Why are millennial women choosing to be single?

Why are millennial women choosing to be single?

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They have a great career.

>gurl gamer
stay far the fuck away

Many reasons
>they can have careers now and therefore no longer need to marry in order to support themselves
>Tinder and OKCupid means they no longer have to settle because they always, always have the option of something better
>many men don't want to get married because why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, aka. sex

because chad wont settle for them

t. first day on the board

Working hard to make somebody else rich.

Only a female could find fulfillment in something like this.

Because the media and kikes kept telling them for ages that they'll be happier getting a career and not settling down to be "slaves" to their husbands

standards are too high

They aren't choosing, they are scared of getting married and having children.

You guys should marry girls fresh out of highschool. Chances are that they are virgins and still not corrupted by socialist academia.


stop posting that ugly hag

Theyre whores with incredibly loose pussies at a young age. Their pussy farts have rendered them neurotic.


because millennial men aren't men

soe is cute desu, she must not like any millennials men she meets probably the soyboy problem


She'd rather keep getting pumped and dumped by Chad than settle for an average guy


that pic din't thought women could be this evil.

TL;DR: ask the Japanese. They've been ahead of us on this.

Girls are encouraged to be good producers and individual consumer units. They are told this will lead to happiness and empowerment. Marriage is recognized as a crumbling institution. Any woman with half a brain in a 1st world country can avoid having kids but still enjoy sex. Politicos tell them men are their enemies/oppressors. Private sector tells them to wait until the can LARP The Notebook because that's a totally reasonable expectation (just like pizza boys getting paid in blowjobs.) And when they're 35+ and men are still avoiding serious commitment with them, they can always become militant feminists and blame every male and competing female as they rescue their 5th diabetic cat.

This. Plain and simple.

Because they haven't met me yet.

It's pretty typical. Women are so unaware of themselves. Look at her, she's still banking on sympathy for her baby's daddy who died 7 years ago

it might be the lighting but she is starting to look more like a old roasty than her young cute self

princess complex
all their lives they been told how amazing and special they are
so they set their standards high, and hypergamy asks for a higher standard than their own, leaving them with next to no men to choose from

she doesnt want to settle with chad
she wants to settle with a good provider, chad will always be there whether she settles or doesnt

this is true I put my BEST picture on an AI rating app and it gave me 7/10, then I put a random one of my oneitis and she got a 9 and I couldn't believe it so I used a different app and she got a 9 again and that's when I realized I should hate god even more than I already did

life's easier when you're single, also fuck off with all women need to have kids meme

they do it's integral to the meaning of life

> choosing
Maybe no man stands them.

she got dumped hardcore iirc and had a bit of a meltdown

so you've done it, you've single handedly figured out the meaning of life then? to push out crotchspawn between shit and piss?

>life's easier when you're single
Agreed. When you're a guy, you can always sa fuck it and go knock up some girl that's 25 years younger, just for the sake of procreation. For women it's a lot more complicated because if they don't settle down before 35, they're fucked.

how men rate women vs how women rate men



your biological imperative is DEFINITELY closer to the "meaning" of life, than whatever horseshit you've got floating around in your tiny head, roastie mctoastie
then again, who the fuck even wants you LMAO

found the kike

someone needs to make her a baby ffs

dyed hair
self harm scars
fish mouth
caked makeup
problem skin

TV nwo programming

if i want to see the spectacle of life ill look up some pictures of deformed children, your kids will grow old and die just as you will ;)

Government, the courts and society are rapidly funnelling money away from men (tax, divorce, single parent welfare, equal opportunity) and towards women.
The harder men work, the more of their earned wealth is siphoned away for women.
This system means that women no longer ‘need’ men. We have no choice but to indirectly subsidise them if we wish to live in the society our grandfathers built. This is very different to the world as it used to be, where men could choose to subsidise individual women via marriage.

Yes, he will have someone by his deathbed who will remember him lovingly. user having kids is the only real way to win at life.

All the warning signs are there. Stay away.


tick tock

i follow many people here have not looked into antinatalism


lol, they have become so unpalatable that they are out-competed by men's own hands, sad as it is.

Because they can't find alpha males

modern women are toxic especially millennials
modern men are lazy and don't want to put up with this shit anymore
both sides have their own problems none are willing to work on them because both sides are like france and Germany in Verdun they rather die than move an inch

>they are virgins

LOL...high school girls are on tinder too user...some of them casually prostituting themselves as sugarbabies.

Lot's of women have kids after 35. It's just more likely they'll be aspie, retardo, or miscarried toilet babies. Problem is women either panic before 35 and steal sperm out of used condoms because they were too busy building fulfilling careers as HR managers to have kids at 25 and think time is up... OR they have happily accepted the lies that age doesn't matter and then blame flu vaccines for why their kid can't make eye contact with anything that isn't a train schedule.

Women of this generation better learn to become sugar mommas or start readin about babylonian temple whores because that's what they'll end up being with their toilet paper degrees and ridiculously uppity attitudes straight outta the victorian era.

I live in a uni town with literally 65% women, most of which are exceptionally young and physically attractive but if you've got any intuitive sense you'd probably be turned off by the absolutely fucking abhorrent attitudes their body language conveys.

Like if women want to be like men, getting jobs and earning achievements and being measured like men then fine BUT don't fucking expect that AND expect the same fucking "a woman is worth her man's achievements" bullshit too. Fucking stop that bullshit PLEASE OR SHUT THE FUCK UP STOP BEING NASTY I JUST WANT MY STARBUCKS COFFEE I JUST WANT TO TAKE THE BUS TO WHERE IM GOING WITHOUT BEING TREATED LIKE IVE GOT THE PLAGUE HOLY FUCK WOMEN HERE

Soyboy? Nyett!

You can bring meaning to your life by hanging yourself.

>Why are millennial women choosing to be single?

Choosing? Where the fuck have you been?

imagine being a bumfuck ugly, pasty roasti in iceland where the guys would rather go to the islands and fuck hapas then settle down with you
imagine being you

>parents divorce and show that marriage doesnt last
>choice between nigger, achmed or soyboys
>future looks like shit
Yes. I wonder why many choose to stay single.

>Why is this thread posted every single fucking
day without fail?

insecure and mad that they cant get a women and impregnate like a sow

Men don't achieve anything on average, nor do women. Difference seems to be in the snarky attitude you are describing.

Achievements aren't made by dicks or pussies, they are made by hard working individuals that usually don't give two shits about the problems of gender and focus on their work.

That being said, women culture has serious inferiority complex in the west, they don't have to be better, they just have to function in society.

she's not single, she's got her "friends" and they are all "bisexual".

Plus the inside of her uterus has been tainted and scarred. The plastic dildos massively sold are painted with dangerous industrial chemicals and quality control does not involve minor asymmetries that might cause internal lesions.


Bait thread

What islands?

You clearly don't know anything about Iceland and probably have some sort of mental disorder. The rope can help you and provide salvation, we are all rooting for you.

your first kid lol

Because they fucked niggers and no white men will have them any longer and they know deep down in their heart that halving low IQ niglets is not what they set out as little girls to accomplish in life. Goals become Regrets. Sorry scrubs...its a wrap.

You could say that women are married to the state

They stopped believing in the white race and white men. Period the end. They have no racial harmony with their men.

They're not actually choosing.
There is a widespread belief and phrase amongst white men "you cant marry a whore"

And there are easy telltale signs of a whore.
Using tinder.
buttloads of selies and social media presence
huge history of dating many different men
"empowered" feminist attitude

Sensible white men would NEVER settle down with such a toxic idiot slut and dont want to see their newborn baby come out of a hole that has been stuffed with multiple cocks, maybe even a few sub-saharin african american dicks.

So white men settle often for petite, cute as fuck feminine, traditional east asian girls or a rare white woman who has her head screwed on properly, or they just admit the world is too broken and escape into video games as their women whore themselves off like souless narcissists.
and i know this is gonna sound tongue in cheek and sarcastic, but jews have been spearheading European culture, media and social movements into this direction since 1917.

So who cares. Just enjoy life and let these dumb roastie whores regret their decisions when they're washed up 40 year olds, or single mothers with brown mixed fat lipped mongrel children to raise with their own set of daddy issues..
THe universe will correct itself ALWAYS.

Rotten uterus, hairy asshole, independant and strong,

holy fuck

And fellas..this how how women actually think. Do NOT help them with anything. They are treacherous parasites that have ZERO guilt about destroying men for their own benefit.

Kek be praised. Why is there no pepe on the train with an auti reading the schedule and going full rage mode if you try to take it away?

We need a remake of the movie Maximum Overdrive where the cars only kill women....and the men don't lift a finger to stop it.

>She's married
>also sage

virgin detected
>be me
>make a short trip to the north sea with soon-to-be-gf, 8/10
>she actually pays for everything

good men attract good women. suck my dick, loser

user...its time for you to dance the Tyburn Jig.

Aren't mixed babies so cute?

they think they deserve a 10/10 dude when they're 6/10

Everything you just wrote is going into my archive. It was that fucking good.

shills sowing discord with a slide thread

There's a fairly good argument that the creation and nurture of new life is a pretty spiritually fulfilling act.

Oh yeah, society is so improved with your bullshit middle-management fake-work career in HR.

You're just time-sharing chad cock until you hit the wall, then you're marrying your cats and posting "great adventure" holiday photos from that safe tour-bus trip to Machu Pichu so nobody realizes what an empty fucking husk you are.


I married a German girl who came here on a visa. She said the same thing. She was sick of the pansy soyboys. It was a few years before the migrant crisis, so that wasn't an option yet. She wouldn't move back now. Last time we went to Munich, it looked like mini Baghdad. No fuckin thanks.

Jesus! I hope the mercy-killed that thing. Provided it survived at all.

a lot of them are now hitting the wall or getting close to doing so. Their years on the cock carousel are showing and now that their prime is almost up, no one wants to put up with their entitled whining. Even the beta guys she kept as orbiters are starting to scared away by this #metoo shit. Millennial women deserve to be eaten by their cats.

whoa! Is that real? Problem is these days, it's so hard to tell.

Shit, man! In my neck of the woods, the 3's and 4's act like they deserve 10's. I've never seen such widespread lack of self-awareness! Thank God I'm already married! Dating right now would be absolute shit.

Yeah, I was lucky enough to land a white wifey who makes 6 figures, admitted early on she wants blue eyed (read:white) babies, and has said verbatim she wants a “brood” of at least 3 kids. I’m aiming for 4.

If I had to deal with the current dating scene of wall-approaching cunts and vapid roasties, I would lose my mind.

Also men insist on traditional gender roles as well

It's men as well OP, look up the behavioral sink, it was an experiment done with mice back in the sixties and it shows what we are going through at the moment

Its indian isnt it?

Because (((they))) told them that being married and having children is so yesterday

Yeah they should instead work hard for a stingy man that doesn't allow them to spend money who thinks he has the right to beat her.

Who the fuck is this, why should I care, and what does it have to do with politics?