Anti Drug Meme Dump

Post Em

Let junkies overdose
Let pro-lifers abort themselves out of the genepool
Let trannies cut their dicks off

Some of these problems solve themselves my dude

too much you're asking for
proceed as usual

Daily reminder that if you're against weed legalization you are most likely

>straight edge faggot whose ass burns at the thought of other people having fun with chemicals
>loner autist in high school that saw all the cool kids smoke weed and never got invited to any parties
>alcoholic who can't smoke weed because of his retarded tradesjob that forces him to drug test every week
>stormcuck in his mom's basement who thinks pot is a jewish liberal scheme to turn everyone gay
>former weed smoker who quit and decided pot was what made him unproductive but never realized he was a loser in the first place

There is literally no other reason why you would be against weed in the year 2017. Don't use the conservative bible-thumper excuse either - even conservative states like Montana and Alaska are pushing marijuana legalization. You're just a social outcast blaming a plant for his problems.

>is dumb enough to think weed smokers = "junkies"


>>is dumb enough to think weed smokers = "junkies"

>tl dr addiction doesn't exist.
your one of those faggots aren't you?

What's in my nug? Lots of yummy corn!

t. degenerate stoner


two lifelong cannabis smokers i knew just died, both in their 50's, both died of lung cancer just a year apart. Cannabis apparently didn't kill their cancer or help prevent getting it in the first place.
Thinking that dragging shit in to your lungs can be healthy is just pure delusion from addiction

what did they do for a living? Similar case with my dad's friend recently died died of lung cancer at 66 smoked weed for 40+ years never smoked ciggs but worked in ship building with fiberglass and epoxy.

Let them overdose on being a bunch of retarded losers.

>overdose on weed

cmon ahmed....


Uhh or because the government regulating it means they will likely GMO it and put additives in it that actually make it very unhealthy, as they do with everything else.

You sound so fucking stupid and petty.

whiter than you mohammed xdddd

im high as fuck

just say no...
you done played your self

Let them overdose on their own stupidity.

unrelated but they were also members of the local communist party, which was more of a party rather than a political party, so there was also a rather unhealthy lifestyle at times apart from the cannabis

poor stoner mutt detected

I smoked for 20 years, i've been clean for 3. I've never been more aware of what's going on around me. If you want to smoke, smoke, otherwise it's not really worth it.

>Ethylene Glycol, Oil, Chloroform, Bleach, Formaldehyde, Mycotoxins, Cyanides all turn harmless when burned.

>Ricin is produced by a whole different plant family

>Agent Orange doesn't exist anymore. it's highly synthetic

>Smallpox is eliminated

>Asbestos is a fucking ORE. What the actual FUCK?
Which idiot made this? The dumb hurts me.

Diesel exhaust from the boat engines? It’s a known carcinogen. Plus depending on how old the boat was, asbestos is a real possibility. I’m not saying weed didn’t possibly contribute, but it was unlikely the sole cause.

dude one time i smoked 1 gram of weed, which is rougly $18 yoctillion street price, and i instantly was compelled to run over 6ixty gorillion aryan christian orphans and like a baZILLION puppies, i burnt down like 50 or 7 trillion churches, then i SCROMMITED pentograms all over the bible!

Asbestos comes out of the ground you idiot, it's like saying exhausts emit iron ore dust.

Supporting prohibition is the most cringeworthy brainlet position you can take. Literally Jewish/good goy-tier, how embarrassing.

Fuckin' smoked the DMT last night while watching Blade Runner 2, losers. Didn't go down for a full breakthrough trip because I wanted to try an eyes open experience.


This is such bullshit. Ricin is so incredibly toxic that less than a grain of sand's worth is lethal.

Marijuana Makes you Violent. A Faceberg group which is almost certainly parody but rather puts perspective on the more sincere anti-cannabis groups.

>everything enjoyable gives you cancer
>being a joyless cunt doesn't
And God wonders why everyone thinks he's a faggot

He didn't say the asbestos came out of the exhaust dumbass, but if it was an older boat and as boats really don't like being lit on fire, it's not too hard to suppose that asbestos might be part of its construction

fuck, I lost


take your reefer madness shit back to the 40s

He didn't say anything about weed fgt

Smoking weed is not great but it's better than alcohol, any other drug, porn, or being a nigger or a jew

>weed contains smallpox
nigga what