Poland passed a bill that bans the phrase 'polish death camps'

>Poland passed a bill that bans the phrase 'polish death camps'
>Jews go apeshit and even Izraels prime minister orders us to cancel that bill

What the actual fuck Sup Forums?
What is wrong with these Jews? They will lose money on attacking Poland in western media or something?

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Sup Forums doesn't care?
This place is fucking dead...

If it's upsetting the Jews, it must be good.

Sup Forums ignores this shitshow because they don't want to get banned.
Thos is the state of Sup Forums.

It was in Swedish news as well. I smiled when I saw it!

How can you ban a phrase? They are about to see the Streisand effect in a big way.

The jews are really triggered. Don't steal their victim card it's all they have :(

Yair Lapid didn’t even pass his high school matriculation examination.


Yeah, no.
This madness must stop.

But seriously, Jews living in Poland should condamn both USA bill 447 and this fake outrage. It's like everyone wants poles to turn on polish Jews for some reason. Why the fuck are we still talking about giving money to anyone so long after the war? If anyone should pay, it's Germany. Why aren't western media attacking Germany?

I agree.

Israel received 3.5bn Mark after war and still receives several million each year.
Just recently we gave Israel 500million €, since it's our duty to fund Israeli u-boats, I guess

How much have you given to Poland? Zero? Tell your media to stop with this polish camps meme.

You know why they are targeting you. It's because you show signs of resistance. Stay strong Polakbro.

I just don't get it.

How is it Poland's fault Germany invaded them and the Nazis built concentration camps there?

What's with Jews wanting to pin this on Poles?

"Material recompensation incurred by Germany has been estimated as approximately €525 billion or $640 billion in 2004 exchange values."
Plus you got to kill ~1 - 1.5 million civilians during the expulsions of Germans Prussia and you got some free clay

Our press is too busy lying to us about the situation here, sorry

poland is like the biggest WW2 victim, maybe they're worried it would have balanced out.

it'd be funny if they targeted the nips next.

Jews have campaigned against their host country and its majority demographics for most of history. History is going to repeat again and again and again until the nukes or biological/chemical weapons kill us all.

Well \pol\ always says the Holocaust isn't real because there are laws against denying it, by that logic there really are polish death camps, since it's illegal to say it

Poland's being targeted for not accepting rapefugees

Go back

Israel hate the rapefugees more than poland. its just Polish jews and ashkenazi jews in general, hate poland.

>says the Holocaust isn't real because there are laws against denying it

There's honestly 2 reasons to be against this:

1. Banning speech is basically never good

2. Auschwitz, possibly the most notorious camp in WW2, was in Poland. Germany annexed Poland, things done by the Nazis in the Poland border where still in Poland. That doesn't mean that some people in Poland didn't like concentration camps... some people in Germany didn't. But unless Poland had a real uprising that took back their country it's hard to say they wern't at least complacent with concentration camps on their soil.

If you fellas want to be able to have your own historical narrative without having guilt forced down your throats by (((5th columnist revisionists))) you'd better start building some Polish death camps.

>poles are goyim hence did the holocaust of the germans nazi invader because collaborates
>(((soviet union))) was the russkies!

The Holocaust is a lie, ask me anything.

>Polish jews hate Poland
They live here. Are asking for it? This doesn't maje any sense. We are cool with them living their lives and not stirring the pot.

Where do you live?

Well there are some dumb debunked fake news infographics that go with it, but it is a widespread holocaust denial talking point in here

They are jews, genetic wired to destroy their host nation.

To be honest anyone living here hates Poland. Even Poles.


United States

I disagree with how our government handles the money, as afaik, most of it is used by the government itself. But many holocaust survivors are still alive and in need of psychological and medical support.

>poland is like the biggest WW2 victim
Poland was the iniitator of WWII

Illegal citizens of America will not be getting medical and psychological support for being deported and neither will Jews after the Holocaust is debunked by law.

what's that line about calling a jew a jew?

How about the 10 million NON JEWS that were murdered in ww2 by the allied forces because a bunch of faggot jews didnt want to leave germany? They had no buisiness going there in the first place

There has already been threads on this Indobro

People have no responsibility to die for the lives of others.

The most retarded thing I read all day.

They hate you despite the fact that countless Poles gave their lives trying to protect them.
They think they're God's chosen people, they don't give a shit about you or your country, the only thing they want is your money.

Poles shill for the holohoax all the time on Sup Forums. You get what you pay for.

the holocaust was what, sixty plus years ago? how many of the supposed victims are even still alive? enough to warrant shoveling tax dollars at them regardless of their country of residence? couldn't this shit be handled with a charity?

What is this all about? Do the kikes think Poland is rich enough now that they can start extracting reparations from the government or something? It has to be about money somewhere.

Ban Israelis from entering Poland.

That's such retarded logic, though. Might as well say Jews were complicit because they didn't revolt and allowed the Germans to lead them to the camps like lambs to the slaughter.

The Holocaust was just Jews being deported to Palestine and you know that.

>How about the 10 million NON JEWS that were murdered in ww2 by the allied forces because a bunch of faggot jews didnt want to leave germany? They had no buisiness going there in the first place
>American education

>didn’t want to leave
No one accepted them. And even those who left to nearby country, those countries were invaded by the Nazis. I’m not even talking about how absurd it is to demand legal citizens to just leave all their belongings and leave their homeland.
If you think the US entered the war just because of the Jews, why did they join in 1944?

if they really piss us off, then we will demand reparations from communism as bolshewiks = jews^2


Does germany pay Israel for what happened in ww2?

yes, because israel was invaded in 1939
meanwhile Poland gets 0 reparations because jews

Fucking jews man, this is why they get kicked out of every country

Why not just play along with the dumb slav's game, give them the reparations they think they deserve, and then re-annex prussia. You'll basically get that money back within 25 years tops, slavs are all fucking retarded and will definitely take the deal.

Fuck off, it has been over 70 years, why should Germany be forced to give money to the victims and their families? Most of the survivors were younger than 3 during ww2.

>Izraels prime minister orders us to cancel that bill

Orders huh. Some nerve.

Poland deserves money from germany, lots of polish helped the allies.

Not a fan of crippling rights to speak, but on the other hand I agree with the Polish lads - the concentration camps weren't Polish so much as they were German, set up in Poland

why should saying anything be punishable by prison, ever?

this is not about what we deserve, it is about what we can take

Kikes think they are in charge of everything
Well most of the German taxpayer money will go to shitskins and to the pro shitskin government, might as well give the money to actual white places.

Demand that germany fund your space program.

Germans shouldn't even exist after world war 2 considering how they always try to ruin Europe.


What a cunt, he's just straight up lying at this point. Why the fuck did we ever helped them.

fuck (((free))) speech
there is coordinated jewish media attack in Poland against any and all patriotic organisation, they even false flagged some polish nazi larpers they paid beforehand

can someone redpill me on polish collaborators in the concentration camp system?

I refuse to believe 0 Poles participated in this.

those were jews

Didn't Poland was like one the few nations that helped and saved a lot of jews in WW2... Interestingly, many Ukrainians participated in Holocaust and yet the jews very rarely even mention this.
Way to go, kikes.

for fucks sake ukraine stop being jewish central, stop with khazarian traditions, stop with banderites and maybe just stop at all

So can we now push the meme of Vietnamese rape cities? I mean, yeah, our soldiers did the raping, but it WAS in THEIR country.

They are - Europe has one space program - ESA - and Germany is a main funder

WTF does this mean?
> the restitution of heirless property to assist needy Holocaust survivors
Do they mean give property from random US people who have died to holocaust victims?

You know they'll just tell you to fuck off

Again, just because you didn't receive actual money doesn't mean you received nothing. But you guys are white Christians, you can't guilt trip the Left into giving you money. The Left hates you for not taking in "refugees"

Yeah, we'll just fake a Polish attack on Germany as a justification for the invasion.

There were collaborators, but they did nothing wrong

Thats the one phrase you need to knowto detect larpers. You fell for the meme like the miserable redditor you are. Lurk moar and come back when you arent a a newfag anymore.

>Interestingly, many Ukrainians participated in Holocaust and yet the jews very rarely even mention this
Wait till Ukraine gets back on it's feet and has enough money to pay them. They will immidately find some 150 years old Holocaust survivor who coincidentally owned a lot of property in Kiev before the war.

>You know they'll just tell you to fuck off
and so will we, fuck jews and fuck everybody who is against Poland

Poland, under communist rule, gave up on the ability to demand reparations from Germany. And after the fall of the iron curtain, Poland did receive reparations from Germany, not a lot though.
But wether you can demand reparations depends on how valid/legal was the declaration you made back under communist rule.

>Poland, under communist rule, gave up on the ability to demand reparations from Germany.
sorry kike, your pals in Berlin will have to pay

>leave their homeland
Europe is not a home for jews.

It’s not forced to. And again, some holocaust survivors are still alive. Not for much longer though.

They know times running out. Nobody even cares they if they got gassed anymore. They didn't btw all the so called Death camps were on the Soviets side. Good job Poland they must really fear you.

This must be a huge red pill for Poles. Historically, you helped and sided with jews. You welcomed them in Commonwealth when every other European country expelled them, you gave them religious freedom, you saved many of them in WW2.
But time and time again they threw your country under the bus. This is how they thank you.
With jews, you lose.

I’m not saying that you’re in the wrong or that you shouldn’t receive reparations.

This makes me really fucking angry at the Israelis. More Pilpul bullshit, as if the Poles were the ones who set out to massacre the Jews.

literally had 3 or 4 threads on this already

Right, but think about it this way, it would be like calling The Rape Of Nanking "The Chinese Rape Festival", i.e. puts blame and a bad spin on it just from the language...
I see this not as poles denying the camps, but would probably much rather have them referred to as "Nazi camps in Poland" rather than "Polish Camps"

How is this news? Of course the Jews would be mad. Stop wasting my time, you little bitch.

I am angry at your politicians and by extension at you
either go pull up some protests out of your ass or we will respond in a tone by publishing data about jewish collaborators of nazi crimes

>the restitution of heirless property to assist needy Holocaust survivors
Apparently the US feels it needs to give them money. I never bought into the jew crap here but this pisses me off and actually makes me hate jews as they are behind this. We owe shit to them.

do you think jews look up polish tenement houses on the internet and masturbate to them?

>poles not liking arbeit

Newsflash. All jews living in their respectful countries hate them. No matter how they are treated.

they also cry when they see Polish flags, churches, and white+white couples

>What is wrong with these Jews?

Imagine how used these fucking soulless flesh golems are to having complete power over anything and everyone. How outraged they act at the mere hint of someone not submitting to them fully.