A third of all millennials still live with and rely financially on their parents...

A third of all millennials still live with and rely financially on their parents. A large percent of Sup Forums are millennials. How many of you are willing to admit you live with your parents?

moved out at 17 ten years ago. renting was terrible then and worse now. i dont blame people for hiding at home

You guy buy a house costing 500K+ on a three shift casual job. Because that's the case for MANY MANY millennials here.

>tfw parents bought me a house, trust fund, only child and sole beneficiary to inheritance

It's cheaper to buy small house or condo where I am than rent.

>house is big and comfy
>college is literally 20 minutes away from home
>all my friends are close
>financially support myself other than the water bill (clothes, food, party, internet etc)
>would be spending much more if i was living on my own
give me 1 reason to move out before you finish college/start working

I live with my folks, but I was adopted by my grandparents and someone has to take care of 'em in old age.

I'm not financially relying on my parents even if I were to pay rent I would be way more than better off.
I just live with them because only an idiot would throw an opportunity to create a solid base for himself. Plus I love my parents.

I like being a NEET

where else would i live, I own the house
i paid for it after all.

What's her name?

The fuck kind of poorfag can't be dependent on their parents AND live away from home?
21, no job, dropped out of university, parents pay all my bills.

I live with my parents despite being a millionaire (not meme coin).
Younger than 30

Why did she do it :(

>move out
>pay thousands a year in rent
>finish college
>dad is struggling keeping up the housework and dogs alone
>move back in
>finishing the attic
>actually able to save money to buy my own house

the last place I worked, me and the only other Sup Forums shitlord in that building were the only 2 guys in our department under 30 that lived in our own apartments and had our own cars to drive ourselves to work.

I am the parent. 2 kids live away @ college and 15 y.o. is obv still here @ home.

Why do you need a LARP flag?

Pretty common in functional home units within the US and even more common across the globe. This is a boomer headline that are still bewildered that this generation can’t make it off $25k/yr

I like the flag


im 22 and live at home while finishing the last year/year and a half of college. I wont mind finishing at around 24, its only a year past when most people graduate, and plus, I was in a 5 year program anyway.

im currently a NEET because we're all moving to florida in a few months, so i decided to opt out this semester to save money (tuition is much cheaper in Florida compared to where I go).

i dont mind it, I have my room and do a lot of stuff around the house. People really underestimate how valuable family is.
Sometimes they're the only people you can trust.

Mayli from facialabuse
Kelly Baltazar i think.

Single, renting, own two vehicles, zero debt, make 73k. I’ll buy a house whenever I get married


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Very normal here.

>born in 90
>got fucked by life
>had to move back in with mom & dad
>working up a capital
>had to replace my car due to my job
I'll move out again come summer. No grear pride in my living situation, but no great shame either.

I lived with em when I got out of college for a few years because my job sucked (27k a year for help desk). I've moved out after I got closer to the 50k mark and got a mortgage. I don't ever expect to retire honestly, I live fine and have a good house and stuff, but I can barely save money with all the payments I have to make each month.

Well the price of rent is too damn high, far higher than what it was 50 years ago for the wages of back then. What can we do.

yeah that's probably the best plan, there's no shame in moving back with your parents for like 2 years after college, work literally any job and save up money, pay them a bit if they need it and then move out with a good safety net.

>this collage
she was featured on facial abuse

I'm a homeless NEET but not this.

I left home and joined the Army at 18 and have been on my own ever since.

But there is nothing wrong with living with your parents... just help out with the chores once in a while.

Many successful families stay together.

Of course I'm living with my parents. I'm still saving up money through med school.

Im 27 and I live on my own, and independently for the most part

I still live check to check and occasionally I have to hit up my folks for a some bucks, it’s not a big ordeal tho because my parents aren’t boomer sociopaths and we actually have a decent relationship