Its officiaI: niggers kiIIed music


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I seriously do not understand seeing live rap

They literally just rap over a backing track. Sometimes they don’t even rap. They’ll just walk around the stage for a while

The whole thing is bizarre

>The whole thing is bizarre

weII, its why so many want their money back!

Actually kikes are the ones that killed music.

Go check on the sauce, you Fucking greaseball.

What a middle finger to rock fans with rap headliners. I like newer rock but Kings of Leon is torture, especially whenever I hear "I won't ever be your cornerstone".


he seems like a pretty cool guy but i don't get why he's succesful

Post Malone?

Literally who?

kek there was one rapper who tried to rap through his tracks live without the backing vocals, Logic I think. he ended up having several mental breakdowns during his shows though
literally your brain on rap

Buying tickets to a concert that you don't know who is performing. How common is this?

that's what you get for going to normie festivals

a youtuber with levels of luck that shouldnt be possible

Sorry lads but what is Grime

>British news.
fuck off

Wutang did it right
Bunch of mcs who killed it as a group. Then broke off and all had individual successful careers. The most successful group of Mcs ever.

Mcs don't exist anymore. Just a bunch of auto tuned slaves mumbling shit

post is very nice but he has nothing to do in a rock fest.

tfw such a pleb I dont know any of the names on that list except fall out boy

You don't have to be very talented in regards to music to make trap music and its hot shit right now.

Silly goys actually belive they can hear what they want and not what we want.

Word. MCs do exist, but they went underground.

Anyone who goes to Reading deserves to have a shit time.
t. Someone who was forced to work there 3 times

literally whos except for maybe Post Malone, ive seen him featured on H3H3



I didnt even know black people had teeth or could smile until I watched soul train.
They were happy in the 70's

>buying a ticket without finding out what it's for
I mean I can understand being pissed but you should look up the acts before buying a ticket to something like this, the niggers didn't trick you out of that ticket.

i went to see snoop dogg once, it was entirely unintentional, he was opening for some band i forget the name of,

it was beyond awful. he had 20-30 of his "crew" on stage, and they sort of shuffled around and threw up gang signs for about 25 minutes. None of it sounded like snoop dogg tracks, it was like some dj party music and some 'hol ups' and other monkey noises.

the kind of people who go to these events will be gassed. their logic and reasoning won't matter when they're fertiliser.

They had Eminem and D12 on back in my day, as well of the likes of meme acts like Daphne and Celeste so it's hardly brave new ground for the festival. Rock died years ago, so this is just a sign of the times.

True. Rap and other crap never would've gotten so much attention without Jews funding and promoting it all.

honestly making rap/hip hop is easy as fuck. FLstudio is FREE and you can watch videos on how to make shitty trap beats for FREE and you can publish your music where the fuck ever for FREE

Rap is the ultimate form of jewish subversion since anyone can do it. It takes almost no skill to talk fast while maintaining a key and employing nursery rhyme prose with a "hard" look on your face.

They want you to believe fame and fortune is only a step away, and then watch as millions fall into the same depraved trap, all the while acting like fools. Mocking themselves and perpetuating filth.

For big festivals its really common. I went to lolla and they didnt post the lineup till after the tickets were sold.

Years ago, our festivals never sold out. You could get a ticket the day before, and some festivals sold such few tickets they threatened to cancel them. Then Radiohead happened, and everything changed in 2003. They did a tiny tour, but were to headline Glastonbury. Hundreds of thousands of people tried to get tickets, and the media jumped all over it, thinking it was the love for festivals, so they really started to push them. All other festivals started to sell out before lineups were announced. And of course that changed the type of people that went to festivals. What used to be underground became mainstream, and of course the headliners and performers changed to cater for this new, mainstream crowd.

tldr - Radiohead accidentally killed the entire festival scene

Live rap is complete shit and I hate niggers but I'm guilty of enjoying this live clip

Poetry is poetry, though, and I think it's important at this time to not throw the baby out with the bath water just cause celebrity and music industry culture is fucking spiritual poison.

Look up 'flyting' on Wikipedia for a refresher in context.

Their biggest mistake was thinking that niggers would buy anything that isn't dollar store orange soda with food stamps

>dollar store orange soda

Leave my delicious high fructose corn water out of this, okay?



>Be at club
>DJ playing all rap requests
>Dance floor is packed
>Request a half-way decent song for a club (Shooting Stars by The Bag Raiders)
>Floor instantly turned into a wasteland

Hoogs killed clubs and good music.

Who the fuck buys a ticket before knowing what the lineup is?

>>Be at club
what did you expect

I'd be pretty pissed, but there is no way I would have bought tickets without knowing the lineup first.

Oh, rap. Ok. Thanks.

>Post Malone
Sounds like some kind of nigger.
Music is like candy, user. You're supposed to throw away the wrappers.
I saw a few when I was young and stupid.
Got over that bullshit real fast.

Oldfag here. It just takes that one fantastic concert to make you understand.
Some are shit, sure. And some performers are shit at it and probably shouldn’t be doing live shows (hello fucking New Order).
But the ones that are great are almost impossible to describe to someone who wasn’t there.

Gen X did luck out on the concert scene.
So far, I’ve seen live

Oingo Boingo (twice)—and they were my first concert.
Billy Idol, Johnny Cash
Depeche Mode (twice), Prince
Metallica (twice), Guns n Roses
Front Line Assembly, Nirvana
Jane’s Addiction (twice), Tom Waits (4 times)
Joe Jackson, Rammstein (twice)
Peter Murphy, They Might be Giants (3 times)
Erasure, New Order
Soundgarden, Gunther and the Sunshine Girls
Mannheim Steamroller, Radiohead
Love and Rockets, The B-52s
Garbage (twice), GWAR
Marilyn Manson, The Cramps (twice)
Lords of Acid, Jesus and Mary Chain (twice)
KMFDM (4 times), Nine Inch Nails (3 times)
David Bowie (twice), Siouxsie and the Banshees
Skinny Puppy, Jesus Jones
Samantha Fox, Pantera
Kenny Rogers, Poison
Motorhead, Primus (twice)
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band (3 times), Concrete Blonde
Van Halen, Tool (3 times)
Gin Blossoms, Ministry (twice)
Rob Zombie, Peter Gabriel
Rollins Band, The Pixies
Sonic Youth, Willie Nelson
Mojo Nixon, Front 242
Lamb of God, Social Distortion (3 times)
The first 4 Lollapalooza’s

and at least a dozen others I’m forgetting right now.
This isn’t even counting local bands or “DJs”.

Some were quite memorable.

If you try to sell Jungle Bunny (((music))) as rock, you're fucking yourself.
Or, maybe not. Millennials are stupid enough to buy a festival ticket with their daily double chocolate whipped cream moccachino at Starbucks

>tfw love music, but fuck kikes


every album they've made (minus pablo honey) is gold

what? a bunch of new york niggers pretend theyre chinese? its like pretending youre a pharoah

Same niggery shit like rap look a video om youtube called stormzy shut up and you will see and hear it


Post Malone
Confirmed baby fucker. That is the entrance fee for headlining.

>stream memers ruining festivals


>Be me 2004
>Reading Festival, won a VIP ticket.
>its OK actually bought a cool jacket for £10 that I still have.
>Greenday playing (although they turned up late)
>Decide to see 50 Cent
>He's Shit
Not pictured are the people throwing chairs or the group with the giant catapult dressed in Hazmat while firing Piss balloons.

>Post Malone
>that pic
>not sure if nigger or Irish

Shit, forgot about that. Good post


Rap is even worse than it was 20 years ago. Now they lurch, grunt, clap, and swizzle their parched voices like cotton frying on a pan. There's no enunciation, just a long droning hooting. The Stranger and other outlets come to defend it all, claiming it's really just "decolonized sound."

Entirely true. Yes, apes hooting in the fucking forest is as far from the purview of the white man as is possible.

Niggers noises (I refuse to call rap or grime music) has only been made popular via jews. Its like a forced meme. Its one of the main methods the kikes have used to indoctrinate whites into seeing blacks as cooler than themselves.

You want a cookie... Handsome

Where is this from? 0w0

>You want a cookie
I just want a good concert. Again.
I miss them.

>buy a ticket to our dancing whooping hollering nigger show goyim


Support a local rock band instead of this crap. Vote with your wallet, and put the money into actual talent.

Wait, are you from Chicago?


Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang

Your taste is the epitome of awful normie shit with a couple exceptions. Neck yourself my dude.

rock music will make a comeback, people still turn up in the 10s of thousands to rock concerts its just no new bands are given the opportunity by major record labels anymore

>Wait, are you from Chicago?
Yeah. I went to 200+ concerts in Chimpcago that weren't nigger shows.
You poor dumb bastard.
Tell me more about your talented niggers.
>Who got dat shine rim, who got dat shine shoe, who got dat shine grill?

Chimpcago nigs are a national treasure, an sheeit.
Who else could done rhyme nigga wit nigga, an sheeit?

I played Reading and Leeds in 2008.

I only listen to oldschool death and national socialist black metal, normies will never be able to get into, a show with 50 people is considered a crowded success, it's awesome, no faggots to ruin it

top fucking kek, would love to see that.

Lil Wayne did that! Also I'm From Chicago to man

Fallout Boys. Another headliner.
Club members

I've seen snoop, Eminem, and Ludacris years ago. Eminem and Ludacris were great & high energy. Snoop was the absolute worst I've ever seen out of any genre, super low energy, would do half a track and quit.

Why the hell would anybody purchase tickets though without knowing the line-up?????

>Look up 'flyting' on Wikipedia for a refresher in context.
>hundreds of years ago White people used to compose insulting poetry to each other therefore we should tolerate rap

Why is there always someone always desperate to dig up some kind of ancient excuse justifying modern degeneracy?

>hurr the Celts had dreadlocks so whites with dreads in 2018 aren't degenerate
>durr tattoos used to have ceremonial meaning so my shitty meaningless modern tattoos are ok
>the ancient vikings engaged in "flyting" so it's ok for me to emulate nigger rap culture.

I'm not trying to bully you user or be cruel, I just want you to wake up. There's no excuse for white people to rap in 2018, we have no contiguous cultural connection with the flyting of ancient times. It died out, probably for good reason.

You want to write poetry, go ahead write poetry.
You want to set poetry to music?
It's called a song, try that instead.
There's no need to rap though user.

apparently bongs do

niggers with black face, that's it im out of here

Headliner Annie Mac likes pizza:

Fuck rock. Whiteys ruined it in the first place.

>Your taste is the epitome of awful normie shit with a couple exceptions.
Sue me, faggot.
No JewTube back then.
No Twitter, or Tinder, or Tumblr, or faggots wearing dresses demanding that men pretend they were women.
We just had concerts.
If you wanted to see one, you bought a ticket.

Still, no one but niggers spent their free time on rap shit.
Ice-T was an opening act, your pet niggers are a footnote.

good for you.
I don't.

>Nigger of the Day done gots 300,000 hits
Should I pay it in fried chicken?

i mean, someone was going to..radiohead or not... i also blame burningman but that's a whole other thing......


How could Britain go from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, the Who, Bowie, Yes, Sabbath, the Jam, New Order, to shit like radio head and oasis?
>talent is dead, long live mediocrity!

I hope some EDL guy buys the 17p ticket and throws bananas onto the stage

It really wasn't considered mainstream until that event though, especially considering most festivals require camping. Most normies, hate camping so it keeps them away. That is also why it is a 99.9% white activity

>to shit like radio head and oasis?
They went from rock to niggershit.
That's the entire point of this thread.
"Reading and Leeds festival"
Black Britons love rap and other niggermusic.
>We wuz falafel, an sheeit.

I find it kind of funny, and kind of sad that to get the best middle eastern food you travel to London.

The English Call to Prayer is considered a Tourist Attraction.
God Save The Queen, she's probably a shitskin by now.

Fellow Gen X here, I also remember music before 'the change'.

Basically, Indie, Rock and Grunge music wrestled control of the music industry away from the Jews in the early 90's. They lost a lot of money as independent labels tore into their market share. So they decided to aggressively promote standardised, low-cost music with a low talent entry bar and flood the market with it.

You can literally spot the year it changed (1994) when suddenly low-cost, easily-controlled, easily replaced niggers started appearing everywhere in (((media))).

Young 'uns grew up swimming in a culture full of nigger jism so they think it's normal.

are you philistines implying this isn't the voice of a generation?

>1 post by this ID


If their goal is to diversify the crowd at festivals, it has failed miserably.

Although I will say they have had some success. My last outing to Glastonbury (and I won't be going back) my friends and I watched a big black dude attempting to put up a tent for about 3 hours. Most amusing he needed gloves, that not only matched his entire outfit but also matched his tent. Rather than diversifying the crowd however, all they have managed to do is flood these things with rich, white middle/upper class that are desperate to show how "cool" they are

nailed it

I used to work at festivals and other events. They're a fucking degenerate cespool.
>tfw they spend hundreds of britbongdollars to camp in a fucking muddy field
>tfw girl in front of me just started squatting and taking a shit
>tfw a girl got raped in the toilets and farmers caught doing coke at a fucking farm show

>who is Jerry Heller

Actually, he has a point

sharia law when?

>So they decided to aggressively promote standardised, low-cost music with a low talent entry bar and flood the market with it.

It was called Rap. Or Hip Hop.

NiggerMusic.You sell it with a crappacino at the drive through Starbucks.

It's considered 'normal' now.

Old rap was kind of tolerable

It was retarded nigger shit but at least it had some testosterone to it. New rap is absolutely soy as fuck

I gotchu senpai
just go to fucking londonistanislamabad, birminghamistan, bradfordislamabad or leicesterabad

your a idiot
i went to a rap show 2 months ago they had a bass player, drummer, dj , guitar player , whole backing band
you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about faggot