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fucking disgusting degenerate

Its because im pro choice, pro legalization, and generally indifferent to gay marriage. If they asked me about guns it would have pushed me over to libertarian

Or property rights

How'd I do?

syrup hocky poutine desu!

a true human bean

btw SCROLL DOWN and you can see the part that i posted a screenshot of




get out leftypol

I'm surprised it doesn't conflate nationalism with genocide in the description.

im a nationalist socialist

can every ontariofag please vote libertarian this coming election if the PC party doesn't sort their shit out?

Federal libertarian party in Canada has the hardest position on immigration unironically. They kicked out the SJWs to be hard on borders

NDP is the cuck party, right? On some of the questions I was trying to think like a leaf.

NDP is even worse than liberals

they are blatantly muslim terrorist / globalist funded


Is it good or bad leafs?

NDP is too left for Canada still.. has never been in power, besides Alberta.

Its ok

i think most sane people are going to vote for conservative party. whether or not they are the right choice, its better to focus forces on one than spread out and risk losing to SJWs again

probably. i do know the libertarian provincial party will have a full slate, so hopefully they can gain popularity after this election. they are kinda where i wish the PC were

It also gave me this.

All the parties are cuck parties

Any Canadians in favour of Canada becoming a republic and getting rid of the monarchy?

Good or bad?

>40% Communist.
It's not looking good there, pinko.

No, and go fuck yourself


I am not even Christian wtf

Its the most right wing party in Canada apparently but from what I understand they are still total cucks. its pathetic

Right-wing Libertarian 62%. Seems odd that north QC and NL are the places that agree with this most.

you just don't know haw christian you are

>scoring above 50% with any Canadian parties
Why are all of the parties so lefty?

>Isn't an edgy larping turbo autist
>Chose not to with muh Sup Forums objective idealism
>Hurr why'd you stop larp'ing with me you degenerate

I don't really side with anybody. It also said that I should move to Qu├ębec.

Here you go OP

Weird, I don't see myself as a libertarian but it shows me that I'm more libertarian than authorial

Do I win a cake I worked for without government assistance?

Learn English you fucking kanacken

I dont know much canadas partys so anyone who knows tell me if this good or bad?

read em and weep, cucks

Probably Christian Heritage party.

The only subhuman in this thread

Good to see there is sanity here

AB SK MB BC actually.

Is this good or bad?