Germany YES

Designated rape zone>>>>

bezeichnete Rapszone>>>>


Germany limps on amongst Muslim invasions and cultural and ethnic replacement. Boy, when the Jews fuck a nation, they keep on fucking it. XD

My sympathies to Germany's people, and all loyal, nationalist Europeans of their respective countries.

They deserved it, I hope many deserving women get raped in Germany for letting this scum into Europe with their unilateral decisions.

Who the fuck does Merkel think she is, Prime Minister of the European Union?

She doesnt have kids so perhaps family, friends, nieces and cousins children will get the immigrant thanks for the invite.

Its all going to be OK though, these fuckers are just pushing things back right and it isnt because they are clever.

Why would you hope white women get raped?

He just wants what they want.

Meanwhile in racist Hungary

It's as if they want a right wing uprising

The self hating leftists. They have factual evidence of migrants increasing crime to the likes of which they have never seen any their only response is to allow it to continue and promote for more migrants.



This, but unironally plz.

Nothing is happening citizen!
Remember to point and laugh at countries that don't do as we do!
They are not liberal at all!

Good. Women should be seperate from the men
The quran says they are all whores. Good to see Germany finally realizing this and keeping the genders in their proper place so that men need not be tempted by harlots.

The implication is that any woman not in the 'safe zone' is okay to molest. Kind of like the pathetic "please don't rape me"-wrist bands they have in Sweden. This is dumb, why don't they just add more security?

Plot twist:
Angela Merkel personally commands the Interior Minister to let thousands of sex starved thirld world savages into the zones where they gangrape all the women and girls for hours with impunity while she masturbates her dried up pussy to a live footage from the scene.

In the end nothing happens like the last time, Merkel in power for four more years.

You know this is likely Hans. It's state policy after all.

we will see what happens

that's a really interesting graphic.

protecting yourself from being raped is racist

When will you realize that we live in a new era. The white man is going extinct, and it’s BEAUTIFUL. For too long you have colonized, enslaved, raped, and pillaged the minorities of the world,
and your comeuppance has finally arrived. Nobody wants you, nobody needs you. There’s nothing you can do that will change the public’s opinion, either.
So why don’t you just give it up? Enjoy what what little time your pasty asses have left, and accept the inevitable.

You people are absolutely pathetic, I almost feel pity for you. Almost.

Isn't this racist towards refugees and promoting the idea that they are rapists, thus motivating them to become rapists?


yes and do it smart this time, so there is no room to spin thinks around by any group on earth.

>Merkal sounds like a pussy wig

there lack of any earned opportunity does that.


They should just ban muslims then the whole thing will be a safe zone.

god damn how fucking embarrassing
looks like Islam is taking effect

>Who the fuck does Merkel think she is, Prime Minister of the European Union?
Pretty fucking much. She doesn't realize that all her and Germany's 'power' in Europe is pretty much an illusion.

Look at us, puny, backward, 10 million Hungary says FU to the EU on the flooding Europe with goatfuckers and what can they actually do? Nothing, they can organize comedy commisional hearings, EP briefings, condemn us, but in hard stone reality, NOTHING of this has any sort of weight.
Everyone knows that they CAN'T withdrawl financial support, or the entire eastern EU will stop paying it's fees into the EU budget and bye-bye EU.

Germany, along with France, Benelux states, Italy, Sweeden pretty much the entire western 'developed' Europe will be a 3rd world garbage heap in 1-2 generations.

Political brainlet here, what does this chart signify?

The only leader with a plan .

voting results germany
left side the year
rught side partys

Religion should be banned, those that practice it neutered, and exterminated if not viable as a slave class.

>Boy, when the Jews fuck a nation, they keep on fucking it.
>Whites people should not be held responsible for their own demographic and cultural suicide
>Whites dindu nuffin, it was the joos

Kek. Get rekt eurofaggets

These morons start to apply the Sharia. Germany is culturally enriched.

Up next: German government encourages women to wear "safety smocks" to prevent rape

Nobody may want us, that much is obvious.
Nobody NEEDS us? Bitch, pull your nappy head out your ass.