Females are all gold diggers

Do not discuss.

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Women are all whores, yes, but the question is, do they charge the appropriate price?

The push for men to do shitty jobs that are mentally or physically exhausting for long hours is driven by women.

Women have to do nothing to be attractive. Men have to work 8 hours a day and try to do better than the next guy.

If you are an unemployed man, nobody is going to save you. No girl will go near you. If you are an unemployed woman, who cares. Find a guy to support you.

females are smart enough to care about their future well-being while men care about muh holes

go figure

thot begone

women to get a man: do nothing, just be born
man to get a woman: work 8 hours a day every day for the rest of your life at megacorp cubicle


Such is life. Women are also basically powerless compared to men, except for their ability to manipulate powerful men who are sexually attracted to them or their own powerful sons.

If you have a problem with this, take it up with God. Things are not changing anytime soon.




>born valueless
>accumulate/build value throughout their life
>have the ability to change and build their value to a near limitless degree.

>born valuable
>that value always degrades over time
>value can be raised to a small degree temporarily via makeup + exercise
>staving off "the wall" is inevitable and women will spend most of their life at a near worthless value beyond the age of 35.

As a man, take advantage of the freedom to change and choose that you have been gifted. I'm glad to have the liberty to earn and build my value rather than to be gifted it and watch it slowly rot away.

Asians are nice.

>all those feminine porcelain dolls
and we have to deal with white satanic thots

Men are all rapists

>tfw no one will ever look at you this way

Nope. I'm with a man worth 20 times less than me financially and I would still be with him if he cleaned toilets.

>unemployed man
Musicians get all kinds of girls.

Then women are all raped?

I find that hard to believe. Does he have high social status for some reason? Are you financially secure and don't need anyone to provide for you (rare)?

Yeah, there is no natural advantage or disadvantage to being either sex really. Women are mentally prepared for that lack of control over their lives. Men need that control.

The problem is when modern society changes things around and reduces the benefits of being a man due to "equality", etc, and when work and reward often has little self-determination any more.

short term

Are all poor men single?

Tits or gtfo

Money does not correlate with personality, loyalty, love, humour, or compatibility. I couldn't imagine much worse than being in a loveless relationship purely for money, that's no better than being a whore.
>Does he have high social status for some reason?
Not really. He earns a little bit above minimum wage. It's not something I care about.
>Are you financially secure and don't need anyone to provide for you (rare)?
I have a 7 figure inheritance, which I've had for 10 years and have never used, except once or twice for a holiday. I don't have material attachments. Only on shoes... Anything I need I can buy with money from my job. And before you make another claim, I've never cared that much about money, even before receiving my inheritance. I have always wanted a family, love, and a marriage that will last a life time, you need a lot more than just money to achieve that.


False. People with more money tend to have more "likeable" personalitys and senses of humor. I can post the study if you want. But those traits allow you to actually rise the ranks quicker. Same reason why there are a disproportionate amount of tall men that are wealthy.

>what are outliers

C'mon man sometimes the dream is real

Being likable in work or between acquaintances is not the same as being likeable or compatible in a relationship. Every man with money I've met has been an arrogant ass completely full of himself. Not my type of man.

Also, psychology isn't a science. 99% of studies done by psychologists aren't worth the computer memory.

>women are attracted to men who present as potentially successful mates who can provide for them and their offspring
woa i am relly surprise

being a man is a gamble
you could be an incel and die alone, or you could literally have hundreds of children like genghis khan

women are easy mode, but they can also never achieve glory

And in 5 minutes you'll complain that feminists want men and women to be equal, completely missing the irony of your post.

Shhhh. You are going to spoil MGTOWs fun.


>modern women
>wanting children
You mean "women are attracted to men who will shower gifts upon their vaginas", of course.

Wouldn't putting women in the workplace described by that poster compound this issue by driving down wages (which women see as a part of a man's attractiveness) and making less jobs avaliable, while also making women more economically independent and hence less reliant on men and less likely to feel the need to settle down (disrupting the family, and causing all of the problems which stem from that ie birthrates etc).

It was a nice try at a snarky post though, keep practicing.

Why do numales get upset over basic facts of life?

No, they want the things men have and want to keep all of the other stuff that benefits women.

>lol fuck you white men you are all sexist rapist nazi pigs who should be castrated
>g-guys why are you not chasing us anymore?

Actually she just confirmed that she has a massive inheritance and therefore isn't the typical woman.

I am not upset, I am pointing out the stupidity of "equality".

There are many reasons, but most succinctly it forces them to realize there is more to sexual selection than being a "nice guy".

They don't want to have a mindset that accepts there's actual studies that lend credence to the "Alpha fucks, beta bucks" meme.

If they did have that mindset, it forces them to admit they're inferior mating partners, and their mating strategy doesn't work long term. It forces them to admit that they will have to compete amongst other men to win the attention of women, which has been washed out through years of inculcating guilt and effeminate propaganda.

The problem is that you are speaking like a biologist describing apes and have failed to realize the modern world is not the natural world. By your theory, which doesn't apply anymore, a complete genetic failure that inherits millions of dollars is an "alpha male".

It is interesting actually because I was reading this story


where a 63 year old guy and his young girlfriend live together in the wilderness. This doesn't correlate with the gold digger data. It is actually more rational though. This girl found happiness in a place removed from money and the guy was important in helping her discover that way of life.

She actually provides for him as he is getting older by doing the hunting. It seems a lot of women are following their genetics to a destination of misery by looking for a guy wearing a suit who will probably be stressed and raise a family poorly.

The modern world is an advanced social construct that definitely has changed the dynamics of resource production, distribution, and sexual reproduction - there is no denying that.

You understand that laws and resources are provided to women now that work against their innate gender roles in relation to men, causing them to raise the reproductive bar above what your average man can pragmatically achieve - but you also fail to adapt to this environment yourself.

Unless you change your mating strategy in this environment, you will most likely be unsuccessful in the early years of your life, but you'll be fine later on, assuming you have some semblance of a career.

Women haven't completely abandoned their natural role, but have merely postponed it, opting to enjoy highly desirable males and large amounts of resource consumption in their youth, and eventually settling down for a normie when they realize through wisdom that those men were never going to be there for them at all, and that their 20s lifestyle isn't sustainable.

True. I was talking with a friend of mine the other night, he's a musician who can make a living from it, mid 30s. He made it to the making-a-living level in his late teens. And so yeah, it's super fucking easy for him to find hookups, but not a spouse. So he's decided to give up on music as a career, that after a decade and a half he isn't going to make it big enough to support a family, so he's working on that.

Getting asked by girls if i'm single when i full well know that they have a boyfriend is a good feeling, but at the same time soul destroying. Deep down they're all looking to trade up.

So he will become an office drone and watch the life slowly ooze and of his veins sitting in his artificial light pen. Meanwhile, the girl will get to play mummy all day.

Reminds me of the matrix with the people being harvested for their brains.

If work isn’t fun, it isn’t worth supporting a girl.

Such is the plight of the existence of man. For hundreds of thousands of years it has been the duty of man to aggregate resources for his partner. Once it was meat and construction materials for fires and shelter. Now it is money to buy the same things.

You seem to be having an existential plight about your natural life cycle.

And I also confirmed that my views were formed before my inheritance.

>If you have a problem with this, take it up with God.
Maybe I fucking will

why do these seem so fake?
thot was pretty hot tho

Did you know it's a fact that family fortunes only last three generations on average? It almost always ends with the inheritance of an estate by the third.

>why do these seem so fake?
Nah he has some fear/anxiety when ditching those broads, that shit is either top tier acting or real.
Other youtubers are fake as shit though

>unironically using plebbit

>women are bad
>being gay is bad
>trannies are bad
>weebish love for 2d women is bad
>sex with animals is bad
you're not leaving me much options here Sup Forums

yeah I'm fucking done with relationships.

jesus christ why didn't they at least bang the bitch, she looks good

because they got her on craigslist for like $100 to do this video?

this is fake af

>Implying that women are selfish and don't love the other person for who they are

Figures, really

ok then incel

You haven't answered the question about your male counterpart. What does he do to increase his social status . Also do you feel superior to him.

>oh sweetie, when you grow up, you can be anything you want!

>finna gets a sports car
>no diggers
>god damn videos are fake! REEEEEEEEEEE

Also porn is bad and so is masturbation

>You haven't answered the question about your male counterpart. What does he do to increase his social status .
I did answer it, I told you it's not something I care about.
Define an increase in social status. Your question is not very specific.
>Also do you feel superior to him.
Depends on the situation.

>point out worthless roastie tendencies
>durr why u so upset pissbaby what r u a virgin right wing SJW xdddd

Attractiveness is a boon that ends in a curse as with all physical things it withers with age, imagine being told you’re amazing you’re whole life when you’ve accomplished nothing of note. Your ego swells and you expect applause with even the slightest effort on your part this is the curse of being a woman, for one day they are usurped as age draws an end to the constant attention what once was a thunderous applause becomes a smattering if claps from only those closest to you. It’s truely horrible to be a woman in a society where they are praised for their beauty for then they develop no other skills

Nope, more the fact that my job is shit. You probably have a job that isn't terrible. I would be happy to do build shelter and hunt for food. Instead, I sit in a cubicle staring at a screen. The trade-off isn't worth it. Ancient humans only worked about 4 hours per day, it really isn't the same as modern life.

I am thinking of moving to the beach and just fucking the wives of the betas that sit in the cubicles providing for them. Their malformed bodies that have adapted to chairs make them unattractive to their own wives.

They have lots of skills related to people, nurturing, etc.

It seems in the modern world, most providers are the ultimate betas. Lawyers for example. Work long hours, lots of stress, sit down all day. These are the most attractive to women because they earn a lot of money. They are really the men willing to sacrifice their own lives, health, and general well-being, for a woman.

This was not the case in ancient history. The best providers were just people who were physically healthy and/or mentally smart, so could build tools, catch food more efficiently, etc.

The majority of wealthy normal people have to get that wealth by trading health for money.

Behind the scenes, surfer chad who works a few hours a week is fucking all the betas wives.