Why are white people so averse to spicy food?

Why are white people so averse to spicy food?

Evolved in a part of the world without many spices

I can handle spicy things for the most part but I've had some Asian food I couldn't handle a lot of.

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Why do most niggers have no food?

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>conquer the entire fucking world for spices
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>I like my mouth to burn and hurt as I eat my food

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I love spicy food, but it's a personal taste thing. Plenty of black folk who couldn't even handle a jalapeño pepper.

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I cannot count the number of black folk who say they like spicy food and hot sauce, but they mean "tobasco" which is to say lightly spiced vinegar.

I'm the honkey-est motherfucker out there and it's annoying to eat anything below serrano Scoville units. My ideal range is thai pepper, which black people never fuck with.

Until proven otherwise, whites have the greatest food on the planet. And by white food I mean French cuisine.

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Prove that they are not. Almost all of them came from Eastern Europe.

>Prove that they are not

Whites have more sensitive taste buds and have a much more nuanced sense of taste


I'm a whitey from New Orleans. Don't try to tell me white people can't handle spice. I know plenty of brown people who can't handle my cooking because of the heat.

>Why are white people so averse to spicy food?

dafuq? i just had a plate of homemade Vindalo i spent 4 bloody hours yesterday making enough for 6 meals. my go-to quick lunch in beef noodle and tuna soup with Tobasco sauce. the mince in my freezer? will be burritos next week.

>Discover and conquer entire continents in search of spices
>Adverse to spice

they aren't, hence why they ended up as CO2

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im beginning to think that Louisiana is the Burger version of Queensland.

I like spicy food but in most cases I think the heat is a distraction from the flavors (or lack thereof) in the dish. Italian and French food are amazing without having to be spicy. Again I like spicy food but I think it’s a cop-out from having to make a truly flavorful dish.

You're not a real man if you don't enjoy spicy food.

There is a meme among niggers that wipipo cannot cook or something. I always ask how many 3 star Michelin restaraunts there are in Africa. Or how many Michelin rated restaraunts serve fried chicken and collard greens. Dump all the spicy shit on your food as you can it doesn't change that it's just trying to mask the shitty flavor.

It's not that I don't like some spicy foods, but niggers will put hot sauce on a twinkie.

Italian is better. But when I had Ortolan in Paris back in 1987 it was pretty good.

idk mate how many niggers you got in Queensland?

But I do like spicy food.

They aren't. European countries used to trade for it all the time because it wasn't locally grown, thus it was highly valued. In fact European nations fought wars with each other over access to spice producing regions.

The modern perception though, comes from the fact that poor people in america have access to shittier quality food, thus to make it taste in any way decent they need to go overboard with spice. Richer people do not need to do this.

By "Spicy food", subhumes mean "food with its weight in """"seasoning"""" dumped on it to disguise bad cooking and lack of developed tastebuds".

White people are the world's gourmands. We mastered fine cuisine for beautifully balanced delights of the senses; developed true, hearty nourishment for working men to power our industriousness, and went high and low the world over to find new culinary experiences, sending dozens of animals and plant species into extinction to feed our appetite for the exquisite.

It's white people that did that. White people that concoct new and amazing dishes. White people who put pride and enjoyment into eating and producing the hottest spices and peppers in the world.

It's just a sad low swipe by niggers, spics and other subhumes to try and persuade themselves that they have something up on the wypipo

idk mate how many niggers you got in Queensland?
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In my experience niggers can't handle jalapenos

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>why do people who stored food by necessity have an integrated pain response to acidic spoiled food?
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