Where were when Sup Forums but specifically Sup Forums became mainstream normie territory

Where were when Sup Forums but specifically Sup Forums became mainstream normie territory


its hard to imagine how many people actually read my shitposts.

but in all seriousness the only thing hitler did wrong was not commiting genocide against the jewish menace

It's kinda weird honestly. I've been here so long that to think of this place as popular among normies and even celebrities is kinda unheard of to me

Normie? Try literally your grandma tier vapid retardation.

Pic related, this is who you share your board with.

I'm leaving this place now. It's gonna become more libtard

fuck off, phone poster.

>There grandma's browsing and shitposting
What kind of timeline have we fucking made

this is too fucking weird now

Jesus Christ that's peak boomer right there.

Is this whats become of Kekistan? Boomers have a talent at destroying nations, fictional or otherwise

so boomers are responsible for Trump shit on Sup Forums?



Fug we are going to be flooded with boomers now.

Too late


There is nothing difficult about about posting gore, redpills, and 56% memes to trim off American autism from this elections and I don't understand why more people who are interested in preserving this board don't do it.

Sup Forums is mainstream since 2007

Honestly this makes sense. Boomers now have a place they can finally express their opinions again and be as racist and incorrect with whatever and not get shit on for it. Sup Forums is a boomers's wet dream.

trayvon martin...when the decide to televise the trial during july and everybody on vacation went insane with adobe products, because, hey: Sup Forums, drunk and bored.

I was in 2016 during the election

I fucking hate niggers



Chanology cancer was not as bad as this election.

He did just was too hoped up on meth to get them all also he should have treated the Slavs much better and not invaded Russia when he did.

B refugee


1. Sup Forums
2. Sup Forums

3. /ck/
4. /an/
5. /s/
6. /gif/ (without gay shit)
7. /k/
8. /n/ (look it up, faggots)

9. /o/

10. Sup Forums
11. /po/

12. Sup Forums
13. Sup Forums
14. Anything I forgot

∞. Sup Forums

the aurora shooting solidified Sup Forums as the nitemare investigation team though. then sandy hook.

these are the people who scream shill when someone disagrees with them and makes reddit tier puns about baking bread

I tried, got a 3 week ban for posting it in those CBTS threads

Alex jones is a kikelover

He literally prayed for Israel on air

this, no one here remembers the summer fags spamming shoop da whoop and things they didnt understand, the were like inverse boomers

Is he, dare I say /ourguy/?


>mainstream normie territory

Sup Forums isn't shovel fed bullshit, only spoon fed. This place isn't mainstream territory, not enough shinny things, and the site is just like OMG bad, plus, it's just stupid and hard to use, can you like even upvote or like anything? Where is my facebook sign in? Soooo, you can't like see your old posts and you don't know who anyone is?

Low IQ narcissistic normies can't circle jerk themselves up here...


Hi Grandpa