"african youth" i.e. niggers running loose in melbourne

>niggers running loose in Melbourne
>like, full on out of control
>bashing innocent bystanders, robbing and raping whoever they see
>people moving away in fear of losing their lives
>"angry Aussie" responds to the incident with this shitshow >youtube.com/watch?v=4BQIfFP_iY4<
> "facts are racist because they prove me wrong"


nigs gonna nig

This guy seems desperate for relevance and approval.


hmmmm sounds like 60's detroit, you all know how that story ended

I actually talked to him once and said something fairly innocent and the guy went full fucking retard on me without warning.

something to do with Nazis and tide pods I would suppose

Is there any cities in Australia where one can be relatively free from niggers? Hows Sydney?

you've never been to Melbourne if you think this is even remotely true. Melbourne is not some Detroit hellscape with nigs everywhere. most foreigners here are civilized, even the lebs in the north. there are only some occasions where this shit happens and the media over plays it like crazy. that being said it would be alot safer if the nigs got out

join the ATU

sub to the ATU

Hey Australia was turning over the firearm such a good idea?

promote the ATU

>the angry

what a quirky and unique individual, I wonder if he's recorded 200+ hours of himself yelling his edgy opinions, I can't wait!

Perth, Adelaide....most of the country except for Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin (aboriginals), really.

theres actual balck people in australia ? I thought it was mostly asian epople and i heard some north africans are starting to come also. Besides your abos


I want a rifle called the "blackout"
perfect for rioting niggers

only the welfare abos in the cities are a problem

hope the nigger problem gets dealt with before it gets bigger
saddens me that i cant knock the twigs out because i have something to lose and they dont

Sometimes he invites a friend of his onto his show who looks like he has done literally every drug in existence.

the erratic as fuck weather might blow the starving ones away

we already have a rustbelt, called adelaide.


thousands and fucking thousands, their favourite pastime is to drown on our beaches

Sometimes when I talk to my friend I'll be like "hey white fella can I bung a durry off ya?" and he will say no and I will say "OH YOU RACIST WHITE DOG I'LL GET MY COUSINS TO BASH YOU CUNT" which is a favourite insult of abos here.

How bad is Sydney? I'm coming from London so presumably it's gonna be a hell of a lot better than London...

I knew the one that always drew some centerlink tattoo thing on himself

More chongs, less pakis

lets play spot the aussie

HAHAHA that sounds bloody hilarious!

This is a thread about Australia and angry aussie?


and the nigger issue in Melbourne

I fucking wish m8

Always good to see the bugman (der bugenmensch) in it's natural habitat

There has to be video of someone punching this fat soy cunt in the mouth...