>Dr. Sanjiv K. Patanker
>a poo
Used 5 single use anal catheters on 82 people
Only a poo would think that's not a hygiene problem
Stuff writes itself, absolute gold


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in my mind everything may change over the course of my life time, literally anything is possible, sweden may become uncucked, african may become a technological utopia full of scientists, back packing through mexico may become as safe as back packing through italy, beijing and shanghai may one not be polluted any more, brazilian woman may perhaps even turn into conservative prudes one day but india is and will forever be a dirty disgusting shithole

Oy vey what a bad goy

now a legitimate source please

dumbfuck, the source is in the goddamn article


is that legitimate enough for you, you literal baboon?

desu its not an issue for the first person that got them new
5 out of 82 are winning

pahjeet in the street

We're firing an Iranian doctor at our hospital for giving up on patients before even trying. He said "maybe it's his time" to a coding 45 year old last week, I stabilized him in about 20 minutes and I'm just a respiratory therapist.

Shitskins need to go back.


RT is more legitimate than your irrelevant country.

he'll possibly find another hospital to kill patients at

t. russophile SAA general shill

Never trust a doctor. High achievers often have behavioral problems.

>He said "maybe it's his time"

>Dr. Sanjiv K. Patanker

The good doctor's CV seems impressive though

It depends, you can get stripped of your license on a single offense and I've been working with our CNO to try to fire with more prejudice. I've worked in Texas, Louisiana and now California - this shit only seems to fly out here in commieland. Thankfully I've found some Texans in high places in this state, CNO included.

but how will we have doctors and engineers and lawyers?

currently studying medicine in Munich, would I be welcome??????

Those disposable anal inserts are expensive though. When you are on only €200,000 a year you gotta make the dollars stretch.

Everything associated with Indians seems to revolve around shit in one way or another.

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Read the article potatonigger, the catheters were on backorder
The pharma jews couldn't just let him get away him with not paying for the 77 catheters he would have spent

His cleaning and disinfecting procedure was adequate

>t. poo-in-loo memeflaggot

Yes. I've worked with a lot of great folks who studied in Europe, particularly Switzerland, Germany and of all places Moldova. Just know that American hospitals have a weird dichotomy of exceptionally high standards and frequent turnover due to crap hiring pool, and most Americans only remember the worst parts of their stay/the worst specialists no matter how good of a job you do. Can't blame them though, they only see us on the worst days of their lives.

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this photo still makes me chuckle

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