Is a creation of god

>is a creation of god
>is neither omnipotent nor omniscient
>knows god is
>still plans to wage war against him in revelations

What is his end game? Wouldn't he know he's gonna lose?

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He enjoys making God destroy his own creations, something God doesn't want to do.

literally controlled opposition

Satan would rather be 1st in Hell than 2nd in Heaven

revelation, not revelations. proves you have not read it.


The literal representation that whatever we do we cannot compete against the totality, forever under the great everything, no matter how hard we try we will always be inferior.

At least thats what the christian doctrine pushes.

And yet he tries anyway.

>a good tale

>not omniscient
Also, fully capable of being stupid. Nothing stopping him from saying "Well yeah, maybe God only SAYS he's omnipotent, maybe he's lying!"

There was a deal made. Whoever Lucifer convinces to follow his rule, will be sent to Lucifer to do with as he wishes in the pit. Lucifer hates mankind. Those who come into his fold don't know the agony he has in store for them.


>none of this is in the Bible
Quit it with your Disney Christianity.

Yes but forever still in his condition.

It takes a whole new meaning when we see us as the creators.


F is for fire that burns down the whole town
U is for uranium... BOMBS!
N is for no survivors when you're-

>Is omnipotent
>Doesn't just remove hell entirely and make everyone go to heaven regardless


>There was a deal made. Whoever Lucifer convinces to follow his rule, will be sent to Lucifer to do with as he wishes in the pit.
Lucifer is going to be bound for 1000 years after Christ returns, released for a little bit, and then destroyed. Sinners are also to be consumed in hellfire. Note: this does not mean “tortured eternally”. It means “destroyed completely until the last molecule of you no longer exists”

God does not advocate eternal torment. It is your destruction that is eternal; you’re not coming back for a second try. There is a difference. Look it up if you don’t believe me, it’s easily verified.

>plans to wage war against god

Care to show me where it says that in the bible?

There is no character Lucifer in the Bible. It is used exactly twice in the Bible, once in reference to a mortal king and again in reference to Jesus Christ himself; both times as a poetic way of signifying a fallen king.
That’s it, full stop. There is never a character named Lucifer that does anything at all.

Imb4 misteryous ways

You have free will, which includes the ability to reject God for eternity. Torturous hell is an evangelical concept, not a biblical one.

>Bunch of niggers insist on acting like evil douches
>Letting them live with the righteous

If you gave the damned possession of Paradise they'd ruin it in a day. If you gave the saints ownership of Hell it'd be livable in an hour.

>He enjoys making God destroy his own creations, something God doesn't want to do.

Stop hitting yourself?

why he playing bejeweled on his chest

Thats talking about esau edom

This, lucifer is just a title of light bearer

Its SUPPOSED to be the chestplate of the high priest, but I wouldn't expect accuracy from someone who draws Christ as a nigger.

What color was thw hand of moses when the most high gave him leporsy?

What color was the dirt that adam was made from?


Lucifer is just a stand in title for Samael/Satan that has become an appropriate alternate title. People know who you’re talking about. It is the serpent.

This is now a Muslim booty thread.

Is this you referring to immigration

Satan knows that he will lose, but his plan is to bring millions of others down with him as he's a deceiver. Not only would he tear God's creations from his presence, he would also rule over them.

He wants to find a way to become God. This is why Luciferians are obsessed with power.

>hey Gabriel look at this
>what is it my lord
>I made humans capable of sin and hurting each other then when I they do I torture them for all eternity
>will they not think you are evil my lord
>I told them its free will and they actually bought it
>good one my lord
>now unleash the flesh eating maggots and the cholera, I'm bored

Yes and no. I'm saying the character of a people determines in part the character of their living conditions.
Jesus was a Jew, not a nigger.

I have a feeling that God keeps him as a means of uniting humanity to collectively fight against an objective evil. His appointed angel still spares Satan in Revelations.

>Make a world of meaningful choices and liberty
>People complain and say they'd rather be slaves, while also accusing you of being a tyrant who wants them to live like slaves.

>why does evil exist

well then good couldnt exist ;)

checkmate vegetarians

Answer the questions my dude

Even modern day jewish scholars acknowledge that they are modern day edom

Satanism is all about giving in to temptation in spite of good reasons not to.

So saying Satan has a good reason not to defy God really isn't much of an objection to him.

Angels don't have free will. God's been forcing him to play the bad guy from the begining, just like Pharaoh was to Moses.

Dirt lol like thats proof

I hate ti break it to you nigger but the first humans came from Europe

Lol we wuz kings n shiet, nope you guys were Egyptian dick washers

>He believes the Khazar theory AND he thinks the Israelites were black

I thought you people were Egyptians? Now you're Jews? Or is it Chinese? Pic related, Blacks trying to find an identity because they have none.

>Is omnipotent
>Can't create a world with free will but no evil

If the first humans came from Europe, does that mean black people are white?

Humans would still fight even if you gave them perfect conditions. Why do you think that millions from men from first countries want to fight in third world shitholes with no running water and rampant child rape? Humanity doesn't value the good that God gives them.

>tfw you are going to find out one way or the other
wew guys the ride is going to end! one day or another, how do you cope with this?
do you think God is going to be like a CEO in his top floor or he will go to you and talk to you personally?

there would be no point to anything if it was all smiles and laughter 100% of the time.

>Blacks trying to find an identity because they have none.

I wonder how that happened.

No, obviously not many in Africa dont have a drop of european blood

>Can't create a world with free will but no evil that also has a point to everything

Omnipotence in Christianity doesn't include the ability to do the absurd, because that isn't a question of power but of sense. Nonsense doesn't suddenly become sensible just because you paste the word "God" in front of it.

God can't lift unliftable stones.
He can't square circles.
And He can't create a world of free agents who always do what they're told without fail.

Anyone who denies this and insists Omnipotence HAS TO MEAN the ability to do the absurd is creating his own problem, because he's insisting God be logical [by creating a world that's both free and good] then insisting His powers mean He has to be illogical. Pick one or the other, you can't have it both ways.

>Is omnipotent
>Can't create a world that is all smiles and laughter 100% of the time with a point.

Are you saying God intentionally made evil?

You either believe we came from israel or you belive in evolution

The same could be said about edomites, they want to be everyone else but themselves

>God can't lift unliftable stones.
He could create a universe without such a paradox.

>He can't square circles.
That's not logically impossible, that's just mathematically impossible. If you could do anything, you could make a universe with different math where it was possible.

>And He can't create a world of free agents who always do what they're told without fail.
He could, but it would be indistinguishable from a world without free will. Sort of like how the rest of the universe is indistinguishable from a universe without god.

Im Christian but uh..... dont you think Adam and eve were white with blonde hair and blue eyes?

Tried that with Garden of Eden, didn't work because of free will.

God isn't omnipotent of omniscient either and he never says he is. Why would such a God need Malach/Angels/Messengers ? If he was omniscient it would mean he would be present for every heinous act, every rape, every murder, etc etc... His very existence would be unimaginable torture.

The truth is God doesn't really care about almost anyone except for his Children.He's not even watching them 99.99%of the time either.

Go to for like a cliffnotes version of major misconceptions about God and what it is God actually says

>make a world of suffering and pain
>christcucks rationalize it as meaningful choices and liberty given by god
Fails on two fronts.
1) All the non man made suffering. Bubonic plagues, blindness, leprosy, mad cow disease, crime inducing genes.
2) We're slaves anyway. If God really is omniscient and omnipotent, he created some of us for the purpose of being evil.

>God is perfect
>God creates angels
>Angels somehow fall
>Angels fuck with humanity
>God is somehow unable to stop them


His existence can be boiled down to one word: spite. He doomed himself because of his ego, and now he's committed to his (temporary) spiteful act.

Truly the lord of all teenage edgelords, despite his existence preceding the very first man.

>god allows free will
>his creations choose freely
Wow really makes me think

>Is omnipotent
>Can't create a world where people have free will, but choose not to murder and rape

He made a world where 99.9999% choose not to break into people's houses to steal cat litter and eat it, why couldn't he make one where people choose not to rape kids?

>Humans pretty much only reject god because they haven't been given sufficient truth of his existence
>Condemn some people to hell because you decided not to give them any proof you existed
Must have sucked to be a Swede circa 50 A.D. you are going to hell and there isn't anything you can do about it.

(((He))) doesn't exist op. Kikes are tricking gentiles into following (((Satanic))) pied pipers to their destruction. The minute goyim stop following the script and doing what yids tell them is the minute the noses lose all their power and their conspiracy comes crashing down. Satanic larpers are worse that the most pozzed Christcuck, second only to Evangelicals. Stop giving power to a Zionist egregore.

*got them
Proves you don't know about English

Not him, but from what I understand is that everything that is not pleasing to God is sin. Everything opposite to him.

Sin - is just praising God in the wrong way.

>YHWH is omniscient
>YHWH is omnipotent
You fell for Jewish tricks

>Angels are god's servants
>Angels have free will
>Humans are also expected to serve god
>Humans have free will
What the fuck is the point of humanity? They seem like angels who were downgraded due to the production cost of angels being too high. Anything humans can do angels can do better.

No he cannot do any of those things [except possibly the middle one using nonEuclidian math, but that wasn't my point].

He cannot violate the fundamental laws of logic, or turn absurd statements into sensible statements.

Maybe he knew God wasn't All Powerful

No, thats esau, you cant make a black baby with 2 white people but you can witj any other nation

Why can't he just change the laws of logic?

hes kept around also because hes woven into the entire system of free will. he illustrates for us that the choice to turn your back on god is one that you can freely make if you want. he's necessary in a lot of ways i guess

Satan was Hells first prisoner

Satan is the equivalent of an atheist liberal.

He knows infinity (God), but does not bow to it, despite being finite himself. He thinks himself equal or even superior to an infinite being.

>capable of sin
Not "forced to commit sins."

idiot, he's already lost, fucking read paradise lost ffs

If God is omniscient, which means he knows everything that will ever happen, how can there be freewill?

He's just an AI.

Read through all the replies and did not see the reason that Satan actually rebelled, the Bible states his rebellion stemmed from pride which corrupted him.

i believe this is right, and also i believe this is why lucifer cant be saved, he personally knows God, and even then he choose to not bow to him, the thing is how did lucifer fell

Because its impossible. And not in that 'With God all things are possible' style or 'doing this incredulous thing is impossible' style, I mean its literally a contradiction in terms.

God can throw a galaxy and have it skip across the aether like a stone, because there is no contradiction in the idea of a galaxy, and the idea of its being skipped. IT might break a dozen laws of physics, but we can clearly imagine such a thing as being done, of a giant hand extending out of a wormhole, gripping andromeda, and tossing it.

Lifting an unliftable stone is a simple contradiction in terms. It makes no sense. It cannot be imagined or visualized, much less actualized. It doesn't stop being nonsense just because you put God into the equation.

Half of the 'problems' of theology raised by skeptics are caused by them assuming that God is some absurd entity who can break logic on a whim, then becoming offended at some other thing He does and says its illogical.

Stop being a gibs nigger and work for your salvation.

I literally just woke up, because I had a nightmare about little demons attacking me. I came to Sup Forums to calm myself and this fucker stares me right in the face. Im an atheist, someone pls explain.

I never heard this before what proof do you have to justifying these claims of black holy people?

>What is his end game?
ask rocketman

If the only limit is your imagination, why is it a problem for God again?

You mean this fucker?

Where exactly the nexus of continuity comes from is exactly the question that quantum and meta physicists have asked immemorial. Reality could have easily have been chaotic, endlessly fluctuating abstractions of things we'd have zero understanding, or capability of. Instead, we find order, which is why Einstein believed in the God of Baruch Spinoza.

yeah nobody knows, i've had satanic horror house dreams with what i can only describe as evil, demonic beings scaring the life out of me, but maybe they're projections of my own mind? illusions? i don't think there's an answer to that, it's all mysterious, not to mention it's your id that is active while you dream, which is totally unknown to you, a place of darkness and fear, primitive instinct

he knows every possible outcome of every possible choice or action every person could have or may make in the future, and hes got a contingency plan in place for every single scenario. he lets reality play out how its going to play out and i think he chooses not to reveal to himself what is actually going to transpire in order that he can experience loving us as an observer of our evolution. were like a giant ant hill constantly being born and dying and hes watching his creation evolve, physically, spiritually, etc..

Truth is Chaos in a world of ordered lies.

Yeah, he got tired of serving on his knees and decided to die on his feet.

God created him to do what he does.

Pro-tip: he wants us to genocide the Kikes and free humanity from enslavement by evil.

Satan represents the self, the drive of selfish ways that we often do not even see unless we have meditated or used drugs to the point where we (for the first time) catch a glimpse of our own lives through a lens that is not our own ego. Yes, he will not be subject to another authority, he represents the individual endeavor, as opposed to the collective, societal God.