Reminder that south american migrants are based and should NOT be treated the same as mexicans

Reminder that south american migrants are based and should NOT be treated the same as mexicans

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If they cant be bothered to enter the country legally, then dont bother to come.

Why is this so fucking hard to understand.

They're all legal except for a really few amount of visa over extenders


That's why OP said "migrants" and not "illegal immigrants."

Yeah I'm sure absolutely everything you're ever done has been within the boundaries of the Law.
Fucking hypocrite.

>oh my god a pair of tits I have to do what you say now


All latinos are perfect super people, I feel bad some days for whites, seeing how low are they forced to behave.

She is obviously part Irish.

The average South American looks nothing like this person. They look just like a fucking beaner. The vast majority are indios or indios mixed with blacks. Only a small percent have European genes.

who is that?

Wonder when we’ll finally embrace the policy of only allowing in hot chicks. College keggars figured this out but somehow it’s too hard for Washington.

fuck no, and fuck you OP

men are usually the ones who want to move though

>a really few amount of visa over extenders
>overstaying your visa isn't one of the number one sources of illegal immigration
I shiggy diggy.

i thought it was dua lipo but it's not

if we had a free migration policy none of it would happen. honestly i feel all the continental north and south american nations should form freedom of travel and work treaties. that way nobody can bitch about lost jobs becuse you can always move to the other country to work.

Dude I would never go to another country and break their laws and start protesting for them to accept my lawlessness. Like wtf, it would never occur to me.

Found the beaner

>move to the other country to work
If you know Spanish, most major corporations can and will send you to other countries to work. It happened to my uncle, who knew Spanish and was sent to South America, and what he described his lifestyle there as is something I never want to have to endure. I'd rather have a job in the first-world country I am native to then to learn a new language and drag my ass down to some fuck-off second or third-world shithole to risk getting poisoned, robbed, murdered, or any combination of the three.

the further away from the equator you live the better your culture
think about it
leafs are an exception of course, and before you say australia, they're as far from the equator as brazil or mexico

south americans are usually as mongrels as central americans.

The only migrants accepted are europeans - english, dutch,french, irish, germans,swedes, portuguese, danes, italians, belgians, spanish, russians.

fuck off kike shill

>Is Latina
>has absolutely zero ass

North america it's right next to europe in the most straightforward and fast trip possible.

South america was far away and you had to survive british pirates, that's why the development was dofferent (also spaniards just wanted sex and gold).

She's underplaying her ass.

and you know this from personal experience how??

Gypsies go everywhere.

la creatura muy sexy


They all have to go back.

tits like that don't need to emigrate. They can ride a cock all the way to the president's palace.

yeah, south americans are "based" lol

I'm getting tired of the brownies. Had a spic I work with throw water on my feet and get my shoes soaked during work because the fucker couldn't wait 5 fucking seconds.

green text it nao!

>seeing how low are they forced to behave.
What? I don't speak fucking spic

You sound like a nigger.

If they are white yes. Pic related is not white, stop thinking with your dick burger, that's how they swindle you

>if we had a free migration policy none of it would happen. honestly i feel all the continental north and south american nations should form freedom of travel and work treaties. that way nobody can bitch about lost jobs becuse you can always move to the other country to work.

yeah great, and you can't make any progress either, fool. you're just dragging everyone down to the lowest common denominator


I thought michael jackson was dead, bitch is still alive

You sound like you want sharia law.

Get an education you sad fuck and maybe you wont have to work with immigrants.

>leafs are an exception of course

We cluster along the US border - basically nobody lives in the north except miners and inuit.


What are you trying to say?

Yeah, you're white (presumably). Nonwhites have no such self awareness. They just want free shit and to piggy back off the accomplishments of better people.




I mean they left their country for a reason. They obviously can't make it in their own

Madison Beer

>visa over extenders
They're illegal too, idiot. My parents came over legally. Fuck off. Why should they get more than me?


small ass is advantageous since it prevents miscegenation with niggers such as yourself

My sides,

The hair, the dress line, the eyes close together

They are central americans, not south americans.

I cant stand that upturned lip stuff. They seem to pick more and more models with it.

Its gross, its like a prehensile lip on a manatee. It looks like it could manipulate a roll of cabage while its gnawed a way.

>Madison Beer

madison beer looks like a fucked up roastie. OPs pic is somebody else.

A quick google search proves otherwise

its the result of injections

>(((madison beer)))

And why are they based? Because brown milkers?

thot meme as an argument, you are one stupid motherfucker OP

>latinos/aboriginals x4 more violent then whites
>lower IQ and economic destabilization and crime in areas they inhabit in the US
>utilize welfare for all the illegals, Deadweight loss causing even more loss of US market value on the back of the productive races.

Latin american women are crazier, and most are certainly not pic you posted faggot. Metizo, or whiter looking ones are rare. Most look like some weird amalgamation of an aboriginal troll.

South south america is super nice and comfy. We have no desire to emigrate to Burgerland. You can keep your negroes, mexicans, burritos, shitty cars, lack of culture, degeneracy, political intolerance, fat women, etc. Thank you. We might still go to Miami to buy U$2 dollar shirts and shit.

Reminder brown mastrer race.

unlike white "ppl" we can openly support trump and talk shit about muslims. Also TFW in downtown going to work, roll down window near ppl and say. IT WAS A EXPLOSION OF PEACE 200 deaths is te way to peace!

also tfw we create hot women, whites create whores who they cant even hit cause they are cucks.

Anyone else notice meds and greeks, could sell their cheating wives to be fucked by animals in public as a mockery, or kill them.

Meanwhile as soon as whhite "ppl" take the stage, all that stopsa, and they promote race mixing cuckolding faggot shit.

Central Americans are the worst.

>brown mastrer race

your the kind of guy who walks all day listening to his music and iphone, because you cant speak your mind out loud cause your ass would get kicked.

Meanwhile i am not a cuck walking around with music and i can openly say whatever the fuck i want.

Fuck you OP

And you're the kind of guy that bitches and begs every time we shoot your negro kind (BLM n the likes).

Because that's all your race is capable of doing: begging for the white man's help. That's why you migrate to the white man's countries rather than live in your "culturally diverse" homes.

Beg more.


“I hate brown people because of third world gibs voting, except for these brown people because qts” bad argument faggot.

>you're the type of person I'm going to say you are because you're white and I'm a nigger or a spic so that makes me better
Not how it works, but funny none the less.

Most of these hot girls people are 2nd/3rd generation American and have minimal relation to the natives or illegals

Something tells me you’re not a Mexican

the more Catholics ( the one true faith ) that emigrate the better we will be in the long run

This is what appeals to the white man. Meanwhile...

Universal fact: Colombian women are hot.

or attractive*

>They're all legal except for a really few amount of visa over extenders

They're all illegal except for a really few amount of visa

Caribbean >= south american > central america >mex

But user, we took this land from the Mexicans and Indians so now we need to pay taxes for a indefinite amount of time to make reparations for this. Also for enslaving blacks. How can you be so insensitive to other races despite knowing the atrocities of your fore fathers?

I actually dont feel this way but thats how niggers/spics/ and immigrants would respond.
What say you pol?

She can stay.


>not letting in only the hot immigrants to make a truly superior mixed race
The goyim would be so much more cooperative if Jews did this.

Sudacas are worse than Mexishits.

Repating the word "BASED" will not make you any less of a Mulatto Mutant Mutt

There's more Spanish admixture in her than anything native to south america.

Reminder that South American "migrants" = the Moroccan "migrants" of Europe, and the Mexican "migrants" = the Syrian "migrants" of Europe.


>pick me white man! muh sharia
spics are worse than niggers worse than muslims worse than chinks

Oh look, its another shitskin lover. Are you a kike or why do you want to see the white race die off?

It's probably la criatura. They keep sneaking in over our southern border and causing all kinds of damage...I thought they were just a legend...

they are still shit people, but it is true most are better than Mexicans.

When you meet a decent Mexican they tend to turn out to be some other South of the Border.

Mexicans and Cubans have the worst accent, Colombians have nice accent.

Mexican "music" is crap, South American music is legit. Chinese can't make music, but Hindus can.

But don't be fooled, South Americans have that same psycho murder streak and have no place in USA or any other civilized nation.

Only intrepid jungle explorers should be exposed to anything South of the Border.