Western culture degrades everything it touches. Agree?

Western culture degrades everything it touches. Agree?

This asian could've been a respectable young woman in her home country. However, growing up in the U.S.A she became a THOT.

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Marxist culture*

Sup Forums has a habit of excessively posting slut women and then claiming nothing is wrong with them, but I agree.
This is why partly why traditionalism is dead for good - nobody wants to give up the hedonistic aspects of it, and holding women accountable for anything is just too much for modern men to even conceive.

Yellow women aren't too hard to degrade mind you, they are surely the most shameless of race mixers, as beta White men are keen to display for us.

even Muslims are getting cucked

Asian bimbos are the best

Why the fuck is she a THOT?

You fucks are afraid of attractive women.

has the food in the US also turned her THICC???



The CIA brainwashing is so potent it's even making our men want to become bimbo sluts, your little Asian waifu stood no chance.

what's the difference


It's not western culture, it's cultural marxism. Quit trying to blur the two, you spook.

Hes an anglo soldier he became trans muzzie after he served in the army

Op u culture stealing tea sipping fucked up teeth having faggot. U not from Chicago u not even from Midwest . Stop saying thot pussy. Just say ho. Or since ur a faggot tea sipper whore sounds proper for you faggots.
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>uses negro terms like "that hoe over there"
>a degenertate complaining about degeneracy
Oh the irony...

>a respectable young woman in her home country





I fuck married women, I encourage girls to be sexy in public and you right wing impotents cannot even lift a finger against me. Thank God for making history progressive. By the time I'm old, women will have enough sexual authority to drive conservatives into absolute extinction

Western culture is what existed before post-modernism was indoctrinated into the youth through media and public schools.
Also, what home country is that?

It's okay to be an attractive women, it's not okay to be immodest. Muslims are right, stone whores.

>Western culture degrades everything it touches.

You're mistaking jewish despotism for western culture mate.

Any feet pics of this bitch?

>the eternal jew degrades everything it touches.

fixed it for you

Holy shit, this proves it. Communism is a fucking joke and impossible, but capitalism breeds some sick destruction against the natural order. I had no idea asian men got cucked like the ones out here do.

gib azn milkies

that's why you need to embrace national socialism

In the U.S. the only way national socialism would work would be if it didn't divide along racial lines. Hook, line, and sinker. I don't think that's possible with the current social climate, ergo, it won't happen. Also, ethnostates forming here would also become an impossibility because the country will literally destory itself in war. Whites will constantly tout that they have more guns and people but they aren't doing shit now, and they won't when shit hits the fan either. Too many are brainwashed and will likely fight for those who will kill them when the time's convenient.

No, I'm not afraid of her, she's not from my social stratum. I'm a vodka nigger and I'd like to flock together with a British drinking slut instead.

*Jewish culture degrades everything it touches.
The west has been infected with the Jewish disease the longest.

Video makes me sick... but it does seem to feed into strange Japanese shit and "fetish's".

that's exactly what needs to happen