Schiff Hits!the Fan!

GET IN HERE Adam Schiff: FISA Memo Could Lead To Firings Of Mueller, Rosenstein

What about Clapper?

Clapper needs to be dealt with.

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by the way - here’s the people who coordinate with (((the media))) to push the ‘muh russia’ shit in the face of #release the memo

Weird. Lotta Jews.

Weird, right?

Wow I am shocked

fuck off shills.



Will Gowdy replace Rosenstein?
Is that the plan?

This has to be it.


Someone ask Q to look onto Mueller and 9/11

Rosenstein is going to pound-me-in-the-ass jail... unless he escapes to Zionistan.




Stop getting your news from this site, it makes our side look bad.

>it makes our side look bad.
fuck off Jew

How many liberals will an hero when they realize that Mueller isn't working for ((them))?

Don’t be a silly faggot.

Wired is already hedging

muh optics in international kike ropers association


Here’s the thing: Hillary has to be indicted, she’s the fucking key.

Then watch the rats scurry.

... like rats!

Slow walk through the nomination process.

More likely, he'd be appointed as SP.

Remember Chuck Schumer’s threat, ““Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”?

Now… Releasing the Memo is important, no doubt, BUT…

Let’s also release all communications between Schumer and Comey/Loretta Lynch, following that public threat.

oh... 3 or 4

But kike Schiff said there was nothing there

Give me the memo!!!

of course Shiff is going to say that. then it's easier to say trump is pulling a nixon so the time for impeachment is now.




more interesting is that their "normal baseline" is from 2006

nah, user, the McCabe firing by a guy who pre-memo threatened to resign rather than shitcan him has changed everything.

Schiff may *think* he’s laying groundwork, but that’s because he doesnt appreciate that the memo is credible and the REAL PROBLEM fo him is the IG report coming soon.

Just got off work. Is this shit real or is this just a fucking happening larp thread?


WSJ saying memo should be released.

But - the Jooze are going to try to spin it as Russia is responsible for all the turmoil... not, you know, Hillary and her Deep State pals.


>the McCabe firing
funny, pretty sure he was forced to RETIRE four weeks early with a full pension, which would end up being around 3 million dollars. Is that what you call being "fired"?


I hope Trump knows that the longer this takes, the higher the bar is to make an impact. Strike now!

Rosenstein, Schiff, Schumer, Feinstein.... what do these traitors have in common? I bet WW2 Germany could explain it, and for the same reasons as today. Don't hate the Jew, hate the cult...

Clapper was just on CNN. Stuttering, lost for words trying to push the MUH OBSTRUCTION and talking about the memo. Said it would be an ((affront)) to the FBI and an attack on every agent at the bureau. Looked very nervous and shaky, something big is coming goyim. Buckle up

The first part of their plan was to give presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, a pass on alleged felonies ranging from violations of the Espionage Act to the willful destruction of subpoenaed evidence. The second part of their plan was to besmirch and destroy her opponent, Donald Trump, by alleging he colluded with the Russians. However, the cleverly conceived pincer-movement wound up entrapping the FBI itself instead of the intended game, Donald Trump.

For the plan to work, the underlying assumption was that Clinton was a prohibitive favorite to become the next president of the United States. At the time, it was inconceivable to law enforcement officials in the Obama administration that there would be any other outcome. Therefore, the FBI, noted for its diligence in pursuing targets of its investigations, threw caution to the wind. They got sloppy – real sloppy. Some would say they were extremely careless or even, dare we say, grossly negligent.

It should be noted that the conspirators of this twisted scheme to exonerate Clinton and attack Trump were not rank-and-file FBI agents. Instead, they were arrogant half-assed politicians at the very top of the FBI organization, along with corrupt DOJ attorneys, who thought their devious machinations would be never be brought to light. After all, poll after poll at the time indicated that Clinton had a lock on the presidency. She was the uncrowned queen.

In reality, the deep-state really isn’t that deep. It mostly consists of top tier government officials who are the decision-makers. Beneath the tip of the iceberg are honest workers, who try to do their jobs as best they can. Numerous reports indicate that the politically-driven decisions of a few wise guys at the top of the food chain frustrated and angered rank-and-file FBI agents who toiled to gather evidence that would have indicted anyone without powerful connections in a heartbeat.

The FBI and the DOJ tried desperately to keep the scandal under wraps. FBI managers stonewalled Freedom-of-Information-Act requests for over a year until a judge ordered them to deliver the files, which they heavily redacted, claiming the hidden information would divulge intelligence sources and methods. Currently, the DOJ is trying to block the public release of Congressman Devin Nunes’s memo, which alleges that the FBI abused surveillance laws. Chief FBI investigator, Peter Strzok and his girlfriend, FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, carelessly exchanged thousands of text messages on government-issued cell phones that discuss the conspiracy to obstruct justice in real time. Initially, an FBI spokesman said they lost thousands of the damning text messages, which spanned a critical time period, and then the FBI quickly backtracked and said the messages were recovered after an onslaught of public rage and ridicule.

With a scandal of its own making metastasizing rapidly, it’s laughable for the FBI and the DOJ to warn that its sources and the methods would be compromised if its records were released to the public. That’s because they themselves are the source of a conspiracy to obstruct justice in order to influence the outcome of a presidential election.

The methods they used were so simple a caveman could do it. For the most part, all FBI and DOJ management had to do was to sit on their hands to pull off one of the biggest scandals, if not the biggest scandal, in U.S. history. The DOJ used its prosecutorial discretion to demur on charging Clinton for criminal violations of the Espionage Act and the destruction of subpoenaed evidence. But this wasn’t their first rodeo. They abused the same discretion in the past to give Lois Lerner a pass in the IRS scandal after she pleaded the Fifth and appeared to be guilty as hell. God only knows how many unindicted felons are out there because prosecutors at the DOJ looked the other way.

Incredibly, it wasn’t enough for the FBI and the DOJ to let Clinton off the hook. The feds sought to destroy her opponent, Donald Trump, at the same time, betraying an exaggerated sense of invulnerability and arrogance on their part.

Indications are that the DOJ and FBI used a bogus and lubricious Trump-Russia dossier, which was paid for by Hillary Clinton through the Democratic Party, to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to spy on Trump campaign officials, who supposedly colluded with the Russians during the presidential election process.

But shock and surprise don’t belong here. The FBI has long been a criminal mafia acting under color of law.

Remember Ruby Ridge.

Mueller and 9/11 require a deep dive.

>Weird, right?

Just a coincidence.

the left will spin it to make trump look guilty regardless. the media will always lie to make trump look bad no matter what

The Schiff quote is cited from Reuters on ZH, you fucktard.

>What about Clapper?

James clapper?

If he agreed to the illeigal wiretapping, that could be it for him anyway.


Good posting user

The kicker
Most of the time a fisa warrant would turn up some sort of dirt
Not worry user

The real source of the quote for all you retards who can't post a fucking source

Schiff on Ax (kenazi) ios
from cspan
start at 47 minutes for Sleazy Adam Schiff

I thought he was "reassigned" to a lesser position and left in a huff like a spoiled child?

I read the wired article , what struck me as odd is that it is almost a homoerotic fan fiction piece for Mueller.

Seriously. The amount of boot licking in that piece is enough to make dozens of Democrats stay seated.

Good read user.

>The Schiff quote is cited from Reuters on ZH, you fucktard.

Gee whiz Schiff just can't stop talking can he? He must have been wearing adult diapers since he read the memo

McGovern is a white hat.

Read carefully.