Why can't blacks seem to create any kind of civilised society?

I cannot think of a single black country that isn't a shithole. Is it genetics? Is it simply the geography of the places they live in? Even the mudslimes managed to create a an inkling of civilised society.

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I just don't get it. Millions of dollars in aid and they still can't handle themselves. Genetics must be the answer.

to create society, you kind of have to go against your base instincts. like pissing openly. typical rowdy forest life. you have to LARP as proper. that's what manners are. LARPing

niggers cannot.

Not True:
>The Cabo Verde Islands of Western Africa:
>Stable two party system
>Free market economy
>Booming tourist and real estate market
>No civil unrest in national history
>Second highest literacy rates after SA
>Oldest place place of Christian worship in geographic Africa.
>Strong rule of law

wow, one place

how do we replicate this behavior in places without massive tourism?


>an asexual being at some point produced offspring that required sexual reproduction despite their being no other creature that could mate with it

wow, 500,000 people living in a series of tiny resort islands miles away from the rest of niggerdom. Surely they are a model of success and resourcefulness.

Don't know user, Cabo Verde also has no natural resources to export. Could be a factor, playing the country game on hard mode like that means priorities are different.

because theyre niggers

>To be a moderately successful African country you need to be physically separated from said continent by 350 miles of ocean)

Shouldnt be surprised i guess.

they've come a long way since then

Some can get used to it.


They are heavily mixed with euros. Brazilians without new world native blood.

>70% mulatto
>28% black
>2% white
So how about them black nations

>Why can't blacks

Civilization is a human trait. Animals have packs, herds, hives etc. Civilizations are not the least bit useful or enticing to niggers, no moreso than to squirrels and rabbits.

28% is alot

Post moar webms guys, it's low-key all I wanted in this thread

This is a country in geographic Africa run by people who do not identify as anything else other than Africans. For all practical purposes they are black. Case in point: Obama is only half black, do you consider that before you call him a nigger? Can't have it both ways.


>what would you call him?

IQ is a mysterious thing... well not really nigger are statistically retarded

So Boers who live in Africa and identify as Africans qualify by your metric?

That's not true, what about Wakanda?

>The more you know


Kinda like asking "why can't dogs learn calculus?" OP

Boers identify as White, last I checked.


>Island surrounded by the ocean
>No resources to exploit

Have you ever heard of fish nigger-kun?

That's fucking perfect

>people who do not identify as anything else other than Africans. For all practical purposes they are black.
something something attack helicopter

And African mullatos identify as "coloured" not black.

queen of Sup Forums



Captain obvious is on the case, I see. Did you bring partner Sergent Pedantic? I was referring to the minerals and metals, faggot.

Citation on that.

The requirements for a leader are much higher in Africa than elsewhere. It's basically impossible for them to advance.

Sargeant Pedantic reporting for duty. It's got an a in it btw.


I thought Corporal Typo was off today, all good. The more the merrier.

you're one illiterate pedantic


>pic related

Population of South Africa
Black 79.2%
White 8.9%
Coloured 8.9%
Source, wikipedia


is your pick from the Black lighthing serie?



Angola is alright.


The people of Cabo Verde don't use that metric. If you ask them, they will say black.



Not many "coloureds" there either.

Citation on that


It's the exception that proves the rule. The only niggers who can maintain some semblance of civilization have substantial human admixture.

War and poverty maybe. Idk.

their cultures are inferior and inhibit them from any kind of success, don't let an anthropology professor hear you though

I identify as African. Check your privilege, Nigger.

they identify as Creole, not black

really? they are pretty black.

>"Millions of dollars in aid."
I think you meant millions of dollars in AIDS.

Instead of getting pissed after seeing videos like that, i get happy because i know 2 whites just got redpilled

Not so fast there, American nigs are also mixed so what's up with them?

I think you mean Fecalated Environment

If you're huwhite, your genes would beg to differ.

oh my god. they're literally APES

Population of Cabo Verde
Creole 71%
Black 28%
Euro 1%
Source wikipedia

This is why they need to be slaves. They are safer that way, even from themselves.

Always the color of skin with your racists. If I was born here that makes me african, regardless of my white skin and green eyes. It always amazes me that your kind can't even thrive in your own continent, even after being given everything needed to succeed.

>the bucket at the end
never fails to fucking get me

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Damn nignon, i had to look up my own sources after asking you for a citation. You know, exactly like you asked me for a citation that i immediately provided, and once again you were proven wrong.

Cape Verdean Prime Minister, the guy looks black.


Because they're programmed to have and I hate saying this monkey server brains

American blacks only seem like subhuman apes when compared to American Europeans. Compared to the rest of this retarded planet full of subhumans, American blacks aren't even that bad.

>Implying black politicians work, ever.

Creole sounds like fish people.

>I was born in African so I'm African,

By that logic a second generation immigrant from whose parents are from Africa is just a German as Klaus down the strasse, eh? You guys always want to cut both ways for you.

But he identifies as Creole. That is the "metric" you specified.

>Cabo Verde Islands

BECAUSE they are not pure black...NIGGER. And because WHITE people settled the land and brought nigger slaves to it. HOLY FUCK...can't you millenials even use a search engine? Have you all gone full retard or something?


>Niggers are descendants of Deep Ones fucking humans in the ancient times

My family has been here longer than most african tribes. When does someone qualifiy to be African? 100 years? 200? 500?

Please enlighten me.

but i thought niggers were physically superior? how did one scrawny ass huwhite boy take down 3 bucks and a niggress solo?

That's what they call themselves in Louisiana as well, i think it's from french and spanish admixture.

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>That's fucking perfect
Sure is

Weird. I am just shooting the shit because I never heard of that before.

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this Cape Verde is basically SA under white minority rule. Even the president is portuguese

If there weren't terrifying long-term societal implications, their breeding patterns would be very amusing.


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The crux of your argument is that these people have a stable country because they have some Euro DNA. Pic related is Cabo Verde's governing body, their national assembly, I see a majority of black faces here user.