What does Sup Forums think of torture?

What does Sup Forums think of torture?

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Trump is for it, so I’m for it.

I say waterborne them all!

I think you people should feel horrible about what you did to that poor girl, using people just like pawns in chess and all that
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We dont do enough of it.

Green text courtesy from a /k/omando.

I don't like torture, but if it's the only way to get information, i will support it

seriously though, how do you mean?

as punishment?
as a tool to extract information?
for fun?

Who is "them?"

it doesn't work

but if your going to do it nothing beats sleep depravation

It's the AI again

If to extract information, it only works if you can verify it with other sources.

If to extract confessions, who cares, it's not like you have a real legal system in the first place if it allows torture.

If to exact revenge, sure, why not, if it makes you feel better. Make sure nobody finds out or the other side can't retaliate, though. Generally speaking, it's good to have rules of war. Also kinda bad for PR if it comes out.

What does Sup Forums think about Nordic cuckness? And why it is?

It's probably very effective against the common soldier. I don't buy the whole it's never reliable thing. Most aren't going to have Jack Bauer lever info in their head.

Kraminski, definitely a Russian, possibly a jew.
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It works fine if you only use torture when you know you've got the right person and you know that they know the answers to what you're asking.

The problem is when you grab random Taliban fighters and torture them in the hope that they know something useful, having no way of knowing whether they have real intel or are just making stuff up so you're stop torturing them.

No, in most cases it's pointless but I'm sure the torturers know that.

Useless mostly, people will say anything just to make it stop.

Very satisfying.

it's all fine and dandy until sleep deprivation

I say just skip to the good part and put the brownies down with a bolt gun.

Not useful for extracting a confession as most people will confess under pain.

Useful however for exacting revenge from criminals and degenerates.

I think it should be used as punishment for particularly heinous crimes.

Like if you are just a real piece if shit we should execute you through like a 72 hour event of torture.

As far as extracting info from someone it seems to have mixed results.

I'd personally spill the beans on all the info I've got because I really don't like pain, so maybe it does work on soldiers and terrorists. I don't know.

It works

Good if used on muslims and people from shithole countries
Bad if used on me

It has been proven over and over again that torture is not effective at getting actionable information. Sure people will talk, but they will say anything. the info you get will be shit.

Any form of torture is totally degenerate and non-white. Shit skins and degenerates love torture. Niggers love it, Chinks love it, Mexican intellectuals love it, nuff said.

Personally I don't think it should even be used on degenerates and criminals. The rate of false imprisonments is way to high to allow an injustice such as torturing someone who ended up being innocent.

TL;DR Torture is degenerate and non-white

I 0 people who are currently in favor of torture would still be if they were tortured themselves

i bet*

what are the dark ages for $500 alex

The flaw is if you genuinely don't know the info they want you'll be compelled to lie.

Wow great example.

Lets take a look, why were they torturing people? Oh yeah thats right, for not believing in a jewish NON-WHITE religion.

Also got to take into account 90% of the population had severe lead poisoning which resulted in almost everyone being literally dumber than niggers.

What an interesting correlation.

>take into account 90% of the population had severe lead poisoning
In the middle ages? Source?

idgaf but i wouldnt want it to happen to me

I'm all for it being used to rile the enemy up . For intel, you need people of the same ethnicity or nationality. I find anything provided to outsiders as totally suspect.

But say a rebel group is holed up in a town... You capture and torture the women and children of the town until they give up the rebels or you have killed everyone... that's actually effective.

>90% of the population had severe lead poisoning

Romans used almost exclusively lead pipes, which is why the symbol for lead is Pb, from plumbum.

>sleep depravation
This. The only real way to get what you want from a guy without even wasting your effort, and the most efficient way of gaining information, as well. A guy on infinite actually explained the various methods of torture very well.

it's useless

I’d like a quick death rather than torture. I assume everyone would.

Though if I had to pick one it would be white room torture. White clothes, white food, white room with white light.