Were The Romans Black?

It seems so by the Western media....

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Of course they were Rome is in Africa. why wouldn't there be blacks?


It's important that young black people see media representations of themselves in a bloodthirsty empire that conquered the world leaving thousands of slaves and crucified corpses in its wake. If they can't see it's possible, how can they be encouraged to take these jobs in the future?

Black people invented civilisation, science, literature, democracy, mathematics and art.

Inexplicably, white people were somehow able to enslave them and take over theor countries.

Plenty of Meds and Near Easterners in their ranks but never many blackies.

Fun fact: Syrian soldiers had a reputation for knocking up celtic prostitutes in Britannia. tfw original 56%


I knowing lot of you are joking and mocking them.
But I think they're trying to alter history to make it look like sub-sahara blacks were involved.

Some African Americans genuinely believe that the ancient Egyptians were Black.

Half of the Roman Empire was in Africa, and the breadbasket of the Empire was Nubia/Egypt. We have confirmation that dozens of emperors were of at least partial African descent. It's important to understand that there was no concept of white or black in the past. If you spoke Latin, and believed the Latin Gods, you were Latin, and Roman. To say that a core part of the Empire wasn't black, is the definition of whitewashing of history.

Also, to further clarify, P.S. About 1/4th of the Empire was also Arab/Semitic. At its peak, probably only around 10% of the Empire was what we would call "European" today, as the population of the Middle East and Africa, far exceeded Europe at that point in history. Also Europe was the backwater provinces, with, again, Africa, being the breadbasket and wealthiest.

>Black people invented civilisation, science, literature, democracy, mathematics and art
Wakanda truly is the birthplace of civilization. We need to teach more African history in our schools!

Learn some fucking history your ignorant rascist..
read a book or something.

Romans weren't black, but in case you forgot, Rome was an EMPIRE. And EMPIRES grow across borders.

And then they conscript conquered peoples into their army.
That's the whole point of an empire - to transcend genetics and instead unify memetically - under one culture.

memetics >>>> genetics

That is the mantra of every empire ever built.

Rome made its way into Africa, there would have been some black legionaries.

Haha lol good joke. Made me laugh. Lol.

>north africa is populated by subsaharan africans
>the levant was arab 2000 years ago

In the movie he was literally the only black guy.. from nubia or something


>memetics >>>> genetics
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Das is a nice empire, you got there kuffar filth
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something happened to it.


As said earlier, changing history.


Memetically, it bit off more than it could chew. (assimilate).

Some memes become retroviral.


your actual photo of roman legionaires really proves your point

In 43 AD, the time period the show in the OP is set in, the legions were open solely to Roman citizens.

At that time, it was basically just Italy, the descendents of Roman colonists and provincial nobility that held full citizenship.

It's exceedingly unlikely that a subsaharan African would, at that time:
A) be in the empire to begin with (the Sahara was basically impassable until camels were introduced a few hundred years later)
B) be Roman citizens, a rare and valuable privilege until the edict of Caracalla
C) be stationed in Britain, since legions were for the most part recruited from the general region they were serving in

All this "you can't say it couldn't have happened" is just a retarded misunderstanding of history/geography, and is basically just used as a dog-whistle for idiotic WE WUZ shit.

Were the Romans snow niggers? It seems so by Sup Forums shitposters.

Preach it brother


>All this "you can't say it couldn't have happened" is just a retarded misunderstanding of history/geography, and is basically just used as a dog-whistle for idiotic WE WUZ shit.

This is all absolutely true.
It is of course, all trendy PC inclusive history rewriting, and i've never even seen the show and frankly i don't really want to if it's that historically inaccurate.

My point was just what i made - that there would have been some.

But enough to (((conveniently))) have a black legionnaire in EVERY FUCKING MODERN THING ABOUT ROMANS?

But of course if anyone points that out above the cultural-memetic sea level, they'd be branded a racist and be deducted 500 goy-points.


Of course they were. Greeks and Italians are just wannabe KANGZ.

it depends if you are retarded or not

They used Numidian cavalry. One of their more elite auxiliary forces actually.

There's no way sub-Saharan negroids would ever be in the Roman Empire, let alone serve in the legions, anyone who thinks so is just fucking retarded

And the person that opened up citizenship laws was also a black emperor, or at least half black.

Numidians weren't niggers you dumb faggot

>We have confirmation that dozens of emperors were of at least partial African descent.

Suuuuure bro.

Caracalla was born in Lugdunum, Gaul (now Lyon, France), on 4 April 188 to Septimius Severus and Julia Domna. He had a slightly younger brother, Geta, who would briefly rule as co-emperor alongside him.[2][6] Caracalla's father, Septimius Severus, appointed Caracalla joint Augustus and full emperor from the year 198 onwards.[7] His brother Geta was granted the same title in 210.[8] In 202 Caracalla was forced to marry the daughter of Gaius Fulvius Plautianus, Fulvia Plautilla, a woman whom he hated, though for what reason is unknown.[9] By 205 Caracalla had succeeded in having Plautianus executed for treason, though he had probably fabricated the evidence of the plot himself.[9] It was then that he banished his wife, whose later killing might have been carried out under Caracalla's orders

His mother was black. Julia Domna was his mother, and Domna was word in her local language for "black skinned." We also have the bust and color correction when it was painted. Again, the Romans didn't see in white and black as the europeans did 1500 years later. They literally had no concept of it and intermixed with all populations as long as they adopted Latin Culture and Latin Gods.

So in other words, you're full of shit and have no idea what the fuck you're talking about

She was an Arab, not a nigger. Back then Arabs were way more advanced than the Nords and had notheing to do with niggers.

Yes all the romans were black, all of them.

here's some more information
i'm not trying to break you down or insult you. It's just history that was stripped from us black men, and its our story too.

that skin color and hair, and facial features, was pretty much the prototypical Roman Citizen.

pic related is also considered Arab, in the past, and still today, and identifies as Arab.
Again, race wasn't a concept back then. When they say Arab, they mean almost certainly Arab culture raised, but Julia Domna was Black African, and would be considered black today. And Caracalla would be a "mulatto" or "56%" as you people meme.


They were pretty much blarabs.


She was Syrian (Asian), not African for God's sake. Are you one of these Americans who can't point England on a map?

No, some Roman Citizens were black since slaves (blacks, people from Hispania, etc) could buy their citizenship in periods of Rome's history, but Rome itself was not. The Multi-cultural myth being pushed relies on the status of late Imperial Rome when citizenship was sold out to anyone (many shitskins included) to keep the dying system afloat. it's also what ultimately lead to its demise.

even if I was to grant you that she was just a "dark arab" (like pic I related) his father was still from an African family, and portraits of his father show him very dark, and african hair.
why is it so hard for you to just accept that not all the roman emperors were golden blonde with blue eyes, and pale white skin? Roman Empire was not Norway.

Sup Forumsfag here
>there are vague accounts of blacks that existed around the Mediterranean in Roman times therefore we can pack history piece stories with diversity hires and claim historical accuracy

Let's be honest this is kikes putting blacks in their shows and movies to synergize with their diversity virtues public narrative in order to boost ratings and feel better at night about being rich sycophants. Ironically it turns more people off than attracts them. Niggers don't give a shit about Roman history and whites don't want to watch a fun "what if they were black" version of historical events. Breaks immersion.

So you can either be African or Norwegian? There's no middle ground? Enough, I'm out of here.

Immersion is racist, goy. Remember Dunkirk the movie? TOO WHITE.

>north Africa

At least they're wearing Lorica Segmentata in that pic and not the retarded leather every other show/movie has.

this is one of the most big brain retard post ever.

I bet he doesn't even know the meaning of the words sub-Saharan Africa or, as we know it on Sup Forums, subhuman Africa.

LOL no but Hollywood is fantasy so everyone's a transgender in Hollywood

White people didn't put in the physical labor needed to conquer us. They paid off blacks to enslave blacks and only waited until the had machine guns to venture into africa because they wuz pussies

Friendly reminder: When Romans use the word "Africanus", they're referring to Carthaginians, not sub-saharan dindus.

Carthaginians are Pheonecians, so basically desert Greeks. Picture Assad.

Typical leftist thought pattern.

Whites invent mechanical weapons because they are pussies.

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You became merchandise to pussies?
What does that make you?
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His mom was Syrian Arab (Asia), Not African for god's sakes. Julia Domna was born in Emesa (Modern-day Homs) Syria. Just because her name means black in Archaic Arabic doesn't mean she's from Sub-Saharan Africa. Just because someone has a surname that translate to Black or White, doesn't automatically mean they were Black or White.

We paid the blacks? I remember us paying a lot of money to the Arab Slave traders, not nigger chieftans.


Is no one going to comment on the fact we have Bahrain making a thread?
Never seen a Bahrain poster before

>Never seen a Bahrain poster before
Lurk more then.

He said ass.

Yes if by "Western media" you mean (((Western media))).

Is there any other media in the west?

The main reason this shit happens is a surplus of black actors loitering around looking for paychecks.

Reminder that there is no such thing as 'Western countries'

If you're asking if there is non-Jewish owned media in the west that's mainstream, the answer is nearly no. There is some non-Catholic Christian-owned media on Cable but that's about it. Internet forums and channels on (((Youtube))) are the only things approaching mainstream.

How odd, that sounds vaguely reminiscent of the EU's current immigration policies.

The US and Europe's coalition empire is showing a lot of parallels with the late Roman empire. I highly suggest you read more about the period. It's incredibly illuminating and it will give you a better idea of what may come.

And the point at which ouf neck ends and our head starts isn't clearly definable so we neither have a head nor a neck

Black people ruled the Roman Empire while wypipo was homo'ing in caves.

Sure if they brought soldiers from the African provinces.

Yeah. At late stages of the Empire when they started to accept barbarians to the army.

You have zero proof of your claims, how fucking funny is that?
There were no niggers in Rome
Septimus Severus wasn't a fucking black his mother was phoenician and his father was Roman. This is proven by written account from historians that lived in his time.
There were no fucking niggers in Rome you unbelievable faggot.
Don't use the inscription of Berber Auxiliaries at Hadrian's wall as 'proof' either.
The Roman's were actually very racist. They saw Germans and Gauls as animals for instance, so imagine how they would look upon a fucking nigger?
You know nothing of Roman history.
Literally kill yourself.

That quote is appropriating white culture.

They had black soldiers near the end, that was the reason for the roman legion's downfall. The white professionals didn't want to fight more wars because they wanted to buy their own farm and live a happy life with their family.

When war came and they were called upon, they just ordered their nigger slaves to take their place in the army, which obviously ended badly.

Crispus Attucks (c.1723 – March 5, 1770) was an American stevedore of African and Native American descent, widely regarded as the first person killed in the Boston massacre and thus the first American killed in the American Revolution.

Most North Africans were black before they were bleached by the Romans - though of course the mixing long preceded the Romans.

>the breadbasket of the Empire was Nubia/Egypt
Are you sure? I thought it was Carthage (Tunisia).

Though the legions were only open to Roman citizens, the Auxiliaries (who were recruited from all over the empire, and outnumbered the legionnaires) became Roman citizens when they were honourably discharged. And their sons would have been Roman citizens by birth, and therefore eligible to serve in the legions.


>Carthage being fucked so hard we still know about how bad it was today

Yeah ok.... most people don’t know that Rome was a huge underdog against Carthage in the first Punic War, they didn’t even know how to make boats

They are Berber, not Arab or Sub saharan.
If anything, closer to Bedouin but not Arab.

some were from Carthage could have mated with a roman woman and that child could be a roman citizen and conscripted in to the army


Rome was pretty diverse
as you went down the empire they got dark and darker
And yes Egyptians were black ... at one point. Over thousands years they've had many rulers.

Whites arent fucking fantasy elves shitting gold and civilization.

I would imagine they had a few black dudes. If any were of notable rank we would almost certainly have historical record of it, though.

>fucked up centuries of Egyptian society history
>your religion is wrong
>your capital is wrong
>damned near everything about you is wrong
>married his sister
So black people really do like to do this stuff wherever they go?

Of course, our black kings were so kind that they foolishly believed us evil barbaric white people when we asked for the keys.

There were probably some nubian auxiliary troops, that's it. Actually even thzt is unlikely.