In Croatia we have a saying about women

Translated it states:
>The woman who does toilet on your face is the woman to be mother of your children
It reads better in the original Croatian. One my Croat-kins can translate.

Do you agree? Is the best way to keep women in line is to have them toilet into your mouth? This is the real redpill here.

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In macedonia we have a saying

>Croats are despicable

What the fuck are you talking about?

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Today I learned croats are into weird shit, literally.

That's yuck what a degenerate country...
We have a say that goes like this "Between cousin and cousin the closer we get" does anyone have something similar?

ah yes
i remember getting told this proverb when i was young
legends say that this was the only way you could distinguish a serb from a croat in the olden days

Translate please.

Are you that american guy who is in Croatia and made a thread yesterday? I believe the thread was called "big dick american in croatia" or some shit like that, lulz

In hebrew we have a saying "מי שנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה"

Its translated to :" give a woman a penis and she'll be happy for the day, but give her hormone pills so she could grow her clit and she'll be happy for life"

When are you going back? I'm tired of hiding these threads and there's no effective filter.

>remembering threads that happened yesterday

How truly fucking pathetic. Serbs are gypsies too.


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I only go on Sup Forums fridays and saturdays so of course I remember it. Why so hostile?

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