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Gas Hitler and Marx Edition.
Here we will discuss about anarcho-capitalism and its importance on society.

This meme must end. Ancap society is impossible.

National-Liberalism for the win!

Let's be friends. We all agree that communists are ignorants.

We can be friends if you accept that the state and government are inevitable and that nationalism is a good thing.

How's about you two butt-buddies go be materialist pieces of shit sucking merchant dick somewhere else, hm?

Hello, fellow bong! :)

State and government must not exist. And anarchy must prevail above any nationalist order. Remember I have some recreational nuke that will be good for you.

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So, how is your view about ancapism?

>continues with meme ideology
Having fun is great but we all grow up someday.
Anarchy is impossible as factions would rise and enforce their own rules on others, reinventing the state and government instantly.

>Nationalism has been tried and it failed, spectacularly.
Anarchy hasn't been tried yet. Let's see how it works mate. ;)

No. Here we are discussing politics, I don't see anything wrong with talking about ancapism.

Nationalism is having pride in ones nation. It works and has been working since the dawn of nations. Cultural and ethnic nationalism are the best forms for defending a civilisation from outside forces.

Anarchism doesn't need to be tested properly as it goes against nature. Anarcho-capitalism may work but it would be a brutal corporatist hellhole.


Remember when the Ancap party won?

>Ancapism will be a brutal corporation hellhole
I don't think so, every ideology has its flaws. One of nationalism is, sometimes, that many end up in dictatorships because some people are too proud of being in that way and then become racists, just ask Hitler and the Nazi party.


Yes. In your dreams it won. ;)

Racism is natural. I see no problem in accepting nature as it is.

Technically Anarcho-capitalism can work but it requires some strong religious force.
Even then, it falls to open borders eventually.

anything works if "robots" run it

Open borders would work if there were no brown people left. So obviously the solution is to get rid of all brown people.

>Racism is natural
This proves that you are eviler than me.

What statists don't understand is that the state is like a malignant tumor, in that no matter how small it is when it is "born", it'll inevitably, invariably and steadily grow until it becomes so big it controls everything and the people find themselves under slavery (nowadays called "communism" or "socialism"). This happens because it's in human nature to be attracted to power, and those working for the state will always find or create ways to feed it (the state) and in turn themselves, more power and more control, all the while attempting to perpetuate themselves in power or putting family members and friends in positions of power as well, effectively creating modern dynasties. There is a variety of ways they feed the state more power, but they mostly use safety as an excuse, so whenever you see bureaucrats talking about 'safety', be ready to lose a little bit more of both your money and your freedom.

Anarcho-Capitalism, on the other hand, is not a political system, it is the lack of political systems, and what happens without them is a society of people who interact and cooperate out of free will in the pursuit of what is better for everyone. Utilitarian arguments against Anarcho-Capitalism are useless and hold no grounds, since the ANCAP ideal is based on moral principles, not on utilitarianism. It is the only moral and ethical way a society can exist, anything else will always fail until the cycle repeats itself.

sounds like we have a killjoy or a blind man here

Thank you my Brazilian friend for supporting the ancap cause. :)

The state has existed since tribal times.
What you retards want to do is social engineering. I thought all Sup Forumsacks agreed that social engineering is bad.

The only way one could be a true nationalist is to be free. How are people going to create/ connect to communities if you don't allow them the means to do so on their own. Furthermore, to simply to do things "for your country" and not for yourself is the worst kind of "nationalism". Essentially, you would be no different than a foreigner creating goods for another country just more on a local level. You don't add to the nation's history nor do you stand out, you name might show up in a couple of military records but that's about it. To be a nationalist is to be a good individual, like a country is only as good as it's people.

>all of these trash d/c ancap threads

JIDF you really need to turn your shillbots down, you're making things very obvious.

>Conflating state with society

Not everyone in Sup Forums is a Sup Forumslack mate.

I'm not free in this nation but I'd like to be more free. I don't mind not having rights most people don't want others to have (to kill, to rape, etc.).

The state and society are interchangeable. Rules and morals are relative.

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Oh yeah because people in a small designated area passing laws and having a monopoly on force is the same as people interacting and communicating with one another.

>The state has existed since tribal times.
No, it hasn't.

>The state and society are interchangeable.