*charges you $200 for a 15-minute Skype session*

>*charges you $200 for a 15-minute Skype session*

Can someone explain how this is any different than camwhoring?

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Why would you pay for ugly cam?

Does she take her clothes off?


Sup Forums


literally sucking jew cock

No sauce Pierre. It's a fake, but a good fake at that.

Its not fake its Alix Lynx

Kill yourself you mentally ill commie tranny abomination

Took literally 10 seconds to find it .

Are you face blind or just retarded?

So you’re saying I can pay $200 for a 15 minute conversation with Lauren?

Where did you find this info my guy

Feed your queen money, paypig


Alright if we pool our NEETbux what should we do with our 15 mins with Lauren?


This window will close in 3 seconds...

Unlimited free porn online and alt right incels choose a 5/10 Canadian youtuber for $200.



she can parrot things she read on pol back to you

Think of it more like a donation so that she can support herself and keep putting out content.


If she did it topless I’d consider it and just mute the stream

>I'm your boyfriend


Clearly alyx lynx

At this point I consider Lauren a friend. I'm sure she would do a free skype with me but I want to support her work. She's anything but a camwhore. We discuss politics and philosophy, I've even debated her on some points of disagreement. She has a huge impact, and if I can influence her, I'm making an impact. On top of that I'm proud to call her a dear friend. Can you faggots say the same?

good point. it's not.


Does she masturbates?

I used to tolerate her because if anything she was a voice to draw in centrists and basic bitch republicans to our side. Now shes proven that like all women, a quick payout from lonely betas takes precedence to maintaining any form of the movement


omg it's really her.


But does she call you a friend? I seriously doubt it, you are a client. The strippers at the club don't really like you either, just your money. Sure they will sit down and talk with you, but that is part of the business.

White will become a minority in all their nations by this century unless there is a white baby boom.



>Taking the bait

jerk off in front of her

>how I took the red pill and learned how to fabricate chloroform and rape women



>not really
Just bored and playing along. I actually like Lauren for the most part.

Has anyone actually paid for her 15 minute political chat and would you get nervous speaking to her?
She must understand that $200 is very steep. She doesn't work for Hollywood.

Does she accept pesos or food stamps?


Does anyone have the actual video?

>It's slavery/communism to expect someone to work for free
>SJWs will ruin your life and try to get you fired. There's no going back once you're publically red-pill.
>Rightist women who want to earn money for their work are just greedy sluts

>She should have a husband and children at age 22
>But we'll all go berserk if we see evidence of her dating someone

This is one of those few cases where the feminists are right. You guys hate women and the whole idea is that there's no way for them to win with you.

>one time gift. Thankyouuuu... you’re the best
This sounds like some whore asking money from sugar daddy.

That wall is coming like a freight train. She has to bag her beta bux now.

Must you faggots keep bumping this shit?

She legally changed her gender to male

What does she do in that skype session? Finger herself? Talk about shekels and tricking shiksas?

ya beta cucks are everywhere who will do that shit

i see people pay for league of legends 30 minute coaching for that much

and they tell you hey youre supposed to go over here man


Does she fuck herself on the cam? What idiot is paying for this? Why am I on this site? Who am I talking to on here?

She talks about feminism, SJW's and Islam for 15 minutes.

I wish. She probably just plays with that weird mouse while reciting something someone else wrote.

The only way she gets to see $200 is if I get to stick it up her ass


Exactly. I teach piano and tutor students in history. One on one sessions are intense and it's important to weed out those who aren't really serious/committed. You can't just go into autopilot mode and let time fly like you can at many jobs.I find myself feeling drained afterwards.

ugly jew

Sup Forums would pay no question

>*charges you $200 for a 15-minute Skype session*
you mean other people than finncuck can actually reach her?

Only for Tyrone.


I'd pay $200 for Lauren to send me some of her dirty cottage cheese sodden knickers.


extremely overrated

Are you the guy that tells everyone that you went to highschool with Lauren?

A kike using her beta orbiters for shekels. People are surprised by this?

No, that's not me. I just talk about hummus and panties.

>Being this played

There is never going to be a day on Sup Forums where this strokeface Stacey doesn't pollute my vision, is there?

She's beautiful and she smells good too.

hahaha what the fuuuuuck.

For the love of god I hope none of you are falling for this shit. If you support Lauren in anyway you are a weak lonely beta faggot. I can't believe this is real.

Remember when she got exposed as a diaper fetishist?

Oy Vey! the most semitic of all foods


her mom came over today
like mom, like daugher! a bitch is a bitch!

Worst prostitute ever.

These are the kind of people that pay for that

I want to licky those pits

merry band of autists

>Can someone explain how this is any different than camwhoring?

It's not. Next question.

it's not
who the hell do you think you're asking?
she used to have a following on Sup Forums but they're hiding now since no one who isn't a 15 years old redditor care about e-celeb cumrags

We should do a proper meet up sometime, but ban anyone below 6.5/10, and don't allow any obese people.

funny how all the anti styx, lauren, peterson and whoever else threads pop up at the same time
> isn't it funny shareblue?

That dress looks disgusting on her, she always makes weird forced poses.

you tell me, the only people who pay any attention to ecelebs are complete faggots and should be banned from this site

are muslims allowed?



It's not. Also god damn if I had $200 to throw at a Skype session I think I'd just see a hooker or some shit because then at least you're getting some.

I’ll spend 200 dollars to call her a coal burning whore and tell her about the wonders of nationalism and despising Jews.


>paying to watch a coalburner
Not to mention this whore used to get money by getting dumb retards to pay for her pictures where she dressed as video game characters.
She's still doing the same, given that she's aging and there's much better looking whores who do cosplay she had to change her public.

Only at concealed carry events and they're not allowed to cross the red line.