Schiff says Nunes altered the Memo before sending it to White House

How do we feel about this?

Seems like he really doesn't want this thing published.

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Damn! How bad is this memo for Dems? They are acting like someone has pictures of them participating in a snuff film.

We need confirmed and recorded testimonies from anyone else who had read the memo before release, before they experience an unexpected train "accident"

Also, I wonder if Trump is using this as leverage for Wall funding???

This makes no sense.. his party was not needed in the vote to release it... he voted against it and lost.. how can he know what Trump has?

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Maybe Nunes CC'ed Schiff on the memo email to Trump.

>mfw watching the Democrat's squirm

This is fun

i hope at the very least, schiff gets fucked by the memo

Easy to disprove...majority rules..Schiff according to Gowdy is mentioned in the memo as someone using Obstruction when he went to court with Fusion GPS to deny the info that eventually led to Clinton being found out as funding the Dossier..He also acted like a lawyer for the founder of Fusion GPS during House testimony...He’s part of this and very deep...

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I trolled Sup Forums for the last two weeks about the memo and never thought they'd release it. Thought Nunes was full of shit and lying to make the Dems look bad. Seeing Schiff speak about the memo has changed everything. He's visibly worried every time he discusses this shit. This is very, very bad for the DNC

It seems like they made the memo just to release it to the public

Schiff and company have given up on trying to stop its release and are now going to attempt to smear and distract. Just watch. Mueller will leak something to the press before the memo is released.


Liberals on Twitter don't care what is in it anyway. To them it's a lie being spread by Russian controlled Republicans. No matter what's in that document they won't believe it.

I dont think so. He said he would release it 100%, and I feel like his strategy is to put the dems in a lose lose situation before midterms. Offer daca deal for ending chain migration which will kill the party, or they reject deal showing everyone theyre only interested in votes, hurting midterms and the spic vote, thus killing the party. After midterms, i bet funding for wall happens.

they're grasping at straws now, I can't believe they're so anally devastated about a document the CIA controlled MSM would typically bury with ease

And what if it does send some Democrats to jail? Will they believe it then or are they really that mentally unstable? If so, then they need their voting rights taken away.

its bad because it connects dots all the way up to shillary and obongo

>How do we feel about this?

You already know the answer to that. Thousands of screaming Tweets about how our country is dead and Russia won.

If a former president is sent to jail for corruption then I might just have a renewed faith in the system.

> be potus
> create ur own memo
> invite nunes over to bring his memo
> trump declassifies his as potus can do
> here ya go devin release this one m8

don't really care what people on Twitter believe

All I want to know is what the fuck has this guy scene that makes him stare like that



Doesn't matter, nobody's going to change the minds of the hardliners. But independents are 10% of the population, and there are some rational and more right-leaning Democrats out there who have a brain and can think for themselves. If the memo really is as bad as some people say, the hardcore Dems will be severely outnumbered.

Well that's fair I guess. I was just posting it to show how the liberals in general are spinning it. Pretty much no matter what it's a lie and something about Russian piss.

>And what if it does send some Democrats to jail?
You're cute.


Nothing will convince Democrats that what's in the memo is real. They have no where else to run but MUH RUSSIA conspiracy theories. They're living in a fantasy world of their own making right now.

post your wishlist

> mueller announces russia investigation was a sham
> new special investigation into FISA abuses & Russia BS involving deep state + media
> schiff resigns
> multiple democrats indicted/resign
> clinton email investigation reopened
> mccain resigns
> pelosi catatonic from the shock

> trump uses some of the political capital from these huge wins to tackle illegal immigration full speed
> california heads of state arrested by federal marshals for contravening federal law vis-a-vis immigration, same with all sanctuary cities
> wall built

Good riddance, the memo is just a shitshow that Republicunts just want to push through so the public will see the lies within, now they change it at the last moment to add in more lies. The FBI has already said the memo is troubling - because of the fact that it's all fake. Drumpf's getting impeached and going to jail, laugh all you want now, but I'll be laughing when he goes to jail as the worst president of the US.

also good

release both versions and put this bitch to bed.

>Gowdy: FISA Memo Will Be ‘Embarrassing to Adam Schiff’


Literally this. I swear to god, sometimes I wonder if this is what it feels like to be one of you right-wing conspiracy theoriests (albeit I’m actually right); are you guys deliberately ignoring the fact that the evidence is CLEAR AS DAY; THE RUSSIAN COLLISION IS REAL. Trump contacted Russia through background channels and, using these people he managed to convince Russia through payment or maybe the promise of favors to hack into our election and ensure his victory. I mean you guys can’t just believe that all this stuff is coincidence right? Flynn, Manhard, Assange. It’s all connected. Once mueller wraps up his investigation i mean that’s it, it’s over. I mean seriously, it’s time for this clown to be impeached.

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How many (you)s did you harvest from retards autistically screeching "SHILL!" At you?

>at the 12th hour, bug eyed Schiff makes completely bullshit un-falsifiable claim
Why does he even fucking care - they voted not to release the "first version" anyways. It was the Republicans who voted to release it - he can go try elsewhere. Why are people even giving this pedo the time of day?


It wasn't emailed. A physical copy was couriered to the White House legal team for review.

Change is probably something mimimal like correcting a grammarical error.

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>drumpf harder shill

IF ITS MADE UP - why the fuck do they care? Are they so stupid to think make-believe would discredit Mueller? One would think the claims would have to at least be true. These people are beyond retarded.

>How do we feel about this?
How do you think we feel?
"He was raised in a Jewish family"

Where are you finding this shit lol? It reads like the comments section of the WSJ or something.

palpable despair.

He's been abused since a child by his Monarch / MK Ultra handler. His trigger phrase is "wet Kennedy"

>part of the government


How much do you wanna bet that the news of the main memo change is part of a scheme to prevent the democrats from being ready with counter-memo denials.

And they just happened to deliver a copy that was altered? How many copies of this memo exist? Didn't Schiff say he had his own memo? Could this be a third version? What the fuck.

They’re reaching unheard of desperation levels
>top reddit post
>blumpf literally just ended the law. The whole fucking thing

Why hasn't it just been leaked at this point? For fuck's sake, if the situation was reversed, the Dems would've had the memo published in the NYT by now

> a investigation

*poltards are so stupid...they will believe anything I say*
>i'm actually right
>muh russia is real
>that's it's over

he saw his own name in the memo

a lot

And when that doesn't happen are you going to commit suicide? Seriously what's your plan if it turns out you were dead wrong about everything? Serious question

On top of everything else, how excellent would it be if this old bitch croaked in the next couple months?

They added a notary public stamp to it.

Lol he probably just made minor edits/citations which made schiffs points in his memo totally false.

Realistically if it does contain information that will put people in prison the Republicans will want to make sure they do every single thing by the book to minimise any possible legal defence on the grounds of mishandling evidence or not following procedure.

I wish plebbit didn't exist.

That's a good point. Would explain why it hasn't been leaked. Although, the dems would have incentive to leak it for that same reason.

exshareblue says r/politics & r/pics were sold to leftist shill comrade groups

I thought the dems didn't read the memo? How would they know if it is altered


the leftist/dem/deepstate argument is PROCESS, not CONTENT

Schiff said himself he hadn't read it, right? Interesting how he knows what was changed in this "version" but never read the original. Amazing logic.

Goodness gracious. Well, I suppose if Schiff feels that the memo is too upsetting, it shouldn't be released.

Schiff was responsible for hiding all this information in 2016. In 2016 Schiff knew FusionGPS was funded by the DNC and that the dossier was a hit piece. He used his position and attempted to hide that fact until Nunes got the dirt. Schiff is fucked.




> muh russia

The absolute DESPERATION. Schiff knows exactly what is going to happen to him when the truth comes out.

Schiff is an Israeli citizen.


>There's 4 different versions of the facts
>Adam Schiff just told us right now that the memo has been altered by Nunes
>The memo is a threat to national security

I got sick and fucking tired of this argument when the Neocons were using it to justify every fucking crime Bush did.

>There's no need to investigate black sites IT'S MADE UP BY LE TERROCRATS
>There's no need to investigate NSA surveillance IT'S MADE UP BY DURR TERROCRATS
>Don't you dare pay attention to the torture behind the curtain, you unpatriotic TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER

Fine post sir, I enjoyed it a lot.

democrats are the ones under fire and they're not even in power... or do you believe Trump is being investigated by Mueller? Hahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhahahahah!

Yeah and Bush did 9/11, conspiratard.

Jeeze oh man.

wow I guess schiff is really getting fucked.

Word is that the FBI went to the white house and redacted it.

It's a shame that no matter how frenzied and delusional they get, they'll never ever go outside, chimp out and get shot by police.

>demand changes to memo
>accuse opponents of destroying democracy by agreeing to your demand

In hindsight, maybe Schiff is on the mark here

He is lying


I heard that on CNN, too.

It was on Fox, actually.


we need to find a way to disable their internet

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