This is the best picture of a star other than the sun

>this is the best picture of a star other than the sun
>it is 3,658,000,000,000,000 miles away

Is leaving the solar system even feasible? Is it just a meme for scifi brainlets?

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>Is leaving the solar system even feasible? Is it just a meme for scifi brainlets?
Its just a scifi meme.

We have already had a man made object leave the solar system. Just because we currently lack the technology to send maned ships. does not mean it will always be that way.

They used to say the same fucking thing as flying. Hell they used to say that about going more than 80 mph "Oh that is impossible"

Once humans understand the ability to interdimensionally travel (which they do (but is kept away from public knowledge)), then yes it'll be easy.

The real problem is we are on the edge of the milky way. We need to extend our lifespans 100x and have a complete mastery of technology to have even a chance of not getting our shit stomped in by an ayylien race.

We will eventually
Just not with the current model of physics

Not until there's actual warp drives or light speed drives.

Getting to Mars is a big task, getting to the moon (I doubt we did in the 60s) was a shit show desu.


Once you realize that spacetime is similar to a physical object, like a net, that can be bent and distorted, then you realize that it can be bent in such a way that allows faster-than-light travel. If spacetime can be affected by a massive object, such as the sun or the Earth, then it means it has the potential to be affected in other ways. Spacetime is something tangible. That's why I believe technology is possible that will be able to PULL spacetime and bend it so far that you can traverse huge expanses of space without physically moving your body very far at all, because you've bent the spacetime around you.

It would take nearly 80,000 years to reach the nearest star to us. Until we find a way to break light-speed (pro tip: we can't), no meaningful goal is achievable.

You know what I meant, out of the solar system and to somewhere else.
Voyager 1 left the solar system but it is still about 18 light HOURS away, Alpha Centauri is around 4.2 light YEARS and it's not even going there, it's just drifting.
And just because technology has come a long way doesn't mean that absolutely everything ever has a solution. Moore's law is already ending for example, because of the hard laws of physics. Even if engineers circumvent it again there will be a point where it is literally impossible to make transistors any smaller.



check your privilege

>Once you realize that spacetime is similar to a physical object, like a net,
oookay stopped reading there

yet an other high school nerd who heard his teacher say stupid shit and show him a neil degrasse video who thinks that now he knows it all

I doubt you can even apply the schrödinger equation yet you spout this dumb shit lol

For me it's the only thing left to believe in.

We're made out of matter so no. Unless you're willing to kill yourself by turning into light, then magically turn from light back into matter again.
Even then it would take decades to reach the closest star systems.


In addition, even if we could travel at the speed of light it would still take several thousand years to traverse the galaxy.

Interstellar travel will likely never be possible.

i wonder what the temperature is of the voyager probe

You realize that image is just helping you visualize gravity, right?

i always dreamt of a simple life as some sort of maintenance worker on a life boat ship. living my days out doing mundane tasks keeping the human cargo in stasis alive and when i die theyll jettison my body out to space and no one will know my name

did you guys never read old scifi?
all these probs were worked out long ago
a ship carrying tens of thousands of people in cryogenic stasis
crews are awoken from stasis in year long shifts, ship is run mostly by AI, with humans always there for oversight and problem solving
in ten thousand years or so they get to a suitable planet, but the crew have each only aged a year or 2

>this is the best picture of a star other than the sun

No it isn't.

Even with the best telescopes every star is just a single pixel.
We are nowhere near taking pictures of stars.

>Is leaving the solar system even feasible?

That is possible.
But when you do you're still 5 nowhere near any other stars, in fact your journey has hardly began.

>i always dreamt of a simple life as some sort of maintenance worker on a life boat ship. living my days out doing mundane tasks keeping the human cargo in stasis alive

this I understand

>and when i die theyll jettison my body out to space and no one will know my name

this makes no sense.

It's possible user, so long as we dont destroy ourselves there are plenty of resources to mine and take within saturn. Water and minerals from asteroids and we have an entire fucking belt in between mars and Jupiter. Weve gone from riding horses to boats to trains, personal cars, flight, and space flight within 1000 years. Imagine where well be other than vaporized by nukes in another 1000 years.

>Is leaving the solar system even feasible?

We can get out of the system within 10 years flying at helios 2 speeds, currently. Given food / radiation protection / etc. We can make things go pretty fast already. Launching a spaceship from the moon or LEO makes everything a lot easier.

That's exactly what I said. Just because it is not achievable now does not mean it will be not in the future.

closet stars are 2 light years away. sound doable

Yes, stars are actually massive blackholes which you can use to travel throughout the galaxy if you have a ship powered by a singularity. Once you have control over gravity you can travel those distances no problem.

spacetime is a soyboy numale concept.

Close to absolute zero I think.


I didn't know we had such a good picture of one of the most THICC known stars.

fucking hell I hate it so much when I hear little nerds tell me gravity is a distortion of the fabric of spacetime caused by more massive objects sinking deeper and causing greater distortion.


meaning my 50 year life on the ships 50k year journey churning through worker generations keeping the rich white people alive so they can colonize a new world would be meaningless. id be jettisoned into the void and forgotten

Solar system? You'll never establish a civilisation other than on earth ever.

ScreenCap this

we'll be extinct

going from europe to the americas in the 16th century took as long as going from earth to venus does today

don't you dream of pooing on the moon?

>Time to wake up kiddies.

Gravity is a theory - it has never ONCE been proven to exist.

Earth is flat.

>Wake up.
Space is a lie.


Nice slide thread

You misunderstand. It will never be possible because reaching any interstellar destination in any reasonable amount of time is impossible, not due to our current technology but due to the speed of light.


Nah. It's still getting a decent supply of power and the only way to sweat off that heat is radiation.

Uh what? A ship with a nuclear pulse engine could get to Proxima Centauri in around 80 years or so. So what the fuck are you talking about?


Worry about interplanetary travel before worrying about interstellar travel.

Once there's a couple billion people living on Mars, in the atmosphere of Venus, in lava tubes on every fucking moon of Jupiter and Saturn, scattered throughout the asteroid belt like a horde of cockroaches, etc., then the NEXT megaproject would be to carve a city out of an asteroid. A big, pleasant place with centrifugal gravity where thousands of people can live for decades, driven by an Orion drive (essentially a controlled fusion explosion) to accelerate it up to ~10% of the speed of light.

You likely won't find another Earth, but you'd easily find another Mars, another Ceres, etc. and if those areas are already colonized here, it's trivial to colonize and expand to them too. The seed of humanity blossoms in the next star system over, until it also has billions of people, and they build their own city ship to send their own bravest and strangest pioneers to another star system.

No quantum spacetime bullshit, no God AI, not even any cryogenics or suspended animation. Homo Sapiens in complete dominion of the Milky Way galaxy within 250,000 years - which is approximately how long our species has existed in the first place.
you have no idea what future has in store for us.

That's completely pointless unless you are travelling for the sole purpose of desperate survival. Sure, if the planet is completely and utterly fucked, extinction is guaranteed, then such a method might be worth it. For any other reason it is completely fucking pointless. Who the fuck wants to spend thousands of years in cryo-statis, if such a thing were even possible, just to end up somewhere from where they know they will never be able to return or contact the rest of humanity from? And a generational ship is an even worse fucking idea. Who the fuck wants to spend their entire life on a ship? Face it sci-fi nigger, space travel is a meme. We will die in this solar system.

Ýou don't need to travel at light speed

assuming we have the correct fundamental understanding of physics, which we probably don't

Portal travelling

We will never leave the solar system. Mars, sure. Outer planets and their moons, sure. Asteroids in this system, sure. Anything beyond? Pure scientist religious fantasy.

>if such a thing were even possible, just to end up somewhere from where they know they will never be able to return or contact the rest of humanity from?

Am i the only remaining person on this board who isnt a complete nimrod? The earth is flat and encased in a dome. Do even a modicum of your own research before YOU start spouting horseshit


Yeah probably not but it hasn't been horribly wrong so far.

And then there's this fucking asshole, who has to spam every space thread he ever sees

This isn't gonna surprise you guys.

What took you so long. These morons need some facts. Be careful out there

>>we will die in this solar system
Us as individuals? Maybe, depends on how biotech advances turn out.

As a species? Hell no. We are going to spread across first our solar system and then neighboring solar systems.


people 200 years ago would shit themselves and call us aliens if they saw where we are now.

impossible aint shit

How can voyager 1 be leaving so slow if the son is moving away from it as it traverses the milky way?

Only a retard would spend hundreds of thousand of years in cryo-stasis just to end up on some distant shithole and die there. Why go through all that trouble when you can just kill yourself on earth?

>a cheap consumer-grade program doesn't reflect light correctly

mfw you are so fuckin woke bro

No we wont. You bought into the space meme. Never going to happen.

Space travel is impossible - you are all dumb shills and bots spreading misinformation.

Earth is flat, which is why every single image from NASA is CGI (and affiliated agencies).

No real images of Earth or other planets exist - all are CGI.

How thick do you have to be to not realize something is up?

The globe Earth is a new religion, it is not fact.

Gravity has never been proven and was ONLY invented to keep the globe lie alive.

Gravity does not happen in your day to day reality - things fall down due to buoyancy and density - NOT gravity.

Ever seen a smaller mass get sucked into and rotate around another bigger mass?
That's gravity.

Wake up you pseudoreligious cretins.

Earth is flat, gods and religions are not real, evolution is a lie, dinosaurs are a lie, and so on.

>Research flat Earth.

We'll never be able to reach the stars as long as we keep kidding ourselves that certain races are capable of high intellectual thought.
As long as we keep up this charade, we are wasting precious time.
Until then we might as well be fucking cavemen.


New discord on how to save the white race

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it only takes a relatively minor thing to completely reshape what is possible

think of all the previously "impossible" things that steam engines made possible

>We will die in this solar system
you will, but in the future, if we could perfect such things as cryogenics, someone will leave

>>nuclear pulse engine
Nope. It's just not feasible right now due to concerns regarding fallout.

The flat earth thing was funny the first thread or two but it has gotten really stupid by now. Earth is a sphere that revolves around the Sun.


>Research flat Earth.
>im going to kill this thread
>dumps fag folder

>Only a retard would spend hundreds of thousand of years in cryo-stasis just to end up on some distant shithole and die there.
Only a retard would betray his own country just to make rockets.

First off, focus your lenses on your telescopes. Unfocused lenses is how you get those shapes.

Second, water reflects light speculary, not diffusely.

>using a flat sheet of solid paper to argue how water, a liquid, reflects the light, when solids and liquids reflect light completely differently so that's why you see what you see and not due to curvature


I've got a really important video that I think you need to see.

>Wake up.

There is no meme, you are confusing something not being economically practical at the moment with that something being impossible. This is wrong headed thinking that dismisses our capabilities as an intelligent and technologically advanced species.

Space is our future, not a meme.

>Globetardism religion.
"They told me it's true so it must be true".


>a ground-based consumer-grade telescope that is subject to atomospheric distortion should render the same images as a multi billion dollar space telescope

How dumb are you? Honestly?
Theoretically possible

Ludites get gone

We already have the technology. Look up Bob Lazar.

Here's the red pill on Elon Musks beta reddit followers and all the cuckolds who want to fly to Mars and other galaxies:

They're scared athiests, and this is their narrative of an afterlife. A dream to hold onto that ensures 'they' (their genes) will never die. Living on somehow a trillion miles away.

Instead of living on somehow in heaven or hell, they subscribe to this nonsense.

It's fear based lunacy, and it's coming for your taxes to be given to private corporations, to make somebody else richer and make them feel a little bit less irrelevant to the universe.

Fuck you're dumb.

>Can't tell a diff between CGI and reality.

Who gives a fuck about their own country? Stop being a collectivist retard. Braun did nothing wrong.

Only a retard would travel to some shithole forest to get raped by Indian savages, and diseases.

Its unfortunate that you see that truth but cant discover the biggest truth. Dont close your mind to the real trutb. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened

>I'm very smart guys

You're not

You're so dumb you don't even realize what you think "flat earth" is, is actually, by every pic you post, including that one, a sphere. it's a snowglobe with the firmament being the sphere, and we all just sit on a plate inside the sphere. The bottom half of the sphere are your silly foundation pillars or whatever.

You literally also believe in a spherical round earth, but to you, the only sphere part is the sky we see and the depths below us we can't see.

Ironic as fuck.

"anything is possible"

"where there's a will there's a way"

I want to believe it's possible.

>Globe Earth model CRUSHED yet again.

Wake up you dopey religious globetards - you are the exact same as the bible thumpers.

You are all suffering from a collective low IQ.

This is a shitpost and possible copypasta but I cant help but agree with it.

The fucking guy is completely disingenuous.

I think he's a "look how retarded people on Sup Forums are" shill op

Please look into it. I was just like u once


No, FTL travel is physically impossible. Without FTL travel space colonization is not possible. Unless of course you think it is somehow worth it to breed endlessly and gradually expand, hopping from one small rock to another over millions of years. There is no fucking point to it. It makes far more sense to exterminate 90% of humanity once technology has become advanced enough to allow the other 10% to live in a near utopia for close to an eternity, without ever having to leave earth.

So what if it takes 80,000 years? We've got billions of years to work with. I bet the only reason you throw your arms up and say it's impossible is because you can't envision a spacecraft that could/would make the journey.

Once we sort our shit out on earth and things stabilize, we'll start looking to the stars and embarking on much more epic voyages than we can currently even conceive of.