>Scientists dropped off closed boxes in a remote Ethiopian village containing tablets, taped shut, with no instructions. Within 5 months, the children had not only learned to use 47 apps, but also managed to hack the Android OS.

>Black people are du-

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-mb niggers

How did they recharge them if it was so remote?

What qualifies as hacked on android? Learning to use 47 apps is not impressive.

Hey now don't be so racist.


>Designed to be user friendly
>Figuring out how to use them is an accomplishment apparently
Low, low, low standards.

solar chargers

How did they charge them, much less connect to the internet?

I'm curious about this because i know that niggers are dumb as the mud they sleep in. how exactly is this possible?

I bet they broke into them physically with rocks.

The writer probably considers getting into dev mode as hacking.


>hack them
sure they did

This whole story is a lie, FYI. They didn't "hack" shit. They'd just found a setting that turned the camera back on. That's literally all they did.

Wasn’t this part of Sam Hyde’s TEDx talk?

>1 post by op, no link, no archive link
OP you are a worthless piece of shit and you should kys. Sage.

We are now conducting experiments to test black intelligence?

I don’t know how much is says about their IQ. But it was definitely was a positive result for user interface design.


3 posts by this ID actually.

>hack them

With axes.

but nigs love sail foams

Turning the camera on.
>Within five days, they were using 47 apps per child, per day. Within two weeks, they were singing ABC songs in the village, and within five months, they had hacked Android,” Negroponte said. “Some idiot in our organization or in the Media Lab had disabled the camera, and they figured out the camera, and had hacked Android.”

Ethiopians are Caucasoids

>Some idiot in our organization or in the Media Lab had disabled the camera, and they figured out the camera, and had hacked Android.”

Turning something on is now considered hacking.

Oh, and another thing. These are tablets we're talking about here. The learning curve is basically nonexistent. You tap the screen and shit happens. The fact that they found 'settings' and 'enable camera' constitutes 'hacking' to the researchers apparently.

I'd argue it's a testament to good application design and intuitive UX work. But hey, go ahead and share your 'niggers are hackerz' story, OP.

Their standards just got 7-8% lower.

>1 year later

now let's teach them javascript

>turning on a feature is a hack
>Does installing adblocker and watching porn make me a hacker?

Must be true.

Amazing, this is what Africa would have looked like if it hadn't been colonized by a bunch of imperialist, racist whites.

You're now the head of computer science at Ethiopian AOL.

>hack the android
You must have a shit OS for ethiopians to crack it

>within 5 million years the nigger never managed to invent the wheel

That’s nothing. I have my tablet to my five year old nephew and by a week he playing roms as and recording blogs for his newly created YouTube channel.

to be fair to normies "hacking" includes using someones facebook account because they didnt sign out when giving you their phone

biggest load of shit

Studies have already shown chimps can identify tablets

Editing a value in the Windows registry is like hacking to these people. They have no fucking clue what they're talking about.

Hacking = reverse engineering a system and using your knowledge to make the system do something it wasn't intended to do. Finding some setting in a menu somewhere isn't even clever.

>47 apps per child, per day.

What fucking apps? I've been around my computers all my life, and even when I was doing the most creative shit with making original electronic music and video, I never approached 20 "apps" in a single day.


Does this mean the legendary hacker Sup Forums might be an african kid in a remote village!?

>After five months, the niggers had done enough haphazard tapping to turn on the camera.


According to the article, they changed the desktop settings and enabled the camera which was previously disabled.

Only took the 5 months to figure that out, with literally nothing else to do at all.

so like my 3 year old cousin?


wow so that means they managed to turn it on and then found their language in the menu

well I'm impressed that's unironically more than I thought niggers were capable of

Can confirm.


Adult Africans are mentally on par with a 3 year old white. News at 11.

>still a shithole

>Learning 47 apps on a smartphone

Wow, it's almost like any dumb cunt can do this.

>The east London student made the machine after stealing 600 Britbucks to buy parts.

Monkeys typing Shakespeare

They had days and months to push random button until they figured out that when doing so certain things happened.

This is basic chimpanzee level intelligence. This is how babies learn.

Come back to me when they use the tablet to design a space craft, travel to the moon, and plant their fucking flag In The soil.

>managed to hack the Android OS
with a sharp rock

So what they're saying is that government intervention and bloated NGO charities are inferior to sending $1,000 worth of ipads to a village.

Ethiopia is literally the most advanced African nation actually built by and run by black people. They have tablets there. Lol.

>five months to turn on the camera


making a post on Sup Forums is a hack

I think it;s more impressive a remote Ethiopian village has wifi


Gtfo and sage, Nigeria niggers and niggers in general learning after 5 months how to use apps and break into a fucking Android OS (literally totally shit and nonnexistant security measures) whom also probably have seen a computer before and had access to the internet and yet even after all these years of using white people technology there have been truly only about 5 bugs who’ve invented something of use or discovered (not to mention these niggers having white genes most likely) and you want us to call them equals?

Gtfo nigger kike loving shill

This is fishy as fuck. It reeks of dishonesty. If it really happened I bet they used some child mode custom interface designed for 3 years old. I bet 90% of the apps were pig and other animals soundboards and I'm sure enabling the camera was just some app asking for permissions with Yes or No option displayed in large upon startup.

Basically literal monkeys would've had figured it out.

Android security so bad it gets hacked by illiterate starving children

So many whites fell for the Nigerian financial meme.


>>“If it gets funded, it would need to continue for another a year and a half to two years to come to a conclusion that the scientific community would accept"

It's a brilliant strategy. Come up with a bullshit concept that will tug on the heart strings of the public and get shared around to make liberals feel warm and tingly.
Then taint the experiment and NOBODY will call you out because racism.
Then you can just ride the liberal gravy train into the sunset.

Headline: Whitey Uses Ignorant Jungle Negroes as Lab Rats in Social Justice Experiment


>closed boxes
>no instructions

>opening a box that’s not addressed to you, taking and using the contents of the box

Typical nigger theives.

The experiment was performed by One Laptop Per Child, which is a leftie hack organization based in Miami. The organization tries to "prove" that niglets are just as intelligent as huwhite children using all sorts of inane "experiments" like these.

The article fails to mention that the organization provided extensive technical training to the adults in the village on how to use the tablets. To say that the children "learned" how to use the devices on their own therefore assumes that the adults did not simply teach the children how to use the devices. Also, referring to the villages as a "isolated villages" is extremely misleading as the villages are certainly not isolated by any reasonable definition of the term. Both villages have running electricity and WiFi. It's not like this is the first time they are seeing a white man, or for that matter, technology.

To say that the children "hacked Android" a hilarious overstatement. The author of the article brags about how the children were able to re-enable the camera despite their engineers disabling it. This literally amounted to the children going into the settings and re-enabling the camera. That's what they call "hacking." The children also learned how to use proxies to bypass the search filter, something a literal retard could figure out simply by googling it. I learned how to bypass my school's search filter in the 4th grade. Where's my fucking article?

source: my cousin's friend works at OLPC as an outreach coordinator.

It's disgusting isn't it?

Is true science dead?

You know what that means??

Flying fucking pyramids coming out of Ethiopia... This is all we needed to do to see the stars guys..
Let's give the nigs rockets and see what happens...

>learning how to use apps is considered genius
Just like how scratch is real programming?
So they found some hidden zero day vulnerability?

(You) earned this one

The fucking thing has one button, toddlers use them

There was an American anthropologist studying a remote tribe in the Amazon and he ended up marrying one of the women and bringing her back to the US to live with him. She didn't know what electricity was, had never seen a lamp, had never seen a telephone, had never seen a vehicle, had absolutely ZERO comprehension of anything in the modern world worked or functioned.

Within a year, she was completely adapted, she could drive, figure out how to use electronic appliances without having to be shown, do her own dishes and laundry without anyone having to do them for her, figured out how to cook her native foods using the stove and oven, two things she had previously thought to be witchcraft.

The human mind is extremely flexible, I wouldn't be surprised if this story is true.

The hacking bit sounds far-fetched, but look at it like this: This is the most amazing thing these people have ever seen and they spend every waking minute dedicated to learning how it works, it makes sense that they would eventually learn how to hack it.

Why can't I hack my tablet? Because I don't care. I'm not impressed by it and don't feel the need to develop an intimate knowledge of its inner workings. For those kids, they probably did develop this knowledge because to them, it's literally the most fascinating thing they've ever seen.


Tell your cousin to KHS

What does your cousins friend think about this "experiment"? Does he think this is proof that niggers are superduper smart? Or is it proof that leftist k ow deep in their hearts that niggers are dumb as rocks and are therefore impressed by even the smallest of tasks completed by niggers?

Oh, wow, so navigated app settings and reactivated the disabled built-in camera app. Always knew normies considered the most mundane shit 'hacking'.

Africans never invented the wheel, give them one and what do they do? Create carts, wagons, or other conveyances? Use them to gather food or water? Nope.... pic related. But they're making custom ROMs for an Android tablet before it runs out of battery. Seems legit.

The cringe is fucking real holy shit.

Shut up poo nobodies into your faith of leaving lost items alone anymore.

TIL if you have to make posts on reddit to make it seem like africans are not dumb niggers, you are a dumb nigger.

>but also managed to hack the Android OS.

They literally turned the app back on. Here's how you "disable" an app on Andriod:

>Disable App
>From the Home screen, tap Apps (located in the lower-right).
>From the Apps tab, tap Settings.
>From the Device section, tap Application manager.
>From the All tab, tap an app.
>Tap Force stop.
>Tap OK.
>Tap Disable.
>Tap OK.

>Scientists dropped off closed boxes in a remote Ethiopian village containing tablets, taped shut, with no instructions.
>Within 5 months of not being able to charge the tablets or connect to the internet, the villagers somehow managed to bypass reality and use up to 47 internet apps, as well as unlock the camera which the scientists had disabled 5 months prior to avoid villagers killing each other over stealing souls with the divine rocks that light up when you touch them.


MY cat knows how to use my android phone,,, Calls people when i set it down face up...

They played this up so hard. After digging in to what this was, this is the kind of experiment you play on chimps in their enclosure. It's kind of embarassing how low these expectations are... but we knew this all already.

are you a russia

See, these minor details aren't important. What's important is muh 3rd world doctors and lawyers


does your cousin have any stats on how many one laptop per child programs just result in a tribal leader/warlord hauling off a crate of 50 gizmos to the nearest capital city and selling them?

moka pots have a so intuitive, yet intriguing design. I mean, many things around today which are trivialized by now, but could been mind blowing when figuring out how to make it work, and are now "simple" or "intuitive".

>the files are IN the computer?!

That's all well and good, but the speech given by the person who orchestrated this doesn't square with the story that guy told.

He said they taught the adults how to set up the solar battery charger and that was it and that they did indeed hack the Android OS.

I don't know, either he's lying or that user is lying, I don't care either way. My only point was this article, if it were true, isn't that impressive considering the human mind is capable of pretty amazing shit.

lel i forgot about that movie