The more Islam will be seen as a threat, the more it will attract people

The more Islam will be seen as a threat, the more it will attract people

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Whats your point?

Sup Forums psyop game is utter crap. only reason we're gaining ground is because truth is on our side.

That Islam is only at the beginning of its growth in Europe

No shit

Why do you still photoshop badly, stupid maghrebin?

The more you paint an ideology as "forbidden" or "dangerous", the more people will want to transgress and join it. This is why the anti-leftism sentiment is growing. Anti-Islam sentiment is also on the rise but strangely, conversions to Islam as well.

>That Islam is only at the beginning of its growth in Europe
>being this ignorant of the history of your own religion
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The same can be said of nationalism

Are you all dumb? She's an iranian girl with a shia bandana

Pic related is her with a hijab and an "Allah" necklace

halal if true

Same could be said for far right groups that oppose you. An the media won't admit Islam is a threat but they will admit the far right is.

After 9/11 we called islam and arabs a treat a lot, but i guess you were five.

Yup, and the far right will only increase Islam's popularity

Hell, the leader of a German far right group literally converted to Islam this week

So you think in 2018 the media establishment in Europe will openly call Islam a threat? I doubt it.

Reports on terror attacks are already doing the work. Also mainstream midea is easily counter-balanced with social media and there's a rise of anti-Islam sentiment on social media. All of this hype around Islam has only increased its popularity and made more and more people attracted to it.
Why do you think that in France there are many "Jean" and "Richard" and "Pierre" are converting into ultra orthodox Islam and not Christianity?


When the Muslim hordes were threatening to conquer Europe and standing at the gates of Vienna, how many Europeans did it attract? Every time its ever been seen as a threat, it doesn't attract converts, it attracts suspicion and slaughter, as it rightfully should.

>aids is a threat to humanity

i don't think that is how it works

Oh please ameritard you compare Europe back then shaped by a strong sense of Christianity and conquest with the current Europe filled with materialism and hedonism. How can you explain the fact that Islamic conversions rose after terror attacks in Europe?

Same happened after 9/11

No matter how much you consider both to be the same. AIDS and Islam are definetely two different things. Are you even trying :/ ?

Somebody post the original picture of this qt

This is the original.

correct. we already found a containment drug for aids and probably will find a cure in the next 20 years.

islam is like pancreatic cancer. sry for my misjudgement

20 years ahead of you before finding a cure for pancreatic cancer now then, before it kills you ofc

I'm going to tell you a little story. There was a famous film producer in America named Moustapha Akkad, he's most famous for producing the Halloween series. He was an Arab Muslim, born and raised in Syria. In the 1970s, he directed a film called Mohammed: Messenger of God for the American audience. When he was asked why he was doing this, he said that Islam was completely unknown here in America. While Muslims were taught the prophets Moses and Jesus, none of the Jews or Christians in America learned anything Mohammed, Islam, or Muslims. They were completely ignorant. He wanted to show them a film which explained the origin of Islam to Americans.

This was in the 1970s. Not THAT long ago. No one here had even HEARD of Islam. Now, right after 9/11, you had people hearing about these people and this religion for probably the second time in their entire lives, the first being when Malcolm X was released in the early 90s.

You have this exotic religion combined with the news telling you that it's a beautiful and peaceful religion that's being misrepresented by terrorists, so naturally you're going to be drawn to it. And yes, conversions will happen.

But now, almost 20 years since 9/11, people are waking up to this horseshit. Yes, you'll see conversions after Islam grabs the headlines for whatever horrific atrocity, but this is because some people are stupid.

Don't worry, my Mohammedan friend. Most of us hate you and wish nothing more than to see you dead. You're only fooling a select, special kind of stupid and attracting converts from among that very idiotic pool.

I'm talking to a Palestinian chick who kinda looks like her

No this is a different picture you fucking idiot.

The more Neo-NatSoc will be seen as a threat, the more it will attract people

Do you even use the google search option?

Nafri is the right term actually