GATE thread, shills are asleep edition

tl;dr: Gifted and Talented education in America in the '90s and early '00s was run by the CIA. many anons were in GATE programs as kids, and experienced similar weird events there.

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GATE = Gifted and Talented Education, it's a part of the American system. Basically kids are put through a screening test around grade 3-4 and some are selected by the results of the test to go into separate classes, sometimes separate schools for a day or so each week. Here they are given the most advanced memes the state has in order to ensure they follow the rest of the cattle, or better yet, become the left wing memes and get handed the keys to the gate.

A few similarities about us became apparent as the threads naturally evolved;
- Blue eyes (hazel seems equally common)
- Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the back of skull = Neanderthal trait)
- Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)
- Near Death Experiences (particularly drowning)
- lack of memory of GATE - (we all did many many hours there, and it's very vague)
- windows were covered in GATE classrooms
- tendency to being followed (abductions and general tracking too)
- Law enforcement being extremely lenient and easy during chance encounters
- IQ’s are often as high as 130; 100 is the average. Many have IQ’s in the genius range of 160
Other similarities, less common but still a few exGATErs agree on these too;
- Interest in /x/ phenomena
- Heavy early twenties drug experimentation period
- Forehead scars
- Early speech therapy
- First born sons
- Migraines
- Israeli art student girlfriends (not even joking)
- Meme Magic
- Premonitions/prophetic dreams
- Above average intuition

Many ended up here. Post your story.


To clarify, the CIA was indirectly linked via the Tavistock Institute. It's not that the CIA actually ran the program; more that the Tavistock Institute designed much of the curriculum that is now Common Core, and also helped design brainwashing techniques now used by the CIA. And, due to lack of electronic records, it's difficult to find out much more.

Huh, like 75% of those fit me. I wasn't in GATE, though, instead my brother and I were in GATSEP. I know we went there for at least 4+ hours every week, but neither of us can recall anything about it, except that we got on a bus with tinted windows, got out somewhere and went to a classroom with windows up high, completely covered by thick coloured paper.

Only thing that differs from the core similarities is I'm not followed and I have green eyes, though my brother has blue.

you guys just have autism

State run G&T? My school was just like "you're too smart so you get to skip a class a day and fuck off with the other lazy cunts in G&T".

I was in GATE but it was called TaG and then later GT (Talented and gifted, Gifted and Talented) my brother was 3 years older than me and he was also in GT. I remember him telling me that it was because he was smarter than me, which is why he went to those classes, when I was old enough, I also went, I remember feeling like I made the 'cut' I always wanted to be better or beat my brother, so this is how I saw it.

Durring the actual classes I remember very little (this isn't unusual, there isn't much of that elementary school I remember. However the memories I do have seem strange.
I remember we had a garden, where we were growing eggplants. I remember we would sit in a circle and talk, discussion style about things ( don't remember what, I just remember that it was more open forum than any of my other classes) I remember we had to walk in line to class and all of the other kids who weren't in GT felt like we were 'weird' The teachers didn't do shit to explain to them what we were doing. I remember being taken out of class to go to GT, so the whole class would watch me and maybe one other kid get our shit and leave. I remember we eventually cooked and ate the eggplants. That's about it, that's all I remember.

I was in GATE and it was fucking nothing.

yes, state run.

I remember they would dim the lights for some GATE special class exercises. One in particular I remember was a group discussion about choosing people to send to Mars after a disaster on Earth. i.e. there are 10 seats in the space capsule, who gets to go? I wanted to send a priest (was evangelical then) and the other 5 kids in my group said no, send one more engineer. the exercise was cut short and we didn't come back to it another day.

Like, this dumb theory is more likely:

That's because we put weird kids who don't have any identity into the program thinking that maybe if they believe they're smart they'll interact with others and learn to fucking human. I'm talking like well over half of the kids we put into the program are autists. Sometimes it actually works.

who's "we", larper?

That kind of makes sense, desu. But HFAs and Spergs tend to be genuinely smart in the first place. Do they have trouble self-recognizing it?

>It's not that the CIA actually ran the program; more that the Tavistock Institute designed much of the curriculum that is now Common Core

Umm links pls. I was in GATE and later was a student of a guy who became a major national Common Core shill just before it was implimented federally ~2014. I honestly feel like there was sketchy shit going on around me in K-12.

Did they also molest you there?

This thread is kinda weirding me out.
I apparently tested and was selected.
I was put into a program starting in the 4th grade.
Once a week a few of us were led to another isolated 'classroom'.
We were asked strange questions and told strange stories, read strange books, asked our opinions over and over, took 'talking naps'. I was given a book about world leaders, then asked about it over and over, what I thought, they would ask us about other books we liked, but really intense one-on-one sessions about the subject matter. We would sometimes skip first recess if the sessions lasted, rejoining the class just before lunch.
We were given a card "Whiz Kids - This child is recognized as mentally gifted and is to be attended to by select staff, all reports must be given only to select staff."
The lady in charge of us wasn't regular school staff. She'd show up for this, leave after.
I really don't remember much more. I went on to be double STEM (Med School/Mathematics-programming), gov't. work., now no longer. Still have the cards.

I'm going to start looking into this.

post the cards

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some user was in one of the last gate threads recently and said he had some books related to it but never posted them. if your lurking user post em

>Gifted and Talented education in America in the '90s and early '00s
I was in GATE in the 80s. SF Bay.

hey fuck you, man. i'm not a bot. i'm a humble burger awake at 3:40am here in 35% White land.

would a bot post pic related? I think not!

Yeah, my brother was in it too. We were both pulled selected in the 4th grade.
my story:
My brother remembers very little as well.
The 'classroom' had no windows.
One of my only sole memories was looking at a picture of a world leader and this lady repeatedly asking what i thought about him.

>Occipital Bun
>Birth Complications (was jaundiced when born)
>Don't remember much about GATE (called GT)
>Windows were covered
>Law enforcement has always been lenient on me which is odd, considering I'm not from a rich family
>I did have an interest in /x/ phenomena as a kit. Even started a "club" called the Science Solvers with some friends to read about Loch Ness monster, bigfoot, etc.
>Have forehead scar
>Drug experimentation until 23 (now 32)
>First born son
>Premonitions/prophetic dreams
>I suppose above average intuition

I have all those qualities above. I don't remember much about GT. My best friend (still friends to this day) and I used to use an old Tandy 10 and learned to program BASIC on our own in free time during the class. I can't remember shit about what we were taught in the class. I think I remember being asked about our opinion of things. We were definitely told we were being sent there because we were smarter than the other kids. I was in advanced placement in classes but I always felt a little behind in math. Later in life, math became a huge part of my life and I ended up excelling to the point where I've been able to make a lot of money with it. What is supposed to have gone on in the program?

Also, just got my first captcha of the day posting in this thread.

I have them way in my stuff, they were light peach, grey thin writing. I'd have to dig them up.

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Gate threads are pretty popular for the reason that children have shit memories, but the age you go to GATE is the perfect age to have vague false memories, makes it seem spooky and distorted. When you add the fact that people want to think that they are special, or some how different, these threads make sense.

Sure but those who remeber being taken alone to a room with zero windows remember that part and that alone is suspect.

I was kept in a trailer behind the school. Sometimes the teacher would leave me alone. I think maybe I was being observed. I remember being overly excited in the middle of first grade when I was told two other kids were going to join us.

Exactly me too.
I was extremely lazy with math.
I'd just never do any of the class work, none. I'd use the time to daydream, but would do it correctly up on the board when asked, do good on all the test. Then I got put in the program.

I don't deny there's a lot of strange shit that happened in GATE.

I hate niggers so much.

We were taken to a small windowless room in the library. I don't remember much from those classes, I remember reading higher level books and discussing the stock market and other "adult" things. I don't remember much of it though, one thing sticks out, the room we were in had very low lighting and was very quiet. I fit about 75% of the listed qualities.

Let's talk about the Tavistock Institute.
> The Tavistock Institute...taking control of education in America with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it.'" By "'means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit'. The Tavistock Institute is a publicly known British charity founded in 1947, but conspiracy theorists believe the Institute's real purpose is to similarly engineer the world's culture.

This was me, I wasn't engaged with the curriculum, but was clearly more intelligent than the other children. I didn't give a fuck about school but the grades came so easily. A very similar thing happened to me in HS ( I forget what it was called, but a college prep course)

Yeah, actually, that's weird how you say that. We had a standalone classroom that was rumored to be the place they took us. It was creepy.
But they then started taking us to a friendlier place. Like I say, this thread is weirding me out. I really have never thought much of it till now.

yeah, well, only problem with your theory is that I have all these cards identifying me, IQ tests, permission slips my Mom had to sign, and siblings that confirm that I did it. Of course my brother's account as well, who went through all this as well.

It took Sup Forums to remind me of my GATE days as well.

I never said that you didn't do it, I'm just explaining why the threads are popular, GATE was real and I went.

I felt the same too user. Even a lot of the kids that got 4.0's and so forth only ended up working for other people. I started my own business at 24 and then left that one and started one without partners which is still open now. When I was 12, I started working with my dad on the weekends to get money for paintball. Every worker at the place was Spanish speaking and I became fluent without taking one single Spanish class. I'm going to call my best friend in Memphis to see if he remembers any more about GT. He's highly intelligent too. He does graphic design and coding for websites.

I was in gate but not really playing along into confirmation bias but holy fuck that changed when I read the Israeli art student gf shit. that was way too specific and memorable for me and now I'm spooked

Someday I’m going to write a guide about how to properly LARP on Sup Forums because this shit is fucking embarrassing.

Now that you mention it, I did have an encounter with a really artistic Israeli chick when I was about 20. We only hung out a few times and ended up fucking but there was that.

(off by seven)

Anybody else do weird exercises like Lolly and Varnak?

Based purely on the descriptors I was in GATE, sadly we moved around a lot so in reality I wasn't. sounds cool though, would like to hear some stories

when I was in my 20's, some Isreali Art Students kept visiting my door (San Diego).
I remeber reading an article that some of these people were like entry level intelligence for Israel, that they tried to seek out Scientific/STEM types for friendships, no shit.

I remember they came to the door selling these laser etched pictures, all kinds of pictures. They'd flip through them with you conversing, getting tendrils into our life to talk more, open up more. I was a research scientist at the time at UCSD. No kidding. They came to my door three times, and no one else's around me.


bare with me
but this article is freaking me out a bit.

>- Blue eyes (hazel seems equally common)
>- Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)
>- Near Death Experiences (particularly drowning)
>- Law enforcement being extremely lenient and easy during chance encounter.
>- Interest in /x/ phenomena
>- Early speech therapy
>- First born sons
>- Migraines
>- Meme Magic
>- Premonitions/prophetic dreams
>- Above average intuition

Had all of these growing up and teachers would call on me last because I always knew the answer, and always scored well on test and I was never accepted into GATE.

But my ADD spaz friend got accepted into it and did it off and on for two years. But then again I came from a low income background so I was probably written off.

I am a blue eyed first born son that was in gate, last iq test I took was an unofficial one when I was 16, scored 136. Police have literally raided my home and found marijuana plants, gave me a warning. Brother was also in gate, blue eyes, went to speech therapy etc. Just got 2 duis after running from the police and pulling a gun on himself in front of a cop, just paid off his probation not in trouble anymore.

My sister has hazel eyes and was in gate, she is now an icu nurse with a degree from a private school. All 3 of us never finished high school. The only very distinct memory I have about anything gate related is the first test I took. My mom took me into a lab/classroom type place, there was one other kid there, male with glasses. A female in a lab coat gave us both a very weird test. I remember the questions being very strange as in there wasn't necessarily a correct answer. And I remember a lot of shapes. After I took this test, I asked the lady when I would get my results. She said something along the lines of "never, it goes in your private file".

I also have the occipital bun, met the love of my life in the 9th grade before losing her forever, and I am officially diagnosed bipolar type 1, ocd and anti authoritarian disorder but I wouldn't be surprised if I was schizophrenic. I have also ODd multiple times/been in ridiculously dangerous situations that I shouldn't have survived. AMA

I was in gate, from 92-96. Ours replaced English class. I dropped it and went back to regular English in 10th grade because I didn't want tp be thought pf as a nerd lol. We had some weird teachers for sure...I have blonde hair/blue eyes...premonitions, etc...a lot of that green text rings true, but honestly my best memory of Gate was reading Harrison Bergeron in 7th grade; I remember thinking that this was waaaayyy too anti-authoritarian to be in a schoolbook lol.

>- Blue eyes (hazel seems equally common)
>- Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the back of skull = Neanderthal trait)
Only one in the family to have one.
>- Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)
Defect affecting half my body (commonly on the right, mines on the left)
>- Near Death Experiences (particularly drowning)
One day away from appendicitis killing me
>- lack of memory of GATE - (we all did many many hours there, and it's very vague)
2nd grade. I purposefully failed the first test but remember going to different rooms for tests
>- windows were covered in GATE classrooms
>- tendency to being followed (abductions and general tracking too)
Never noticed, get weird looks alot.
>- Law enforcement being extremely lenient and easy during chance encounters
Once but was in uniform so he let me off easy
>- IQ’s are often as high as 130; 100 is the average. Many have IQ’s in the genius range of 160
>Other similarities, less common but still a few exGATErs agree on these too;
>- Interest in /x/ phenomena
>- Heavy early twenties drug experimentation period
>- Forehead scars
Smashed my head in at a burrito restaurant at age 4, have a nice scar
>- Early speech therapy
Was told speech therapy wouldn't fix it
>- First born sons
>- Migraines
Stopped after 9th grade.
>- Premonitions/prophetic dreams
>- Above average intuition.
Goes with IQ

Did you stop doing drugs user

want to greentext any of those dangerous situations, user?
also what is "anti authoritarian disorder"?

I actually just quit drinking, i dont take prescription pills since they give me night terrors/almost killed my mom, worst thing i do is smoke with my professor neighbor once in awhile and cigarettes. Which doesn't bother me too bad since nicotine raises testosterone levels.

My encounter with this chick was sort of strange. I remember her saying her brother had been in IDF. She was actually in Job Corps with a bunch of degenerate shits I was friends with back then. She came to my apartment, we fucked once, and then she had me drop her off and insisted that we should never fuck again. I'd pretty much forgotten all about that.

I have OD'd on Ambien and alcohol, then jumped out a 2nd story window, only to be found the next day by my parents unharmed. I actually developed a blind spot in my eye, went to ER and they told me I had 20/20 vision. Sure enough it went away.

I don't like thinking thoughts that I'm special or untouchable due to obvious correlations to grandeur and then schizophrenia, but even my brother has noticed our family, especially us 3 kids, seem to get special treatment

This is what I was recalling here:
But it was happening in the 1990's as well. There are other , earlier articles on it.
They kept coming to my door, just *my* door. They were pretty forceful. On the third visit I had to really get upfront with them (two of them), a third one waited a distance away.
It was creepy.

That's really fucking weird since I actually got diagnosed with anti authoritarian disorder. I was also basically forced by the state to take medicine, mostly mood stabilizers. Was even court ordered into mental institutions etc

>strokes scrotum
This makes me feel special

Your beliefs attract your experiences user. If you believe you're special, you are.

>caveman skull growth
>no birth complications but my mother was diagnosed as infertile so...
>almost drowned, saved by my dad
>dad mysteriously dies in house fire the day after Christmas, I was the only other person present
>some kid Tyler and I are both qualified for the program
>I wrote this amazing alternate ending to Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes that earned me the spot
>I don't remember much other than I really enjoyed the math portions
>arrested many times but no punishment
>first born
>Asian girlfriend
>I once had this series of vivid dreams
>being captured and sacrificed to the volcano god (wut?)
>arrived in heaven and was greeted by Jesus sitting next to a lion
>many dreams I have are in series, with long periods of wakefulness between them but the dream maintains continuity
>many other spiritual/intuitive experiences, usually after prolonged sleeplessness
>11/19 of the listed commonalities

Well I came from a really, really chaotic background: schizo, druggie father, ultra Catholic mother. My mom married my dad solely to have kids with a high IQ. He comes from a family with four mathematicians (two in intelligence gov't. work). My grandmother once privately told me my mom wanted to personally, on her own, re-establish The Master Race. My whole life was being given astronomy books, model rockets,problem solving books, and hearing storied of scientists and inventors. I'm sure that when I brought home the permission slip to be part of the GATE program she had non-stop orgasms when signing the paper.

I think being some sort of weird, high-risk, edge-kid had something to do with it. I was never into drugs, but was a pretty strange kid.

Any GATE femanons around? I'm interested to know if the female experience was any different than the males.

>Femanon. Meet most of the criteria above. Targeted very early for test. Go into program in Kindergarten all alone. Mom told to put me in a special school and she refuses. Wants me to have a sense of normalcy. They put me in a trailer all alone.
>FF to college. Was strangely contacted by a company we all know too well to intern with them Jr year of college even though I never reached out. Lots of strange stuff happening to me after that summer. Spiral out of control senior year and they hire me back anyway before I graduate. Woman who I worked for last summer dies tragically. Why? She knew A LOT. Hmmmm??? Keep working. Have opportunities to climb and climb but turn down promos because of bad feeling. Get out of company 10+ years later and life still strange but less dark feeling. WTF, who was I really working for? Eat all the red pills and realize I was working for (((them))). Were they keeping tabs on me? WTF?????

Fake News. Don't I wish it were true?

We just went to a classroom for a good portion of the day for one day out of the week. We were with GT kids from a nearby elementary school. I don't remember anything out of the ordinary happening.

Not female, but a girl I was in gate with reconnected with me recently. If you've been in gate then you know you stay with the same group of people for years. Attractive blonde haired blue eyed athletic white girl. Now she is overweight, covered in tattoos and a nymphomaniac. Turns out her stepdad was raping her all through school and that's why she was so withdrawn/mean.

>Meet good friend in intern program. Both end up back at company together. Get married. Tell husband about my memories after being triggered one day. He tells me he had a similar experience in elementary school except he's 8 years older and grew up across the country. He was also strangely 'pulled' into working for this company. Seriously WHAT IS HAPPENING???

They have been looking for the prophetic child for a long time. rh- blood, green/blue eyes,etc. The child can't be killed so... Easiest way to find them is to kill millions of kids. If they try to stab this kid in the heart during a ritual sacrifice, something will prevent it.

Ok. I don't know what you are referencing.

Not referencing anything.

I hate this thread because it's so creepy. I met another one AFK before I started seeing it and I didn't like the experience one bit: It's like he was me, I changed myself pretty radically to avoid the feeling, but I can't change my past. I really hope it's just confirmation bias, where my brain discounts the stuff that doesn't fit and exaggerates the stuff that does.

I remember I was singled out for IQ testing at an early age. The results that came back were fucking retarded because apparently I was as smart as a university student in primary school. I remember pretending to be sick so I could watch the education resource TV australia had in the 90's, my favourite days were physics, chem, and cosmology/astronomy. I know I didn't really understand any of it.

I remember being taken to a place in the city for testing, (way after the IQ testing, that happened in a meeting room next to the office at school) I think towards the end of primary school, I remember wood benches, red stools, lots of primary colours, a big window made up of abstract shapes and french curves, and a long weird test where there were no true answers and I could put down anything I wanted. Mid way through I was taken somewhere else for an interview with a lady. I don't recall what about. I wasn't what they were looking for.

I don't know where all this shit fits in with Gifted and Talented education, but I remember those classes relatively clearly, and it was mostly just free form classes on music and arts, that related these subjects with the underlying science and math: color theory, wavelengths, perspective, geometry, etc.

I think most of the theories I've read are crackpot bullshit. "Gifted and Talented" is probably what they tell parents when they want to do stealth mental health and child abuse observations.

I was in a gifted and talented program in 4th and 5th grade. Most of those traits don't apply to me.

You guys remember doing a lot of work with Venn Diagrams in these classes? I do.

>The vesica piscis has been used as a symbol within Freemasonry, most notably in the shapes of the collars worn by officiants of the Masonic rituals. It was also considered the proper shape for the enclosure of the seals of Masonic lodges.

Yeah, I also remember doing weird shit like the "polar bear club". Dice are thrown on a table, then the kids in the know cite how many polar bears and ice holes there are. Teacher makes it against the rules to hint at what the trick is. Even as a kid that shit seemed weird to me.

>- Blue eyes (hazel seems equally common)

Born with blue eyes blonde hair, later turned to green eyes brown hair.

>- Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the back of skull = Neanderthal trait)


>- Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)


>- Near Death Experiences (particularly drowning)

Wrecked my bike going down a steep hill, broke my arm in three places and gave me water on the knee (had to walk with a "Cast" thingie for a few months)

>- lack of memory of GATE - (we all did many many hours there, and it's very vague)

I remember my GATE experiance, however when I was 6, my parents took me to a softball game (dad was on the team as a hobby) and after the game we were all standing near home plate, I saw a glowing butterfly at third base and I took off running to check it out/catch it, I tripped halfway there, and before I could even get up everyone was surrounding me, there was an ambulance there about 30 seconds later that took me to a hospital, all I remember was being put in the hospital, and then later I was on a gurney being pushed down a hallway with fluorescent lights above me, then it was a few days later and I had a mercury amalgam filling in one of my teeth. Pretty much total memory blackout of the event.

>- windows were covered in GATE classrooms




>- tendency to being followed (abductions and general tracking too)

I get followed by crisis actors who get jobs everywhere I work, they try to classically condition me/fuck with me/get me fired.

>- Law enforcement being extremely lenient and easy during chance encounters

Meh... so so for me.

>- IQ’s are often as high as 130; 100 is the average. Many have IQ’s in the genius range of 160


>- Interest in /x/ phenomena


>- Heavy early twenties drug experimentation period

Hehehe... sort of.

>- Forehead scars


>- Early speech therapy

Not that I recall, but my handwriting is still atrocious, and I have trouble socializing with most people.

>- First born sons


>- Migraines

I get headaches sometimes, but they aren't migranes.

>- Israeli art student girlfriends (not even joking)

Almost happend to me when I was working at shoneys, didn't materialize, I think it was interfered with by anouther crisis actor crew.

>- Meme Magic

I'm an ARCH-Mage of meme magic.

>- Premonitions/prophetic dreams

Very Yes.

>- Above average intuition

Very, VERY, yes.

I remember something similar except it was a nuclear attack and it was 7 people in a bomb shelter but the shelter could only support 5 and you had to pick which people you casted out. The exercise actually got shut down due my bullshit trolling responses. I still think about that exercise more often than I should.

i like how your memory of it ends after being put in a trailer alone with a career child-rapist

>all I remember was being put in the hospital*


>>- Israeli art student girlfriends (not even joking)
>Almost happend to me when I was working at shoneys, didn't materialize, I think it was interfered with by anouther crisis actor crew.

To add as an interesting point of fact, I have never actually been in a relationship, something always goes coincidentally wrong when I try.

you think they were trying to find the psychopaths?

Reading GATE threads freak me out because I would have been in GATE if my parents sent me to public school. Instead I went to a small Catholic school where there was no extra programs like that. When we did our yearly standardized test I'd score within the top 95th-99th percentile. In contrast to what a lot of GATE kids say, I have a lot of clear memories from my childhood. I always kind of had it "together" and never suffered from depression (outside of a few situational things but hey thats life) or dealt with terrible addictions. I once dated someone who was part of GATE as a kid. Don't know if it's related but they had "disassociative identities" and long-term depression. Really brilliant but ended up working in fast food and in casinos. Tons of health complications. I just thank my parents for keeping me out of the system.

how many GATE's were targeted as a reward w/ Sid Meier's Civilization computer games?

how many of you have RH- blood?

how many of you have been an electronic TI?

Someone also brought up in a gate thread awhile back that the "lice checks" kids went through were actually screenings to see if you had the occipital bun. Hence why it was so hush hush and they always seemed to just run a hand down the back of your head/neck.

I’ve honestly never thought about it except to look back and laugh at what a bastard I was. I chose to kick out the priest because “he was already close to God so screw it” and the first person who gave me shit about the decision. The class cracked up and it destroyed the entire atmosphere and larp session. Now that I think about it, I have no idea why the fuck we were doing the whole exercise.

>blue eyes
>occipital bun
>been arrested a few times but never charged and never mistreated
>only son
>light /x/fag
>120 IQ
But instead of GATE I went to tard school.

Lets get more info about loss and recovery of vision. I burned out of GATE in 6th grade in 2008, when i went to the optometrist shortly after they gave me a script for glasses. 2 years later when i went my vision had fully recovered. Now im 20/20 in one eye and even better in the other.

vesica pisces is a (((symbol))) because it's the first step in drawing the (((flower of life))) hypercube made of circles ideogram, by using a (((compass)))
that's based as fuck desu senpai
>tfw no shitposter friends in elementary

The strangest part is that I just don't remember the "class" beyond the first day. I assume I forgot all about it because it was boring.

mine was called ESP.....

GATE is supposed to help smart students succeed... but it was bastardized by the deep state to weed the moral ones out of the gene pool, and find intelligent psychopaths to recruit.

Those of us with morals are basically used as wetware CPU's and have ideas ripped right out of heads, kind of like user posted here in his story link.

I wasn’t in GATE but they had it at my school. I almost got in. But, I was put with special needs kids after being falsely labeled as autistic (I used to be a very angry person) I’m pretty sure it was run by the same teachers.
It wasn’t anything super special, but they would constantly spy on my behavior and log it. Not just anger either, every tiny thing I did got logged. I didn’t know they were logging any of it until I accidentally found the folder. They kept folders like this for every kid in GATE and special needs program.
These threads are making me think about it more. Why did they pick me exactly? I’m not autistic, I was just a kid that would get mad when bullied, and had the rights to be. I’m also a white male, so maybe that fits in?
It’s probably nothing, but I should really go look back at the records.

I had a really big blind spot after that incident, to the point where I had to look indirectly at words to read sometimes. It got worse and worse until I finally said fuck it and went to the E R. I explained to the doctor exactly what happened and even when taking the eye exam I verbally expressed my uncertainty of my answers.

I actually started to get angry because losing your vision is a serious fucking problem and he just kept shrugging me off as if nothing was wrong. Went home, around a month later it was like nothing had ever happened. Another weird thing about my eyes is that I have a spade or "upside down heart" shape in my left eye in the blue of my iris. A girl noticed it in school and pointed it out to me, a close-up of my eye was actually the cover of our yearbook that year

This video is a tavistock psyop... lets see how many GATE students it effects:

pretty hit or miss astrology tier. About a quarter of them applied to me

>hazel eyes
>occipital bun
>windows were covered but it was a hot portable
>high iq (which was mandatory so i dont see why its on here)

cops certainly have given me a hard time

>They came to my door three times

there was some jew magic at work.

Mine was just near-sightedness, but its the temporary nature and timing of it that has me suspicious. I will loose my vision to auras if i have a migraine, but that's a standard symptom.