs living around them.

I've seen the Vice documentary. There are still NATO or UN troops there protecting the monasteries. youtu.be/xyc134dgV64?t=9m

Serbian regions govern themselfs and the monasteries are being protected by KFOR,and sometimes they arrest an Albo that wants to Ackbar one off the monasteries.

But aslong NATO and EU is relavent we can't do shit and even the Albos know this.

Ffs the albos are allowed to preach about territorial security and overthrowing governments but when the only monuments in the country get attacked some flimzy NATO dispatch is all there is defending them.