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Why is /fitlit/ the best new board?

This is not a convenient thing if you're a regular in both boards.

Yeah but only because Sup Forums is filled with a bunch of impressionable shitheads who will believe anything a tripfag says to be true.

The majority of Sup Forums fucking hates kpop

this desu

Whether you're from Sup Forums or Sup Forums or a regular from both...can we all agree that Mr. Bungle pretending to be RHCP on Halloween in 1999 at Clutch Cargo's in Pontiac, MI is still the best thing ever

wew I forgot you could spoiler stuff on Sup Forums.org

Because discussing this everyday would get tiresome.


/fitlit/izen here. /lit/ is alright in my book.


t. Has never been to either board.

im a user of both boards so nothing new


There are other recordings but the camera work is unsteady in a lot of them.

y...you too...

This to be honest.

Now you can't Slowpoke for shit and Summer, the best tripfag ever, is gone.

yeah!!! this dude is righte!!!!

They just compliment each other so nicely. Seriously, this morning they had some glorious threads up. If any board deserves to live after April Fool's it's /fitlit/.

would it though?

Sup Forums is full of fags and autists

Sup Forums is full of retards and cuckholds