I have a theory about trannies that is hard for me to put to words elegantly, but here goes and I want your opinions

I have a theory about trannies that is hard for me to put to words elegantly, but here goes and I want your opinions.

I feel like in public schools white males and males in general are taught that their thoughts are wrong and their actions are evil. You're not to think of girls who are developing as pretty or different or something to be desired! Because of this they internalize these things they like about women and try to become them as a result. How wrong am I?

If we were to allow boys to be boys and no longer oppressed would we see less cross dressers?

This, fuck bitches. The future men of America are being setup for a loss. Time for alpha chads to tutor boys as public service before it’s too late. I want to see these bitches faces red from the slapping back in their places from all angles. It’s not like bitches are going to stand up for us. They will sooner bend over to get fucked and suck dick.

Also, that bitch whale needs harpooning.

i think most gays and trannies [who turn gay/trans later on in life] are a product of not getting female attention and/or sexual deviants, so they turn to faggots because gays will fuck literally anything. although your opinion might hold some validity also.

Ummm, no sweetie! That is TRANSPHOBIC! You need to realize that transfolk are civil rights heroes and are at the forefront of abolishing male privilege in our society. If you had any decency and respect for minorities and colored folks, you would chop off your dick and call yourself Katelynn.

Come into the fire!

youll be destroyed soon, the storm is coming bitch

I look nothing like that

you fucks misrepresent EVERYTHING

One theory I heard is that some people suffer from various mental issues that cause immense amount of suffering. They start to associate these feelings with themselves and therefore wish to transform into a brand new person that's free from the emotional baggage

They could just as well become otherkin furries rather than trannies, what's important for them is to be somebody that have no responsibility or blame for their own suffering

I also agree that most trannies/lesbians/gaybois were raped as children. Such a poor mental illness and most trannies kill themselves.

Now you're just being bigoted. If you don't wanna get called out for being transphobic; STOP BEING TRANSPHOBIC! It's that fucking simple.

Being trans isn't a mental illness you fucking religious bigot

Yeah I would agree to that, especially to boys predispositioned to be gay. It happened to me desu, and I hate being masculine in anyway, but I don't try to be a tranny because it's too expensive for one, on top of I'm not sure how well I could pull it off being 6'1".

Boys growing up without strong fathers 'want a taste' of what it's liked being the 'lovable female'. Women in society are supposed to be treated with flowers, rings, teddy-bears... Trannies just want a part of that.

Or, it could just be that they want to feel love from a man.


I think it’s also like the SJW version of baptism. What do I mean? It is the only way to be cleansed of the original sin of being a cis white male, for which there can be no absolution.

Obvious bait is obvious.
Woulda been funny if you exerted less effort.

>Being trans isn't a mental illness
Sure it is, sweetie.

>Being trans isn't a mental illness you fucking religious bigot
I hope you get the help you need before it's too late.

Heterophobe much? Maybe hetero-dysphoria? Just flat out hetero intolerance? Get your shit together larper.

>I also agree that most trannies/lesbians/gaybois were raped as children.
It's a viscous cycle that repeats itself. pic very much related

For what it's worth as a kid, I thought it was weird that I had almost no male teachers at my schools. Female teachers outnumbered males 8:1. My dad was always busy working.


>Citing a thread on Sup Forums

I seriously hope you aren't citing a thread on a basket weaving forum to prove your transphobic bigoted opinion, sweetie.

It is all sourced. If you had the mental capacity to read well, you would have taken in that evidence.

For someone who says sweetie a lot you sure are a sour puss. Is transphobic your go to argument?
>Hey stop sucking dicks, it’s transphobic! Suck benis, instead sweetie! We are all winners! Yay!

>mfw newfags can't even into shitposting