Why are the French so disappointing?

They had industrial revolution later than the UK or Germany, their industrial output was surpassed by Germany already in 19. century, then they were finally thwarted completely by the Germans, what's wrong with them

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iq level of france keeps dropping due to nigger and arab admixture

We were spending all the money developing Africa as usual.

France reached its peak with Napoleon, we were never a relevant global world power after him.

>we were never a relevant global world power after him.
no wonder, given what I wrote

>let's ignore 90% of history

I think I wrote what I thought of as disappointing. France let others to surpass it...

No population boom with industrialization. Several million white “french” are descended from italians and spanairds that moved to france for work.

>literally counts all of West Russia
France on suicide watch.

Germany still did better.

If we had revolution later, it's normal that we are behind, I don't understand.
Have you make an error?

but look that if the French didn't have Alsace-Lorraine it would be even more behind and France wasn't always behind others

They spent too much money on Africa, no joke they spent trillions on the shit hole and still spend billions today. Way too socialist for their own good.

everytime. what is their secret?

You hadn't answered my point.
And even without Alsace-Lorraine, they have already more population than us, let's add the fact that they are Aryan Master Race, what can we do?

Switzerland was conquered as well but France got tired of us eventually let go.

>They had industrial revolution later than the UK or Germany

France is the largest country in Europe, with much more rural areas than the UK or Germany, of course the industrial revolution took time to kick in, but still not that long after the countries you mentioned. Also, France kicked ass then when it comes to innovation and science.

>then they were finally thwarted completely by the Germans,

We won WW1. Heroically.

>what's wrong with them

Nothing. I know you wish there was something wrong with us, but your jelly is what is wrong.

>Implying the french weren't nigger subhumans to begin with
>Many churches and abbeys were demolished during the French occupation, amongst them the St. Lambert's Cathedral in Liège, the St. Donatian's Cathedral and Eekhout Abbey in Bruges, Florennes Abbey in Florennes, and St. Michael's Abbey in Antwerp.
The Herkenrode Abbey in Hasselt survived the French Revolution, but subsequently fell into disrepair. In 1826 a fire destroyed much of the church, and the remaining ruins were demolished in 1844.

everytime. what is their secret?

>Fucking mountains

France invented manned flight, color film, and a 20-round revolver.
That's something.

The alps and like 4 wooden bridges that can be destroyed at any time.

It's a fortress dude

This does not change the fact that France is still the best western european country

They also turned all of their former colonies into nigger haven hellholes.

The absolute worst "empire".

There's just something inherently weak about French culture. The British and Americans had nigger rebellions and they didn't let themselves be defeated by sugar plantation workers.

That's not a rekt thread mongolian. Put this webm out of my eyes, it hurts.

Wtf is this, France never occupied Sweden to my knowledge?


I didn't deny french achievements, I only pointed out that they're behind UK and Germany and was wondering what did go wrong


To this day, your king is still a descendant of a Marshal of France chosen by Napoleon.

good question. France is our naturall allies, so i hope they get their shit together.

The Republic.

Pfffffff. Poland has no allies because nobody cares about Eastern Yorop

Well yes of course. But how does it relate to the map?

they do, when they have knife on the neck.

The Parisian Masons were too busy attempting to obliterate the Occitan and Breton culture for being too Christian. Naturally, they’re now paying the price.

we can b ur ally...


You can, but do you want to be alies with subhuman slavs? Isn't your aryan-germanic blood too pure for us?

pls boi, its not as simple tip toppity tip top that, genetics and european peoples history movement are a complex subjects. Personally I am frisian that is one of the last true alive Germanic tribes that is still here today with their identiy (all others pretty much lost their identity / mixed ) so frisian first germanic second...in fact we are one of the few ethnic groups probably having their identity since the birth of babbby jesus . ok

slavs is a term that i do not like. what tribe are you from. or are u mixed mongrel.

I know i canot be this privileged about my statuss and being born in one of the last true pure ethnic tribes of twelve of israel but thats okay i did not choose this body i must serve odin

frisso-polelish alliance is secured . lets dine
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>comaradder! can i sex ur daughter?
Don't think her husband will be happy, but you can always try.
I personally can trace my familly roots to 15 century, earlier records didn't survive constant war on this land so i really dunno what tribe i'm from.