Why do Wh*Tes love Ancient Egypt so much?



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Why do Jews hate anything and everything?

see, they WUZ actually KANGZ but long past Egypt's golden age and the black reign lasted like 100 years

As an ordinary wh*Te , I don't believe that we built any pyramid.
Because there's no pyramid here in europe

So who do you think built the pyramids?

uuuhhhhhh, They wasn't kangz poor noggy, evil whitie destroyed wakanda, and won't let them near their flying pyramids

yea its not like jews in israel have very pale skin too and live in a very hot place

its not like your body can inure to sun over time

human biology is a right wing conspiracy

Egyptians were a mixed of races for slaves and conquest

they had olive skin.

Niggers did not build the pyramids the very thought of Niggers building pyramids only in Egypt is ridiculous

So, who built those pyramids, mr wh*Te aborigine?

Egyptians. A lot of people built pyramids, btw. The ones in Sudan here are the ones built by the Kush

egyptians never owned slaves
pyramid builders were paid

Semitic people, the same color people in Arabic countries generally are, olive skin tone, not white

What is the ethnicity of "a lot of people" who built Egyptian pyramids?

probably the majority on your image, which you'll notice arent dark, as the Kush put one of theirs as Pharaoh during their rule but didnt suddenly turn the population black

>Uses cherry picked images and name calling, strawmen

Mark Twain warned me of this i think what he said was right

Hahaha so according to you, the ancient Egyptians were Semites?

Because it was funny as hell when nig-nogs cry about egyptian not being black, I personally don't care about the subject and egyptians were probably a mixed of arab, european and Mediterranean.

but fuck nogz sperging and throwing tantrums about every great nation or person not being white makes my day.


Thats just not true quick google search will help

The Kush were in rule of Egypt for a few decades, they were dark in complexion, but they were from Sudan, not sub-Saharan Africa
they didn't make up the majority of the empire, they were more centered in the south of Egypt before breaking off to become an independent kingdom.
The Egyptian kingdom was fairly diverse, along with trade between them, and other bronze age civilizations, they had populations from all over north Africa who migrated into the empire

So mark twain is your imaginary friend? You abbos are weird.

egyptians were semetic-caucasoids. they described themselves as a red race. probably looked like saudis and other arabs

lol, you think your trolling is funny? that's a horrible bait, kys

So, according to you Sudan is not in Sub Saharan Africa?
Where is Sudan located, my wh*Te pet?

Semites are the best guess. Because of similarities between Arab, Jewish and egyptian cultures.

Take that European flag off and we will see what your really are.

I'm not saying Egyptians were white im saying they were not black.

Its called history dude, human history, are you a segregationist?

why do blacky and jews like to rewrite proven history soo much do they feel pathetic for their past full of failure?

predynastic and very early egyptians were white.....


any american white person likes other cultures because they dont have one. its like a need for them

they really like your culture, MS-13 is their biggest foreign gang

mehh! dont remind me that shit jajaja.
those are criminals they deserve death even in our country we hate them they are a plague