What is Sup Forums's official ethnostate sport?

And why is it Tennis?

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Badminton and croquet are even whiter :^)

Swimming, keeps all the nigs away

HEMA obviously. its like tennis but less gay.

Table tennis, so you dont even have to leave the house.


The ref need a longer bigger stick

Yeah? How about surfing? Can do that on the internet

Redpilled sports: handball, tennis, fishing, hunting, surfing (internet included), rock climbing, hiking, animal petting, and fencing (building them to keep mexicans out and i guess that gay sword shit too)

I like the way you think. You can also go for a walk on your balcony or a porch.
[spoiler]I I swear god last 20 you's I got was all from Sweden. What would that mean..[/spoiler]

Water polo

Ice hockey. Fuck all your pussy sports.


It has to be any winter sport.

It's rowing. I've never seen a black guy in a boat.

Are you kidding? Badminton is full of fucking chinks



Baseball and hockey

all sports are allowed to be played but 0 professional sports, no sports on TV, no sports taught in schools.
professional sports are cancer to society

Not this faggot shit.
Slightly less gay but still very gay.

The only answer is serious martial arts but none of that aikido shit.


Uh.. I have...

>The only answer is serious martial arts but none of that aikido shit.
A revival of pankration would be nice


I live in sedona. Also tennis is the sport of the gays

mma,boxing,sumo, 100 sprint, and esports heh

ice hockey is the white man's sport.


It's Biathlon, niggers.

Tennis for the women and HEMA for the males.

However two handers are allowed two wives.

I have a red rock from there sitting on my desk. Parents used to live there.


the end


>all these spic and nigger infected sports

kayaking/canoeing is the master race Sup Forums get over it

Boxing or MMA


this. knock each other about for a bit and shake hands

Ice hockey

>not hunting and lynching the remaining inferior's

what are you doing?

Synchronized Lynching

finally a true sportsman!

only for doctors' kids
the common man's sport




Boats were very popular with African blacks in the 19th century.

pretty sure that it's cheaper to play tennis than football

Pickle ball is white sportkino

Test Cricket.

Nigger hunting. Travel to exotic lands to hunt down tyrones

If you want to go STEM larpy than the Math Olympiad is much more beneficial.

badminton is infested by chinks

Sounds reasonable to me.


aristocracy tier: tennis, fencing, golf
pleb tier: ice hockey, rugby


Golf, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Tennis

3 gun

MMA, faggot.

I change my answer to this

I thought faggots would be banished from the ethnostate?!

UFC. Two men beating each other to death for the entertainment of white men is one of the oldest sports in recorded history.


its hockey you stupid cunt


Any and all competition involving firearms. Especially High Power Rifle.

Any winter olympic sport, or swimming.

Get on my level pleb


>Implying it's not team mma