How much longer do you think she'll last?

How much longer do you think she'll last?


>"Fook mah cunt ya dirty basterd!"

Until Rees-Mogg gets enough support for a coup

Older women (see +30) really should wear sleeves and cover their shoulders

Need deepfakes of this

I won't vote for her next general election, nor will I vote Labour
Both political parties disgust me

>political porn face swaps
oh lordy


Kinda hot for an old slag

I'd fuck her

who is this semon demon


theresa may is an absolute disgrace
she has no morality at all .. she is pushing through failure, oblivious
her statement "i'm the CUSTOMER" re: carillion was the final straw. She relishes in cruelty. She is a horrible cruel, discredited figure. A woman without any personality at all

they are not a responsible government.

Rees Mogg is the sort of guy we need right now.
Just imagine how JRM would be handling Brexit.

>"I offer madam Merkel, 56 pence and a mars bar as our latin masters might say, to fuckus offus from the EU"

Even at the ragged old female politician level British women get trumped by euros. Just kill me..

Oh mummy


You puppets thought the Tories are capable of such a feat? Think again. I'm no Corbynite either, but at this point anyone with half an ounce of brain should pack their bags and leave for Europe.

what's that and I agree

>Be young, shy Tory intern
>You're lost in thought staring at mummy when all of a sudden she catches your glance - you panic and look away
>After the meeting she tells you there's a huge backlog of forms to fill out and she needs you to stay over at her place to get it done on schedule
>On the drive over she rings her husband and asks him when he'll be back from the city and a smile breaks over her face when he says he's all tied up at the moment

>When you arrive at her house mummy offers you a drink but 'accidentally' trips when handing it to you and your clothes are soaked through
>"Oh dear, I'm so sorry, lets get you out of those clothes. Don't worry dear, it's nothing I haven't seen before."
>You're suddenly hit with a strong stability, begin to panic and stutter "N-no I'll be ok, that's quite alright"
>"Don't be silly" mummy says as she kneels down, unzips you and aggressively dekecks you, unleashing your spring-loaded rock hard penis, rattling up and down in full view of the prime minister
>She gives you a concerned look. "Swelling appears critical. This requires urgent treatment."
>She wraps her lips around it and you let out a sigh of pleasure and disbelief as you feel her swallow you whole and lets you make full use of her pharynx without hesitation. You feel aIl-encompassing ecstasy as you run your fingers through her hair and lose yourself in the perpetual glucking sound that rings out


I want to run through her field of wheat

Our next prime minister will be a tory, a woman, named Theresa.

I’ll check your numbers but you’re still grounded with no internet for month.


Off-brand Helen Mirren.

She either grows a pair or she'll be out.
I give her less than a year before her fate will be decided.

>Off-brand Helen Mirren.

I compared her to Uncle Fester once, but yours is spot-on and I kek'd.

A jewess


No fap can be pretty rough.


For foks sake, ali. Foking L.

Is there no age limit or social status limit for inappropriate dressing by British chavs?

British women may not be as beautiful as Slavs, Meds and Nords, but you have to admit that they do age better, generally speaking. Ever seen a Russian slag past the age of 30? Absolutely subhuman.

No she's more:
'My twat requires immediate attention you randy little rotter'
She's a upper-class wannabe that the kikes promised status

Gave me a boner tbqh

You finally catching on? Fuck me this country is hard work, I'm in the only place that voted a UKIP MP in when Farage was heading the party, we were so close to finally having a proper government

Wtf?! I'm pretty sure I wasn't naked when I started reading this.

She's not a quitter

absolutely disgusting

bif if true

I dream of my prime minister keeping me in a dungeon where she takes out her frustration on me after work.

Barking orders at me to disrobe or else. Forcing me to service her cunt with my tongue, sitting on my face and crushing my balls with her heels while calling me a filthy peasant. I imagine she stands above me, squats down and handles my erect penis into her cunt, then begins aggressively gyrating while looking down at me with a cold ruthless stare.

At this point I've developed stockholm syndrome and I start pleading "mummy please horsey" over and over again until one day she finally relents. She lies face down with her backside presented to me and reaches back with her hands so I can do horsey and I savour the feeling of getting to hold mummies hands tight. As I mount her I am overcome with lust and go berserk.

I make whimpering noises as I near completion and scream 'mummy' as I cum. I hear a change of tone in mummy may's voice - she sounds kinder, gentler and asks me if I'd like a nightcap. She unbuttons her shirt and reveals her breast and lets me suckle her while she strokes my hair. I feel a warm glow, knowing I have finally earned mummies love.

big if true

Courtney Love really let herself go.


Longer than Trump

watching that video of the House of Lords where they were all saying how they want to reverse Brexit makes me fucking SICK

What happened to the huge backlog of forms. Did they get sorted? I don't think you should leave someone hanging like that.

Jesus. Maybe the Isle of Bong needs immigration, they look to be severely inbred!

I would!


Shriveled like a rasin reading this, she unironically looks like my grandmother


She is quite cute