How do americans cope with the fact they'll never european, no matter how much they push the "muh heritage" bullshit?

How do americans cope with the fact they'll never european, no matter how much they push the "muh heritage" bullshit?

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my great grandfather was from luxembourg and my great grandmother came to america alone. I know my family did not betray their race.

Its simple, we laugh at the shitholes in central and south America for entertainment

today's europeans are mutts who are ruining the continent.

the colonists need to take it all back.


>that flag
We exult in the fact that we aren't cucked yuropoors

I'm almost entirely Italian and a great grandmother who was German. But since I live in America HURR NO WHITE


Are you getting paid for this?


Why would we want to be from Islamic states?


Most of us really don't give a shit about being European. The is a reason our founding fathers left Europe.

Italians aint white, retard.

YFW you realize I have more rights to European title than your half negroid Italian ass.

Because America is cool. I like it here. I would rather drive out the shitskins myself then move back to (((Europe))).

Yeah, I don't really see any Americans worried about that.
Go kiss your "European " Bantu neighbor.

Apparently, they're going to shit up pol with their bad attitudes, zero comprehension, and retarded thought processes

Yes.....YES.....fight amongst yourselves! bahahahhahahaha......

>How do americans cope with the fact they'll never european

By enjoying freedoms I wouldn’t have if I wuz European

Americans start all the white talk because they've got race relation issues. Then there was the "let me tell you whos white meme". Then there were mutts.

>Yeah, I don't really see any Americans worried about that.
Go kiss your "European " Bantu neighbor.

Surely America is the most jewed nation. I mean you're clearly one big genetic experiment

I always find it hilarious when a fellow america LARPs as a natsoc or white nationalist.

What confused motherfuckers.

As someone from Central-Europe, I'd say Americans have learned to appreciate their European roots more than a lot of Europeans themselves.


Also since you are a Chilean are you projecting?

By never being European

there's a massive difference between 56% of us are white vs we are 56% white.

I like amerikans but shit this has to be saved. Kek.

>How do americans cope with the fact they'll never european, no matter how much they push the "muh heritage" bullshit?
How do you cope with the fact that you'll always be a nigger?

>Italians aint white, retard.
Italians are more White than you'll ever be, shitskin.

>European roots


Can't argue with them. Just let basement dwellers destroy each other over being white as if it matters for people who will never reproduce.

This. Everything is D&C kikes antifa leftypol george soros shareblue russian bots reddit 9gag ctr shitposting. Everyone in Sup Forums is white.

if all of my DNA is European, how can you say I'm not European?

I only have a tiny bit of African and Mestizo, but so does everyone else


The Jews who run 23andme add nigger dna to all tests

It's not hard to be European. Just get on your knees and suck a dick.

I established that there's a concerted effort to shill D&C memes here. Ridicule all you want, everyone else can see through your shit.

Left wingers obviously are interested in disrupting Sup Forums. It's not up for debate. It's been happening for more than a decade.

The Mutt looks like the typical Anglo.

literally a russian bot
[spoiler]rolling :D[/spoiler]

How do you cope with the certainty that if you ever open your mouth to me in public, I'll send you to the morgue?

Because we hate Europe.

normans are nordic

Because we’re the best. And only 200 somewhat odd years have passed since our conception and already we are massively different from Europe. Heck even during the times of the cowboys and Indians we were different.

Ash mutt durbatulûk, ash mutt gimbatul,
Ash mutt thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

Mr. Bean looks exactly like OP's image. It's almost as if the 56% face was modeled after him. The resemblance is uncanny.

Yeah also soros pays me. I am on a double pay roll

I don't want to be european. I am an American which is a helluva lot better.

>tfw american and cant get enough amerimutt memes
idk man shits just too funny

We've been over this

Here you go - a handy meme

It's true, though. Tons of Brits look like swarthy manlets. Mr. Bean is 100% Anglo born and raised.

It's the other way around, you guys wanna be like us.

And don't say you don't either, with the same straight face as when you say our media is so degenerate and has taken over your countries.

Nice image with the website source cut off. Why do right wingers always cut off the header? Are you ashamed of the source so much you have to hide it behind an achive link that noone is going to type out?

Same, they're pretty hilarious.

>>Italians aint white, retard.
>Italians are more White than you'll ever be, shitskin.

That still dont make them white doe.


>get in the boat, now!

No one wants to be european you fucking peasant.

Literally looks like Mr. Bean with less hair.

>Are British white?

I don't, they're real and not a joke, dumb mutts

100% French Basque. Try again.

>implying that faggot didnt have his body development stunted by inferior genetics and metric tons of soy

Scots and North Irish might be but the English are questionable you have to admit.

Global supremacy


der Kobold des Abgrunds....

Watching Europeans turn brown helps a lot

Lol. You're completely wrong


Muslims dont integrate

How do you cope with the fact there will never be a southern cone alliance, and that eventually you’ll have to give sea to Bolivia?

>That still dont make them white doe.

Do they teach you ebonics in Chile? Why do so many of you sound like black Americans when you type? i do not mean this as an insult.

>"The Silures have swarthy features and are usually born with curly black hair, but the inhabitants of Caledonia have reddish hair and large loose-jointed bodies. They are like the Gauls or the Spaniards."


>Brutish and stupid
>Easy to manipulate

Weird, I thought the 'superior French' always cucked out when shit hit the fan.

No, they just conquer.

El Demonio Siempre Negro...

>meme flag

Funny & sad at the same time...

I know it’s a meme, but there are actually plenty of genuinely white people in America. Maybe in the urban areas you see people who look like the Amerimutt meme, but that’s not everywhere. Go someplace like the Midwest and you’ll see people just as white as Northern Europeans.


Creating a screenshot which shows its URL would be unnecessarily large, an archive link is there for anyone curious enough to visit the site. And including an archive link is useful as it safeguards the page from deletion.

>Are you ashamed of the source so much you have to hide it behind an achive link that noone is going to type out?

This particular blog which reported on the studies isn't the "source", you idiot. Don't attack the messenger rather than the message.


Why would I want to be a european?
Came here to get away from you all

Is this a bluepill thread?

Thats a celtic tribe from 2000 years ago.
If British people aren't white - where is according to you

Flol. Begone


I was actually doing it on purpose to be honest, I like the way it sounds. I havent been paying attention on how the rest of the Sup Forums chileans write so I really cant speak for them.

I'm fine I'm American and proud of it I could care less about Europeyou should stay the fuck out and enjoy a nice sage

Lol Nigel. Achmed doesn't integrate, he integrates you!

>Thats a celtic tribe from 2000 years ago.

What do you think they just up and disappeared? They were never massacred out of existence. The Romans described them as swarthy and thought they emigrated from Iberia.

>In the late 1st and early 2nd centuries, the Silures were given some nominal independence and responsibility for local administration. As was standard practice, as revealed by inscriptions, the Romans matched their deities with local Silurian ones, and the local deity Ocelus was identified with Mars, the Roman god of war.[2]

>Caerwent seems to have continued in use in the post-Roman period as a religious centre and the territory of the Silures later became the 5th century Welsh Kingdoms of Gwent, Brycheiniog and Gwynllŵg. Some theories concerning King Arthur make him a leader in this area. There is evidence of cultural continuity throughout the Roman period, from the Silures to the kingdom of Gwent in particular, as shown by leaders of Gwent using the name "Caradoc" in remembrance of the British hero Caratacus[2]

They are the descendants of modern Welsh people. Admixture is probably why some British look swarthy like Mr. Bean.

No - its an American cognitive dissonance thread

Im still not muslim

They were Celts.
After them came Romans
After them came Vikings
After them came Saxons with some Angles and Jutes
After them came Normans

All these people are white Europeans