Is it more than just the flu?

Seems there's some anomalies this season - is it intentional?

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god sending flu pandemic to smite communists, feminists, homos and democrats.

I work in a hospital and people are dying from it, especially healthy teens. They are changing the cause of death to pneumonia until this blows over so they don't cause a panic. Our hospital has even canceled visitation because of it. This. is. serious.

So I shouldn't get a flu shot?

I had no clue those other states were that close the mainland USA, huh pretty interesting

Apple cider vinegar and vitamin C will help any of you who get flu. Just so you all know.


1918 the flu killed millions of people, and they knew about taking in fluids, washing hands, etc then

some strains are stronger than others, I pray this one becomes another epidemic.

Do this daily. I have a shot glass and bottle of acv in work truck

Funny how that works huh? whenever there's a new virus scare I always pray that it kills an absurd amount of people. Why does this reaction exist.

I had it, asked my Dr "lots of people got this?"

She said yes without going into specifics and wouldn't be drawn on it.

Of course not. That's what killed Zyzz, remember?

Sup Forumswashed

>changing the cause of death to pneumonia until this blows over
Seems they can always go get it again ... .

Scientists Describe How 1918 Influenza Virus Sample Was Exhumed In Alaska

We are too many

Even normies react like that. Always hoping for big death tolls from hurricanes.

>worst since swine flu
wow, it's fucking nothing

>((the flu))

>Even normies
It's about freeing up resources. It's tribal and is primal. As long as some other tribe is losing members and mine isn't, my tribe will benefit. It's as old as fire.

i had the flu 2 weeks ago
wasn't that bad

>They are changing the cause of death to pneumonia

ARDS is literally what is killing people from this, though it is technically secondary, opportunistic bacterial infections in the lungs due to the damage this strain of the virus causes

I am a medical fag as well. There is a virus causing paralysis. Like polio. Some type of enterovirus.

There are people getting flaccid paralysis from the virus. I have seen several cases already. There are also articles about it occurring all over the country.

Also, idk if it is just ards, isnt that typically reserved for geriatrics? There is something different going on.

Your doctor just doesn't feel like dealing with that bullshit and doesn't really care that it's another strong flu season.

lul NA healthcare

VA checking, laying here in bed with a bad case of the flu

>I had no clue those other states were that close the mainland USA, huh pretty interesting

kek. americans are dum!

H3N2 is the worst strain this year both from how many people are getting it and the severity of symptoms. Unfortunately, H3N2 mutates quicker, making it harder to vaccinate against.
>The third reason this year's flu has been so bad is complications with the vaccine. Most influenza vaccines are grown in chicken eggs, and when this year's vaccine was being incubated, the virus mutated while it was growing and became less effective.

If you got a flu shot that was made without eggs, like Flublok, then the virus didn't mutate and you got much much better prevention of the flu. Unfortunately, the shot made without eggs is 2-2.5x more expensive than the version made with eggs ($20 for the egg incubated version vs $40-$50 for the non-egg) so unless you specifically sought out a pharmacy with the egg free flu vaccine, you got a flu shot that was really ineffective this year.

It's really late in the season to get one, because a flu shot only becomes fully effective about six weeks after you get it. That's why most doctors recommend that you get a flu shot BEFORE thanksgiving, you're up to max protection possible by January when the worst of flu season has started.

If you do get one, try to call your local Walmart or Costco to get Flublok. It isn't made in eggs, which makes it more effective against the predominant strain this year (Their pharmacies are supposed to order flublok vaccine on request if they don't have it and give it to you if you ask). An alternative to Flublok is Flucelvax, which is also not incubated in egg.

(The H3N2 strain mutated when incubating in the eggs this year, making flu vaccines incubated in egg less effective at protecting against the flu that's spreading between people).

>die of the 1918 flu
>family buries you and mourns
>75 years later some scientists dig you up
>write an article that because you were so fat the virus survived intact

Dumbest picture I ever saw. There is a clear hierarchy