Is anyone here capable of logically arguing against this?

Is anyone here capable of logically arguing against this?

Fight evil with more evil to make the world less evil, solid plan user.

>with more evil
Are you the same kind of retard who thinks people who are for the death penalty are equal to those who killed innocents?

Punishing evil isn't evil.

Some people deserve to be taunted. Fat people for instance.

the person who wrote that has serious issues. hopefully it wasn't you, OP, because they're heading down a very Columbiney road

>content-free slide thread
saged b4 the nuke

>be leftists
>you put people up to laughing in someone's face in light of current race tensions
>girl sleeps with people of said race to stick a knife in your back, then has the gall to want you back
Seems I was the one in the right tbqh

>commit evil to remove evil
>amount of evil in the world remains the same

Explain why it's evil to punish evil

Banter isn't evil you pathetic faggot.

>assumes the other person automatically doesn't have a point in taunting you
This is why we can't have nice things, user- you don't fucking learn.

>Is anyone here capable of logically arguing against this?

freedom of speech.

Words are legal, assault and murder is not.

the problem is not punishing evil.
the problem is the disproportionate punishment in regard to the crime.

The right to banter shall not be infringed.

This is basically saying "Why don't we go back to the days of Draco and impose the death penalty for every crime."

Being this retarded, FPWP
So removing Marxists, commies, anti-nationalists Bolshevik and any other similar cancers is not ok?

Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can not hurt you

You are literally advocating an eye for an eye
You're just so high on your own self righteousness that you refuse to see it

The taunt in no way infringes upon your rights.
It is a socially aggressive action, however, it does not qualify as a physically aggressive one.
>Words will never hurt you faggot

>Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will hurt forever

Literally all of my friends throughout school were composed of people who used to bully me and realized it was wrong

>but words will hurt forever
Wrong faggot

memeflag. sage.

What makes you the authority on what's evil?

If there is no objective basis for your determination of evil, then literally anything can be considered evil.

That clown must think the world is an mmo.
>"Duuuuh, the warrior he used Taunt ability on me and now I gotta attack him and u cant stop me!"
Maybe just learn to control your yourself?

>lmao I'll just kill those who don't suck my dick
As if you could torture anyone you soy-fueled cumbucket.

Explain why torturing someone is a basement isn't evil.

Feeling aren't covered under the NAP.

you called me a faggot
that hurt my feeling user

No. I actually support the death penalty. But when you choose to keep someone locked in a basement to torture them for years, then you're a psychopath and ot makes you just as bad.

Charisma + 5

I can tell that whoever wrote this was bullied in school, just like you, you pathetic alt-right beta cuck virgin. We all know the only reason you hate "roasties" and popular, attractive girls like myself is that you are a ugly, unattractive, disgusting nerd that not even the most used-up, disfigured old hag would ever want. Oh, and by the way, no, you are not seeing my tits, you sad little boy.

Just standard procedure ma'am. Tits or gtfo.

It is morally acceptable that the reason for which I taunt you must have some reason for being tauntable, and as such it must go against my notion of what is acceptable in society. Even allowing the deplorable to exist goes against the betterment of society. As such, not only should those who face ridicule for their very being be ridiculed, but they should be culled from society as well.

Anarcho-capitalists are all knowing

It's not moral to torture people for decades over bantz

>muh fee fees
OP you are such a faggot holy shit

No, you don't assassinate them. You challenge them to a physical altercation and then you do whatever you want there. Killing people who aren't expecting or can't protect themselves is murder and therefore evil.