Ancient Egyptians were African


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Well then, every black person on earth owes the Jews reparations for slaverey.





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They weren't white or black dumbass

>Why bring Americans into this?
>Is it jealousy?

Well Nigeria does have ancient kingdoms with the largest man-made moat


The sad thing isn't that this is his opinion, but that he's given such a platform for it even though it was already objectively, observably, knowably false at that time.

>The scientists obtained information about variations in mitochondrial DNA, which is passed from mother to child, from 90 mummies. Because of contamination, the team was able to acquire detailed nuclear DNA, which is inherited from both parents, from only three mummies.

>Both types of genomic material showed that ancient Egyptians shared little DNA with modern sub-Saharan Africans. Instead, their closest relatives were people living during the Neolithic and Bronze ages in an area known as the Levant. Strikingly, the mummies were more closely related to ancient Europeans and Anatolians than to modern Egyptians.

The point is that Egyptians always portrayed themselves as being significantly lighter in tone than their Sub Saharan enemies. That's an important distinction. And you didn't bother to address genetic, meaning empirical, evidence which invalidates your claim.
Because American blacks are the only ones who embrace this "we wuz kangz" nonsense.

This makes no sense. The Egyptians said their culture was given to them by blue eyed men who came from outside of the Mediterranean

In fact, DNA analysis has shown that the ancient Egyptians are more closely related to Europeans than to modern Egyptians!

If Egyptians were black, then I demand reparations for enslaving my Jewish ancestors.

Akala isn't an ancient African, he was brought up by his single (surprise) coalburning white mother.

Should have made a bigger moat seeing how a couple of Anglos completely assfucked them anyway.


Is that including how the entire basin in Chichen Itza was supposed to be flooded? It was like acres of a man made lake just for the stupid temple.

>Abdullah Benishiddin
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genetic analysis be raciss n sheeeit!


got conquered by caucasians in 2000BC


They said in their own words they came from Ethiopia


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Who cares they are inferior to the horn anyway the got turned into bitches by Rome, Arabs, and Turks. Its why they forgot their Hamitic language and cant even decipher their old scrip, they got conquered forced to speak Arabic. I dont look keenly on people who got exterminated and replaced with rape babies.

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Why are Europeans so jealous of black Americans?

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Whites will always claim shit outside their territory.
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Your skin doesn't make you Negroid bubba, your skeleton does.
Narrow noses, and oval faces, them are Caucasoid features.
Two biggest ethnic groups in Ethiopia are Semitic, a Caucasoid group.
Pic related, a Yemeni Caucasoid man, because frilly hair and dark skin doesn't make you a nigger, ape-like skull and features do.

Or should we call South Indians members of the black race because their skin is darker than the average North-East African?

Poor niggers don't even realize why there is such a giant genetic and physical difference between East Africans and Nigger Western Africans.

Blacks want to be white so badly.

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It is

You mean we don't have burger education that makes us retarded. Pic related is what ancient Egyptians really looked like. Semites were only able to travel trough the Sahara dessert after they learned how to ride camels. How do you expect niggers with low IQ to cross the Sahara dessert when they didn't even ride horses topkek.

Their level if insecurity is mind boggling. There are so many problems and inconsistencies with their "studies", it's laughable that they try to pass it off as science. Thier inferiority complex is so strong that it prevents them from having any level of objective thought.

full vid


hahaha ever heard of art fakes?

Because murican niggers are the only black people on earth who have this fantasy about them being Ancient Egyptianz nshiett

Half of them look like lightskinned niggers. You guys have an obsession with black Americans and it's cringe worthy.

>pic related the guy on the right is Egyptian.

Even though they were imported from West isolated Africa and not East.
I wonder how they rationalize Pyramids only existing in Egypt and Sudan and nowhere else in Africa.
Whitey probably destroyed magical missing pyramids in west africa to hide the truth!

Lol black people qre literally the most fail ass fake science mf's on the planet tho. Muh black this muh black that, its fucking pathetic.

Why are niggers so held bent of relating to Egyptians? Even if they were (which they aren't), Egypt was still never a better civilization than European civilizations.

belin means dick in venetian

Why do you guys care so much though?


>Why are niggers so held bent of relating to Egyptians?
Dumb Americans claimed that civilization started in Egypt, then spread to the rest of the world.


>Ancient Egyptians were African

where else did you think they were from, you dumb negro?

It's not about jealously, retard.
>Because American blacks are the only ones who embrace this "we wuz kangz" nonsense.

>There are so many problems and inconsistencies with their "studies", it's laughable that they try to pass it off as science

Called it.

Did i ever mentioned Ancient Egyptians were white? Ancient Egyptians were Semites, which is the same race as Arabs and North-African Berbers. They are brown indeed, but they were never black as the West-African bantus as seen in pic related. Berbers inhabited North-Africa from at least 12.000 b.C. That's 9000 years before the early days of Ancient Egypt.

The vague sense of connection has nothing to do with literal heredity and everything to do with both being mullatic ppls

Forgot the picture nshiett

Because history isn't about lying to make black people feel good about themselves.

My personal theory is that Ancient Egyptians were racially between Libyan Berbers and Cushites. They weren't Black per see but weren't White either.

Btw, pic related on the right is a West-African/European mutt. No trace of Egyptian DNA topkek

Because accuracy is a white trait, something you wouldn't understand nigger. History and accuracy matter, and as we all know, genetics matter.

>Not about jealousy
Then why do you care so much about an ethnic group you never see or interact with? If you hated on gypsies or something that would makes sense.

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Because the truth matters, you retard.

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Maybe we should just continue to let them spout this bullshit without challenging them. Some of them have gone as far as to claim they were the first Mayans and Japanese. But get a lot of them to claim that? Latinos and Asians will start hating them too. Either way it's a win for us.

Ancient Egyptians responsible for the Golden age of Egypt were East Africans. Modern day Ethiopians and Somalians. Niglets from the rest of Africa did not have much to do with Ancient Egypt. People need to understand that Egypt was conquered by many different races except niglets from west and south Africa.

Why do they take pride on Ancient Egypt when they come from West Africa?
Why don't they take pride of old West African nations such as Mali which was actually rich as hell as it was full of gold?

sure whatever

It's almost as if you don't want black people to feel good about themselves. You want them to feel shit as if they've never ever developed some kind of semblance of civilization for themselves for thousands of years (which sounds completely stupid and impossible by the way).

Why just the other day we had a thread about how the native Americans were white after all and all of Sup Forums was praising themselves. But when "we waz kings" is brought up this pic sums it up.

pic related is the skull from an average Egyptian during the Amarna period around 1346 BC

Ancient Egyptians were MENA not niggers

Here it's a brand of biscuits

>Amarna period

White people actually lie about history all the time to make themselves feel better.


>Why is it that the narrative is that whites enslaved blacks when in fact they simply bought already detained people? Malaria alone dictated that whites could not enter interior africa.

It would be like you asking to borrow some money from someone, then when you get away from the loaner and amongst your friends you "tough guy" the story, like "yeah I just beat him up and took it".

>it reeks of an inferiority complex

>This is a white man according to pol



can't blame them. inbred whites suffer from macular degenerates. those tiny-dicked inbreds have difficulty telling colors apart

When I search egyptian people I see some blacks but mostly they look Arabic and Berberish.

I'm an authority on gypsies.
Let me inform you something:
- Gypsies, our main minority:
Live in more extreme poverty than US blacks and also have easy access to weapons from our old Commie caches and random civilians our neighboring sources who can provide.
They react to their situation by mainly engaging in petty crime, prostitution, and taking drugs (not dealing). Worst you can experience is being robbed or scammed when passing through their hoods.

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Frankly, nobody on this planet has the willpower to hate on gypsies anymore when comparing them to your US blacks. We are lucky to have them as opposed to blacks.



I value the truth over peoples feelings, especially the feelings of strangers. Lying to make others feel good is fine when dealing with family members who are children.

>It would be like you asking to borrow some money from someone, then when you get away from the loaner and amongst your friends you "tough guy" the story, like "yeah I just beat him up and took it".
Do you actually believe that's a fair comparison? You're just revealing to everyone how stupid you are. Dunning–Kruger effect in action.


White people seem to have alot invested in attacking black identity and self-esteem. The real question is why?

My hypothesis is that it is a projection of insecurity. That is really the only logical conclusion.

They were North African, which are darker skinner Caucasians.

They have no relation to Sub-Saharan Negroids.

Don't dodge the point I brought up. It seems only white men are allowed to make themselves feel good at any opportunity that arises. Next week we'll find out another 'skeleton' somewhere in the middle of nowhere that dates somehow 100000000 years old that proves X race was first.

>can't blame them. inbred whites suffer from macular degenerates.
There's no data to support the claim that whites, or a subgroup of whites, are relatively inbred when compared to other groups.
> those tiny-dicked inbreds have difficulty telling colors apart
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