get in here anons, we're gonna send some kikes to prison today. No one fucks with our lawmakers and gets away with it.

So far, we have competing waste disposal companies with ties to the seiu, antifa, and globalist think tanks right at the center of the attempted murder of 200 republican lawmakers.
the location chosen for the attempted attack was perfect for sabotage, and it was such a blatant attempt that we could probably tie all schumer to the attempt in under 4 threads.

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Time Disposal bump

not one congressman was seriously injured. The only people that died were the guys hanging off the trash truck. However, it's obvious from david rothschild's tweet that this attempted derailing was supposed to kill/ serious injure a lot of congressmen

Bumping out of interest

bump desu

seeing that pic reminds me-
time disposal has a facility on a street called zion crossing, and the hands on the clock point to 12 and 1, which =13.

13 levels of the pyramid, strips on flag, age a jewboy becomes a man, etc.

Too bad meme magic failed for them

wow wtf, that last part about the posts... fucking spooky.

some links from the past thread that are useful

The Senators were in Session. A Credible Threat was received. Senators and their entire Families were rushed to the train, Including school age children. A Gunship escort was orderd. Roads were closed ahead of the train.

their symbolism will be their downfall....


SEIU. FBIanon has stated that they do the dirty work of the Democrats, particularly podesta, it's assumed that this company is union, in which case seiu would be the union representing the drivers.

we need to confirm this.

The Memo implicates Israel. Israel is fucked tomorrow.

>our law makers
these people have done nothing for me and I am under no compulsion to defend them when I already pay for their security, healthcare, food, hookers, cocaine, etc.

At the same time, SS whisked Trump and Family off to the security of Mar a Lago.

Israel has tried to nuke the United States 5 times since Vegas happened.


soros paid what

I looked up the greenbrier retreat. It was planned for a while now. But still a good opportunity to attack

>all of this is fantasy

Was retreat a planned event beforehand?

Why do you assume it's union? They put want ads for drivers on craigslist. I hear there is an opening, btw.


for weeks beforehand

Ukranian Hackers. I'm fluent in Ant.


this is the second time republican legislators have been the target of terrorism. The first time was when a gunman opened fire on steve scalise while they were playing softball. Scalise was investigating human trafficking, and a democrat lawmaker had pizzas delivered to his office right after the shooting

delet this thread, user

six ways till sunday

Pelosi ordered the pizzas, btw

sorry about the zoom. here it is

I wonder if Soros and his spooks know where I live? I'll warn them now, I'll shoot to kill the second they set foot on my property.

Then why not use a semi truck? Why not use an actual dump truck full of rock? Why use the smallest 'lil trash truck you ever saw?

I assume you have timestamped evidence published before the attack of a planned Retreat?

Goddamnit you need to include my blood sacrifice research.

In Honolulu, according to

Super Blue Blood moon total lunar eclipse lasted from 1251am to 608am Honolulu time where it was visible.

608am is 1108am, Virginia time. This crash allegedly happened at 1120am. Within 12 minutes of the 150yr eclipse ending.

Blood sacrifice, niggers. Fucking blood sacrifice.

They'll just pump natural gas through your sewer line and blow your shit up.

Hmmm... hadn't thought of that.

Does December 6th, 2017 work for you?


they can't just kill someone. they are like any other terrorist group, they tell the world they did it so that they can make people fear them.

Were they trying to summon the God Hand or something? They'll have to try better than that.


>these people have done nothing for me and I am under no compulsion to defend them when I already pay for their security, healthcare, food, hookers, cocaine, etc.

feel free to fuck off at any time

you weren't suppose to. no one ever thinks of the drains.

Why was there a train full of GOP folks?

This thread reminded me /n/ exists. Do those autistic trainniggers have any insight on this?

It was an occult ritual designed and preformed by the deep state in an attempt to stop the "Trump Train". Symbols are the ultimate battlefield. Witnesses said the train did not engage it's brakes, first thing they knew something was wrong was the collision. The deep state's plan had a single flaw, they didn't account for no brakes on the Trump train.

this was a message. a warning

Where are the pics of the silver semi that got hit nefore the trash truck, and why are Senators saying there were two distinct impacts. Where are the earlier pics of pink pellets of ANFO from the garbage truck?
And most of all, why is a shill slide thread from msm trying to reach a consensus on a cover story being allowed on Sup Forums?

You are already paying people six figure salaries to investigate this on their behalf. Why are you white knighting for parasites?

At least I don't live in Maine.
I would investigate the sewer lines, but I have no way of getting to them.

That ID didnt even happen in these threads wtf

Obvious if you have schizophrenia tier levels of malfunctioning pattern matching in your brain

There’s an traditional annual retreat they go to to plan out the year’s legislative agenda. I have no idea if taking the train is the norm, nor do I know if taking their entire family is the norm... I somehow doubt the latter.

they have municipal contracts, which many times call for union labor and in unionized industry there's a lot of pressure to be union. However, I could be completely off base. We still haven't confirmed that it's union.

There was some sabotage done to their trucks a while back to put them out of commission, that's a famous union thus tactic. However, arrests haven't been made, so we don't know who did it.

Well it was reported at 1120. My guess is the train was a few minutes behind schedule. And the intersection was just too convenient an ambush spot.

And Wtf, user. God Hand sounds like a game i would have loved. I missed the late ps2 era because mine broke and i got a 360.

Quick question men: who has read the memo?

all senators and all house congressmen?

so over 400 people know what its about and they STILL sent it to trumps desk to release within 5 days?


On a more serious note, it's too bad the GOPs retreat got derailed.

What board is this from?

it's was the house minority whip that sent the pizza's

What do you want to know? The locomotive is a P40DC made by GE. The railcars are known as Amfleet II made by Budd.

George Soros paid Ukranian hackers to hack the car and cause this accident. Spread this. This post wont be here very much longer

190 Rs 12Ds all had to sign NDA's to view it.

blow me

Is that Bill Kristol tweet legit? That's 20 min before it happened.

4 pleb. the link is in the op

There is no conspiracy here. It was an accident. A real, true and honest accident. There is only conjecture and unsupported claims here, zero evidence of anything nefarious. Don't take the /leftypol bait. It is an attempt to make the right look like conspiratards. While a few dipshits will eat the bait, hook, line and sinker, most of them are a team of /leftypol fags stirring this shit up. They are openly laughing about it on /leftypol, you can see for yourself.

I haven't seen confirmation yet. If it's real it was 1 minute before the eclipse officially ended.

Unfortunately, I wasn't referring to the game. I applaud your enthusiasm, though!
Do yourself a favor and read Berserk. It'll clarify what I mean.

God, that's greasy, even for her


All Jews look like this.

Yeah, municipal contracts are a pretty strong indicator of union involvement. A lot of times companies will hire a Union shop to deal with those things while they maintain non-union employees for other work. Happens a lot in telecom. I can't speak to waste disposal, but it's probably similar.

I am a Computer Forensics Specialist. I jist checked demand logs. Tell (((Zuckerman))) that when he manufactures past news, he has to create the technical history as well. We are not all Liberal low IQ sheep.

However, I will agree that the circumstances are far too convenient. Fortunately, it didn't go according to (((their))) plan.


>What do you want to know?
i wanna know where it happened. google map link will work nicely.

You did nor know about this? The pizzas were cheese pizzas.

/n/ has been assembled.
>tfw in the end /n/ takes down the ZOG and not Sup Forums

I was wrong about that, see ---> but I swear she made a comment about the pizzas which is why I assumed she sent them

is this the post you're talking about?

Right here. Railroad Ave and marymart farm road. Train westbound. Truck northbound. The pics of the crash show the caboose and the wreckage on the south side of the track.

Lol. Yea.

all your pipes have p traps to stop sewer gas from coming back up the lines. They'd have to access where your home ties in to the city sewer and pressurize the line to pump it up from there.

That would be difficult to do. impossible, depending on where the access point is

>hurr durr muh jews
>Be good goys!! Dont look at anyone else!! Just Israel!!



I don't think the (((zuck))) is taking my call any longer. What's a demand log? Im legit interested. Here's another article, there are hundreds of them. You think they're planted? I don't actually remember anyone mentioning this retreat before yesterday, but that doesn't mean anything. I thought the Super Bowl was over and the Patriots won until this afternoon.

>ou are already paying people six figure salaries to investigate this on their behalf. Why are you white knighting for parasites?

because we aren't faggots user.

>I have no idea if taking the train is the norm
I was confused as fuck as to why the entire GOP was on an Amtrak train. I read in the WSJ they chartered a train.


Second time they fail to kill republican legislators.

>marymart farm road
Thanks. I was just curious if it happened at a super dangerous location where a derail might have sent it into a river or over a cliff or some such. Doesn't look that kind of dangerous desu.

On who's truck? I don't get this

I'm not sure this train even reached 70mph. The maximum authorized speed for this track segment is 60mph.

If they redact it then someone will have to catch a cold and leak it to Hannity

Reports that the 11:07 AM tweet from Bill Kristol was actually at 12:07 PM and server time zone is cause of making it look like he tweeted before.

Can /pol confirm?

you're an accident (seriously. ask your mother). this was an assassination attempt

>get in here anons, we're gonna send some kikes to prison today

LARP or not, this is the quintessential opening line of a Sup Forums thread.