North West Canada is ripe for pol/colonization

Forget Namibia or some other island nation, Let's create a cult, community and our own nation in the Canadian wilderness.

Benifits including

English speaking country
Plenty of white women we can take and breed with
Good natural geography with massive forests


Are you going to let cuck boi trudeau stop you taking what you want?

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the black flies and mosquitoes are far worse than anything you can imagine
this is why most of us live near the southern border

Stay the fuck outta my homeland, you tea sipping faggot.

I'm sure i'll survive,
Fuck off it's still our colony you syrup guzzling fuck, We just let you faggots live there for the time being

The eternal Anglo strikes again

If your in Canada and not an anglo please neck yourself

I'm German, motherfucker.
You won't be so tough without your old friend Stalin backing you up, pussy

No, instead, you should meme for all right wing Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, and Americans of Anglo ancestry to come home and save the mother land. That is the most important thing. Then we can worry about spreading elsewhere. In your heart, you know I am right. We need to save Britain.

>in canada

Your days are numbered sunshine

t. Bongoloid cityslicker
You would be eaten by the Canadian wilderness in a second. YOUR days are numbered.

>Come to a disarmed country, goy
How about we make our stand in Canada, the US and Swizerland? You know...countries where we can buy guns

I went camping in the Algonquin interior once during blackfly season, I wouldn't be surprised if I lost several kilograms to bites alone.

>If your in Canada and not an anglo please neck yourself
you would be left with Ontario and some maritimes. cheers on the extra pajeets and fishermen on gibs half the year

We can all just buy land in Northern Ireland and keep our guns there.

I live in Alaska and go into the Yukon quite a bit. You're stupid.

You can have shotguns anyways, just not handguns.

>North West Canada is ripe for pol/colonization
You would not survive 3 days.

Leafs can't have handguns?
Tell that to my Tokarev TT-33, dumbfuck.
Unfortunately, we need a special license for handguns and they have to be registered with the gubmint

he's talking about Brits, my smart friend

I feel bad for canadians, I can just buy a gun and carry it around without a permit on the same day.

If we set up some self-sustaining base camp in the vast north-west territories, it could be comfy. Though you'd have to be prepared to do with basically no electricity, save for whatever you can hand crank.

Then why did he give me a (you)?

>I'm sure i'll survive

That's cute.

Lol what bunch of queers worshipping some old hag. MUH QUEEN

I'm not talking about Canadians brainlet Herman

So can all your angry hip-hoppin' niggers on PCP

I know dude.
It sucks.
But once I get a license, I can buy a firearm and have it same day. I can buy 10. Or 100. No limits.
My problem with our system is you can't defend yourself in public, and the rules for home defense are inconsistent and sketchy af (or at least the court cases regarding home defense are inconsistent)

Because you made the claim that Britain is disarmed, when you can buy guns there, just not firearms, and Northern Ireland is better than the rest of Britain.

In the same way China has manufacturing companies where the workers live on-site, and they have schools for the kids. Do you think a Micro-City Corporation would be a realistic way to make this plan work?
I was looking into farming, as it would be the first needed asset to starting a new community.
>Micro-greens and Vertical Farming
What better place to start then a food production facility that is registered as a Corporation. The employees live on-site and are the "citizens".

This autism... Jesus...

this guy has never seen the yukon

>this is why most of us live near the southern border
Now that's a real winner's attitude.

White men 0
Black flies 1

I know it's hyperbole. You can apply for firearm licenses in the UK. Same as Australia. But let's face it, in a practical sense, they're fucking disarmed nations.

>You know...countries where we can buy guns...
>...You can have shotguns anyways, just not handguns

ride with the flow

Don't you ever think about going back to Germany and saving it? It is your ancestral home land.

you take one step on our soil and I will personally beat you up. We have enough problems in Canada, we dont need a LARPing faggot to be one of them

well kekistan is an official micronation

Europeans are genetically suited to living in North America. I'm settler old stock. It's my duty to stay and fight for the nation my White ancestors built and handed to me.
Just because two generations have cucked to the jooz, doesn't mean we have to run away.

But at the same time...Some of my ancestors moved to Crimea to escape Catholic persecution in Germany in the 16th Century...So, I'm conflicted on the White flight question.

But ultimately, we have nowhere to flee. Even Russia is questionable, and it's arguably the least jewed nation, along with Poland and Hungary...
I think I'll stay in Canada. My ancestors earned this land, and it's my birthright to defend it.

>Bings try to reclaim MORE LOST CLAY

>>Not calling it Sup Forumsonization.

Just start a tribe of Solutrean believers as the OG First Nations.
Thats it.

It wouldn't really be habitable. There is limited infrastructure and sustainability would be a major issue, eg... Jobs and industry. Also the black flies drive elk into insanity where they will actually drown themselves.

I don't know why you're making this thread, Anglos are not allowed to leave the UK, both by your own government and by our promise to kill you for trying to spread your filth elsewhere