Feminism hate thread

Let's talk about feminists
Post your story and thoughts on today's feminism.

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Women don't like you because you are fat and ugly and fish-belly white and stink and have a tiny dick and are not a man and will never be one.
The only thing that "feminism" will ever mean to you is that you cannot, now, forcibly rape these women. And of course , you resent that.
Without rape, you'd NEVER get laid.

Hi Sargon.



Feminism is just reactionary ideology incensed by the inherit superiority of men.


And by “forcibly rape” you mean have sex with a woman who is too drunk to drive or who regrets it after the fact.

FEMINIST hate thread?

You mean ROASTIE thread mirite guys!?!?!? women are inferiorily inferior and there is no hoap for the west

Is anybody else’s government granted razor shipment late this month?

>Women are nothing but holes: The Post.

Kek. I can't figure out what the fuck she is even talking about either. The things feminists can bitch about is almost impressive.

I knew a girl who was sweet then grew all her body hair out and said things like “feminists can’t be racist” and “women are physically stronger than men”
It was surreal.


>tfw American
>tfw right to bear arms
>tfw government still hasn’t sent me a gun
My rights are being trampled, famalam

I had to call customer service. They said there was a mix up at the distribution center and that not only are we getting out shipment, but we’re also going to get a free can of cream, after shave and smoothing oil. They said they are also going to throw in a free travel case and they apologized over and over.

Good to hear.

I'll ensure any future delays get mentioned at the next meeting of the patriarchy after we finish discussing how to oppress women via the temperature of the air conditioning.


Feminism is a bioweapon. These women need to be tested for it and culled before it gets to critical mass in the West and human civilization last remaining planet.

Let me repeat, feminism is a bioweapon with no cure. It's not a ideology or merely just social engineering. It's a virus called the Femin Virus.

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Hey faggots. EA said they will close down Bioware if Anthem doesn't sell well. So i thought this comment would be acceptable for a feminist hate thread. So they better not let diversity and microtransactions oh who am i fucking fucking that damn game is going to pull Bioware down. Your at a crossroads Bioware this is like when Square... the old Square Soft all most died and need to pull of a miracle with "the Final Fantasy" Final Fantasy is still a better RPG than mass Effect and Square Enix... Square Enix is a better studio than bioware and EA and this proves it once and for all. Diversity fuck you EA fuck you SJW's fuck you you ruined a great... once great game studio and game series. You deserve hateraid.... or umm haterad whatever. You knew Bioware's end due to mismanagement was coming. Fucking EA fucking leaves.

I miss big red. She was actually kind of reasonable and tried to have productive discussions even though she was aggressive and, well, frankly, offputting. But she wasn't just totally delusional.

Protip: if you stop visiting Sup Forums and stop listening to faggots on youtube, you forget feminism even exists.

Feminists are so focused on "muh gender neutral" they don't understand that kids don't wanna be trannies.


Sir, you are pummeling a deceased equine creature

Is there a follow-up to that pic. Brilliant response.

a group of delusional women ceaselessly serving the (((patriarchy))) and Sup Forums, one through direct subserviance and the latter through inspiring backlash.

I've never seen a group so dedicated to aiding my political enemies.

bioware has always been pretty shit.


do they all have fish face?

Some look like goblins

That fucking red haired bitch lived in the apartment across the hall from me for 6 months, she called the cops to my place so many times the cops stopped coming and would just call me.
she is on some serious mental heath drugs. Just always angry at everything, she would bitch about the fucking birds chirping and waking her up. Hates my guts for no reason other than I'm white straight male and believe being trans is a mental illness (at the same time she wont admit she's mentally ill.

I could tell stories....

Is there a tl:dr of this?

its all bullshit, feminism is garbage but over all the message is more about womens rights than feminism as a movement. feminism is cancer even from a womans rights perspective, its marxist jewery of the highest level and bitching about muh "women need to obey men" completely loses sight of the subversion going on here.

go on

Mental illness is now mainstream politics. That’s how it looks, that’s how it feels, that’s what’s happened.