Guess the location

Guess the location

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My house

Third Israel



berlin holohoax memorial

Easy. Holocaust memorial in Berlin.

My 10 inch cock

I wanna make a shoah in her pants


"Fuckfest" eastern Germany

he's never coming back

It's the Jewish museum in Berlin. I've been there.

Cemetery in new orleans

over there, that ho


>be me
>15 years old
>had to visit this place for a school trip
>see a young Jewish couple, full kike attire
>a bunch of us separate from our teachers and start calling them kikes
>make hissing sounds
>they start crying and run off
>laugh hysterically
Good times.


Based. Are you generation Zyklon perhaps?

>implying you did that in germany, berlin
sure thing

Look at this faggot thinking people are as boring and stolid as he is.

Haha, nope. Full blown millennial, I'm afraid. This was back in 2006, literally a few days before the World Cup in Germany started.

>berlin holohoax memorial

That place needs some swastikas


kike memorial

The holohoax memorial in Berlin.

Berlin holocaust memorial, been there myself

My doorstep

You can clearly see how the squares represent the six billion.

This isn't even porn and my dick is hard

Holohoax memorial in Berlin


And guess the ethnicity


I'd love to desecrate that place through fucking her on every single block. It's no cellar but a man must do what has to be done.

looks good for some urban trials

Her necklace suggest she is a sailor so I'm going to guess it's Nassau.

> black belt of oral sex and herpes

fifth jerusalem

Does she bang Chinamen?

Post moar, we need to improve the accuracy



Check out the quads on that one...

Frankly, she has two big ol' annes on her.

And everyone clapped

My girl in berlin

Looks more like a bunch of cucksheds from ground level.

what a bunch of ugly blocks

That's the jew memorial in Berlin


What a waste of space

Jewish women are the best looking women. I'm not even going to argue, but it's true.

no. no theyre not.they are fucking trolls

Good, stay away then.

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