Sup Forums on suicide watch: Lauren’s new HARDCOVER REVISED EDITION (in three volumes) of the book titled “BARBARIANS” is here

Lauren Southern is a leading intellectual, author, political activist and internet personality widely considered as the brain behind alt-right. Southern has also been called the driving force behind President Trump’s successful campaign by liberal entities such as the NYT and the Washington Post.

Although most conservatives have welcomed Lauren’s leadership in the movement, some fringe elements characterized as racist or hateful, resent a woman assuming a leading role, particularly given their inability to score with women, circumstance that is exacerbated by Laurens sex appeal, which along with her intelligence and sapience, will ultimately bring the end of mainstream misogynist conservatism.

Why the hate /pol?

Pic related is Barbarians volume #1

Lauren TV is already ON:

Writing for National Review, Ron Paul called the fringe elements that criticize “BARBARIANS” without first buying it as "wanna-be fascists" and bemoaned their entry into the national political conversation.

According to Steve Bannon, Lauren educates us with her new book, titled “BARBARIANS”, which is becoming a new classic regarding conservative political science. Christianity and Greco-Roman philosophy, along with whiteness are now being reevaluated through Laurens insight, rocking the foundations upon which Western Civilization was built. Now Lauren’s Alt-right is actually the driving force defending Western Civilization, Bannon said.

Writing for The Weekly Standard, Thomas Sowell instead described those fringe elements that criticize “BARBARIANS” without first buying it as idiots that can’t grasp the reach of Lauren’s philosophy that "turns the left's moralism on its head and makes it a badge of honor to be called 'racist,' 'homophobic,' and 'sexist'".

Pic related is Barbarians volume #2

Lauren TV is already ON:

Writing for The New Yorker, Noam Chomsky described what was once a "loosely assembled far-right movement", is now a full international movement thanks to Laurens research and data systematization regarding migration and Islam. The professor suggests Lauren’s work differs from the conventional right-wing in American politics is more a matter of style than of substance: "One way to understand Laurens work is not as a movement but as a collective experiment in identity, in the same way that many people use anonymity on the Internet to test more extreme versions of themselves".

William F. Buckley Jr. suggested that the alt-right is dead without Lauren, but with her as a figurehead it may pose a greater threat to progressivism than the mainstream conservative movement.

In an interview with The New York Times on November 22, President-elect Donald Trump disavowed anyone that disagrees with the facts contained in “BARBARIANS”, and promised to start building the wall himself, with his own funds if need be.

Pic related is Barbarians volume #3

Lauren TV is already ON:

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here are those who have read Barbarians by Lauren Southern, and those who have not.

She answers (BTFO) every leftist argument you're seeing right now.

She lays out the situation better than anyone. I've heard everyone from Richard Spencer to Trump himself quoting this book.

This is her Magnum opus.

Why the hate /pol?

Pic related is Barbarians volume #3

>tfw I became a $200 a month supporter and I'm too shy and autistic to talk to her on Skype

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I mean I couldn't care, but do people still shill for this reddit tier informative literal 5/10?

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Lauren TV is already ON:

Because she enbodies everything that is wrong with society today
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Lauren Southern TV is already ON:

I donate $200 a month to Lauren through Patreon and I have the right to Skype with her for 5 minutes a month, but I am to shy to call.

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I borrowed her "book" on a bus ride once and it blows. If you consider DR3 and cultural libertarianism redpilled then you will love her book.

>Lauren Southern is a leading intellectual.

lol, as someone who has multiple degrees I feel this is a stretch.

>Please give me money: The Book

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