What do you think he has on him? It’s about time Shapiro got BTFO. The rat fraud will finally be exposed hopefully. What do you guys think it is?

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delet this

My guess is he is being funded by some left wing super PAC and is being used as controlled opposition to gate keep for the old old guard of the GOP, sabotage Trumps right wing support, and obviously preach to Trump supports how morally corrupt we are. Tick tick Shapiro


I don't give a fuck about any of these people.

You should. We need to expose the traitors and frauds before we have a true day of the rope

Shameless bump

Oh he's a conniving little kike?

What a fucking shock.

Shapiro needs to be ruined, and discredited beyond redemption. I know normies that watch him.

That would maybe take some shame on his part. And that will never happen.

>was working for a never trump billionaires while masquerading as a Trump supporter.

Shapiro never backed Trump. So this is just more overhyped Twitter bullshit. I get these guys have to make noise to get noticed, but damn it's annoying as shit.

should be obvious, ben is a little pretty boy that was abused the shit out of and is one of their brainwashed ilk. Just look at him, he's kiddy diddling meat material. baby faced little bitch


He's in the same club an Glen Beck. They are more dangerous than leftists. They draw conservatives in, and then undermine the movement from within.

He's funded by right wing capitalists

jews are not right-wing

The argument that white people are illegal immigrants is so stupid as it implies that the whites immigrated to a state. There was no state in when they arrived, only a bunch of indian tribes.

I don't care he's got a hot sister other than that I kind of like the little crafty Jew even though he's a little mean the Katy turs Dad Mom. Katy tur needs a good man in her bed she can call me Daddy

He doesn't understand the new political paradigm. He thinks the Bush family et al are right wing.

apply yourself next time

Kikepiro and cuckold Crowder need to be ruined.

Are you seriously telling me jew can't be trusted? I would have never guessed... are you saying he would sell us out for a dollar no way

I think it's time for Retribution against Ben Shapiro we need an operation

oy vey antisemite

He fucked his sister and she aborted his child

This. Is this Tokes guy really gonna break some useful info on him so we can demolish his normie and baby boomer support?

Not only that but we fought the Natives for over 350 years to establish JUST the east coast


It’s not. It’s abot how he acts like a pure golden boy, like he has never said a cuss word in his life, and how he plays the I’m smarter than everyone else act. His time is long overdue

"And by the way, I don't give a good damn about the so-called "browning of America." Color doesn't matter. Ideology does."

"Here is the bottom line: If you believe that the Jewish state has a right to exist, then you must allow Israel to transfer the Palestinians and the Israeli-Arabs from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Israel proper. It's an ugly solution, but it is the only solution."

hmmmmmmmmm makes you think

He who walks behind the rows can never be stopped!

Shameless self checked

We need a meme Jihad against him I'm sick and him and his jewishness, we need to make the left media afraid again

It doesn't matter. Shaprio's army is strong. He was against Trump and against Roy moore. He only became more popular.

He never pretended to be a trump supporter or ever pretended to like MIilo. He was honest about all of it.

The only things that's likeable about him is that he has actual reasoning behind him being a conservative and hates trannies.

He was a never trumper from 2015. This is bullshit.

>in one post
>Shapiro was a never Trumper
>In the next post masquerading as a Trump supporter
Just more divide and conquer crap, not even well designed since everyone already knows where Shapiro stood during the election.

Its obvious as fuck what the "AGENDA" was supposed to be. Hilldawg or Jeb would win which is the same thing. They would have initiated steps of going to war with Russia and Iran all of this leading up to the culmination that Albert Pike spoke of. They wanted the christian and muslim worlds to combine and wipe each other out so that callls for global governance would be heard. Shapiro was just another in a line of people that are pied pipers sent out to rally the troops around the Israeli flag.

While not supporting e-celebs, he spends most of his debates dismantling common liberal talking points -- especially "identity politics" -- and instructs young Conservatives on how to counter such arguments. Thinking that that benefits the left in any way is retarded. He's just a sheltered kike that doesn't like provacateurs and anti-Zionists.
Is it just about the Cruz funding? Or worse?

Ben "Christ-killing kike" Shapiro?
Yeah, I know him.

how so?
i think hes spreading right wing views p well apart from zionism



bingo bongo

There is literally nothing good about Ben Sheep-hero. He's not even smart. The average Sup Forums user would shred him in a debate about the JQ. Oooh What's he gonna do ? Wiggle his head and talk really fast like the treacherous kike he is?

Its not about radical left or right. The real threat has always been the center. This is the grey area they can control with rhetoric like the faggot skeptics do. Its about a global centrist consumerist monoculture. Taking down the left is just part of appealing as a centrist but unlike the left he needs moral authority for his "muh israel" schtick so he panders to conservativism.

Wow I am so surprised a Jew sold out for money I would have never guessed

Kikes will never stop kiking. This is why I will never trust them. I'm glad I live in a country where they are banned.

Its like Alex Jones. How many people after Bush went to the old "I dont believe in the two party system" route and became le centrist uninvolved faggots? Gatekeeping 101 pals.

you should because shapiro is going to run for president at some point

My guess is that Ben Shapiro or one of his allies started this thread for data-mining purposes in order to retort later accusations. Do NOT give out any information in this thread.

Are you still recovering?

He was always a never Trumper and made no secret of not liking Milo.
Wouldn't put it past him to be behind getting Milo kicked out of cpac though

You'll never know all the cool and nice Jews you are missing.

Lebanon used to have a Jewish population but you guys Holocausted them all the way to Israel.

Good job being intolerant.

they're going to expose him as a jew aren't they?

So, fuck him over because you don't like him personally rather than what he stands for?
You must be a democrat.

You kike haters are fucking retarded. Like major league retarded, ShariaBlue level retardation at its finest.

Ohhh I'm so hurt. Lebanon always bounces back from hardships. I bet you kikes are still pulling your head full of pubes out and wondering how in the hell Lebanon is still standing.

>masquerading as a trump support
but hes literally never supported trump, like, ever.


>trusting jews

would rather invite a serial killer to a dinner party desu.

>implying your shithole won't descent into another civil war in the next few years

Hardly a hidden agenda when he openly says (pre and post election) that he supported Ted Cruz and didn’t like Trump.


>Jews are so dangerous they will literally kill you at dinner

No, you're thinking of niggers and maybe kebabs but rarely.

Guys Ben Shapiro isn't off the super secret conspiratard deep end like I am! He must be evil!


Meh, you get used to all the wars and subversion going on here. My parents have been through the civil war and I've been through the Syrian occupation and the July War.

He never supported Trump, but he was never specifically anti-trump. He's even stated recently that Trump's policies have been more conservative than he thought and that he hadn't ruled out voting for him in the 2020 election. Sounds pretty neutral to me. When everyone is spewing retarded shit, why target someone who relatively likes him?
>tried to covertly sabotage Milo
what is the problem? That guy didn't do anything productive

The 2 party system is pretty stupid, though, because both sides just take the opposite position of the other, whether it's logical or not. Many people won't agree with every issue set in stone by the platform, so you get splinter groups. Then, those groups get hit with purity tests that either radicalize or disenfranchise the members. Look at how "progressivism" is destroying the Democrats.

It's funny how Sup Forums talks about SJWs and how they're obsessed with people's race and that they get triggered by differing opinions.

Yet this guy is despised by Sup Forums just because he's a Jew who has openly said he doesn't support Trump, despite him clearly having some respect for him.

The funny thing is, Ben does more to defend white people than any of you fat stormvirgins do. He visits liberal arts campuses around the country, debunking SJW myths about white people while you sit on your fat arses whining about him being Jewish.

>posting mike totes
that dude is a clown

Thats fine and good (Ive heard all the arguments) but the point remains that the effect is disenfranchisement and an un-involved voters. The reason Trump and Obama won were because they ignited people who had been neutral previously.

doesn't he follow that god awful reagan batallion? You couldn't make more obvious bullshit if you tried

>Ben does more to defend white people

really? the guy that said he literally doesn't care about america turning 0% white is defending white people?

Funniest part of that is Trump is constantly compared to Raegan.

Ben Shapiro raped Nicole Eggert when she was 14

nice attempt at making sense of reality, but you are way off

Obviously because he's a Jew you and the rest of Sup Forums think that means he wants the white race to be destroyed, but in context that tweet was hardly as malicious as you all think.

lil ben was part of the michelle fields scam hoax where she lied about being assaulted by team trump. ben was all over it trying to take down trump.... till 'someone' produced the video exposing their lil charade.

a kike being a kike, no surprise there

he rides off when the RIGHT wins (not republicans, repubs are losers), and then distances himself when the right faces a real challenge or a loss. he's a punk

He still tries to defend that, but it was obviously a lie. His story has shifted more to being disappointed that Breitbart was defending the president over employees, rather than it actually happening.

we call them judas goats.

This. You really don't need anything besides Michelle Fields to expose Shapiro as someone who will lie to push his agenda.

Guess what faggot. 84% of trump supporters dont give a fuck about it too.

/me picks up bat
/me holds bat at ready
/me makes le smug baldy man faec
/dcc send pol shiggy_diggy_theme_song.mid
/sound shiggy_diggy_theme_song.mid

He's one of the Jews that Kiked up The Donald and made it so you can't criticism Israel

former trotskyites arent really capitalists. they are oligarchs... big difference.

Well knowing Jews, especially ones like Shapiro, no matter what comes out his response will be that 'this stuff was already known'

i think his language and meaning were plain. no need for contextualization.
jews don't care at all for the white race except when they need to appear white to attack white people. this is the reality and it also happens to be as malicious as you can imagine.

hey gang, let me sell you a mattress or magazine subscription. you'll love it gang. me and my wife (i'm married btw) love it too. gang.

>masquerading as a trump supporter
Ben made it explicitly clear throughout the campaign that he didn't support trump, wtf is this mike guy even talking about. Is this supposed to be the 'explosive' news?

Obama won because of identity politics (niggers didn't come back out in record numbers when it was back to white nominees) and Bernie, an Independent, was really popular. Trump won over people that had previously been ignored by both parties. The GOP didn't back him. Democrats draw a line in the sand over abortion, losing voters. Republicans draw a line in the sand over weed, losing voters.

never trust the nose

Ben has always seemed like a sneaky arrogant boy that think he is smarter than he is. At first I thought he seemed like a smart dude with principles and great ideas but lately it seems he almost purposefully get things almost right. It's like he knows the truth but has to spin it just a little to further himself or the people around him.

what's funny is ben isnt saying anything cutting edge... he is about 10 yrs behind when it comes to really understand the "inside baseball" of the current political landscape. his arrogance suggests he perceives himself as the smartest political mind in america. his simplistic analysis bore the crap out of me.

The fact that he's a jew is all you need to know.
When will you people learn?

well duh... one thing for him and his people and another for us stupid americans. geez people get with the times.