Be amerikike

>be amerikike
>call italians non white subhumans without realizing that without them you lose 80% of the things whites have to be proud of
>believing the silver screen jew when it says they're part african

Why are they so fucking retarded? Niggers are obviously not intelligent enough to run massive organized crime networks, so how are they in any way not white?

>Toothpaste has opinions

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Stop lying Satan. Soon mutts in my country will claim brown people put man on the moon. Italians were a very early case of le 56%

Sicilians still have less african admixture than the average americoon.

So you admit it is there lol. Just face the facts they got Blacked. I dont know why meds are so sensitive about it. You must admit there is a problem to progress.


North africans aren't black, by the way.

Satan digits.
I'm half Sicilian and half German. Mom is blonde and has blue eyes. Not really sure where the fuck that puts me in terms of mutt.

They are mixed with black, white, and jew. They are peak mutt, the med phenotype people typically think of is mutt just face the facts. Just like we have some pure arayans in america im sure they have pure aryans there but black haired brown eyed people were never pioneers in masonry that is why they have ruins everywhere.

Boys, boys! Can't we both at least agree you're both sexless and sad?

>Those trips


I'm not sexless maybe sad most times.

Actually get some nice puss from time to time cuz of muh dick. I'm not denying I'm a mutt

>north italian
>brown hair and eyes

Guess i'm a nigger huh? Southern italians are the nordic looking ones, not northerners. Pol lied.

Get cancer.

no you don't. Don't lie on the internet

I have brown hair and green eyes. For some reason, brown eyes are uncommon in my family

easily can post a dick pic but don't want to get banned

The other side of my family is almost all german and even then the only people I know of that don't have brown eyes have green instead which isn't much better.

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Why are you misleading the real chosen people about who they are?

jews are unironically the master race.

>deceive whitey easily
>god tier women
>control everything (media, tv, banks, industries)
>highest average iq

Nords like to call mediterraneans subhumans for their allegedly high amounts of non white dna but get owned in the end by the jews who run the world with the icemonkeys as their servants.

sure buddy, sure

This is true


Post this image everywhere, give it a heading like "downs-syndrome musician wows crowds" funny

I'm of Sicilian descent. I don't consider myself white, because it's a codeword for anglo/german/scandi (northeuro) in my eyes. I do consider myself European and am proud of my heritage. But I don't consider myself white, nor black. I'm Sicilian, but I'd stand by "whites" over niggers any day of the week.

>not black enough to get free stuff
>not white enough for wasps to consider you white

America is a failed experiment.

Where is your family from in Sicily?

Salvini leader of the nordicist party of northern italy could cosplay as abu hajaar or mohammed bin salman

So why am I so unlucky? I actually wish I was southern italian that way I'd have a higher chance of looking nordic. I'm from mantua and I still look like a spic.

Organized crime was all Jews at the leadership levels

Just like everything else.