AUS/POL/ Valentine's Day edition

>Nights with Steve Price and Andrew Bolt
>Listen live:
Phone in:
Open Line: 03 96 900 693
Outside Melbourne Open Line: 131332

>Sydney's Inner West Council to consider Australia Day change

>Africans are afraid to go out in Melbourne for fear of being abused after backlash against teen gangs

>The Australian dollar is rebounding as stocks surge around the world

>Big bucks for Australian jet industry

>The pressure on Australian household budgets is real -- and there's no guarantee it'll improve anytime soon

>Canberra's other office affair remains shrouded in mystery

>10 years on: Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generation

>Barnaby Joyce saga 'not going to end well', Cory Bernardi says – politics live


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First for
>what's for dinner lads

>Africans are afraid to go out in Melbourne for fear of being abused after backlash against teen gangs

Why don't they fuck off back to Africa then or stop fucking committing crime, also it's fucking Melbourne there's no aussies to bash them there just commies and gooks

Slow cooked lamb, mash and asparagus

>ALP in charge of economic policy

Not even once Lads

Not sure yet old son. Thinking of cooking up a spag bol, even though it's hot as balls here atm.

Hey, lads, gather around for a story
>be me
>a week ago
>in Lakemba (area full of Muslims)
>go to McDonald's for lunch
>The woman waiting to serve me is wearing a Hijab
>Also, her hijab was very messy, it had holes and stains and clearly had not been washed or ironed for some time
>Decide to do the patriotic thing and leave
>Go to Hungry Jack's instead.
>Not as many people there
>There is another woman at the counter who is also wearing a Hijab
>At least hers looked neat, didn't have stains and it looked like it was washed and ironed recently
>Because of this I decide to stay and ordered a medium meal
>It was pretty good
>And you know, I think my experiences that day really taught me a valuable lesson.
>The burkas are better at hungry jack's

What's his name again?


>Barnaby "A pinch on the arse was the right choice" Joyce
>Barnaby "If the senate is rockin, don't come a knockin!" Joyce
>Barnaby "The missus an I split, cause I found someone more fit" Joyce
>Barnaby "I come from NZ, I wish my ex-wife was dead" Joyce
> Barnaby "Wasn't shooting blanks, and still got no thanks" Joyce

nuke us

>>Africans are afraid to go out in Melbourne for fear of being abused after backlash against teen gangs
lol fuck off I see African cunts all the time hooting and holla'ing on street corners n shit

how to deal with antifa 101:

punch first ask questions later, it's not like they're going to make a formal police complaint

b... but user, didn't you watch the "sunshine" tv show.
The Sudanese have been through so much racism and are contributing so much to society. All they want is to go to church and help the poor without being attacked by white racist gangs...
It was on SBS so it must be true.


I got alcohol and strong painkillers

Why not just buy some shirty junk food then?

Can't be fucked

>Can't be fucked
Well stop complaining then.
You sound like a woman.

What do you guys do for work?


>Well stop complaining then.
But the truth is I don't have any cash and i'm not hungry, I just want my pain to end, life is fucking shit

Rice and steamed veges, I'm trying to change my eating style in preparation for the gook takeover.

Software dev

I'm the president of the Australian Human right's commission.

Collect the dole.

Bar wench

Fuck, I didn't realize that I was surrounded by the lower-classes when browsing Sup Forums.
I thought we were all upper-class Ubermensch, guess I was wrong.

>on a Kazakh claymation forum


Sup Forums is just a pastime hobby.
Posting on a Manchurian Yak-wool weaving forum from time to time doesn't mean that one cannot be upper-class.

How shit is the ALP lads?

pretty god damned shitty if you ask me

I use to think they were the party of the working class even going back to kevin rudd probably cause I was still a naive kid I guess identity politics wasn't prevalent yet in 2007.

Hahaha nice bait cunt. In my old job, literally dealt with fuckers worth Billions of dollars, and that included a ruler of a Country.

But hey, keep flipping them burgers at Macca's, and working for minimum wage.

You big fucking Sheila.

well even going back to Kevin they were into socialist policies like wealth redistribution with those $950 free money for everyone, it's not just identity politics that they do it's the economic illiteracy that's also heaps annoying, it's like they want to drive private enterprise out of Australia and have everything run by the government

A reminder to all you kangaroos:

is it cum in ur pic ?
No gf
but ya have bf isnt?

do aussies eat peanut butter? How many people in this thread have had a peanut butter and banana slice sandwich?

sure, look how much u fuck the english

ya faggot

Chicken katsu sushi and a 375ml Pepsi Max la

jesus that left look

is there a Sup Forums thread where this was first posted? i wanna see more lmao

coal sampler

im the user thats always whinging about my job. it was pretty hectic today

Fuck his based.

fuck thats an old joke but decent modifications user

what are you on about shlomo?

shlomo i think you've been huffing a bit too much zyklon

Shame his daughter is such a fucken mongoloid. Bitch dead set looks like Sid, from Ice Age.

ph yay yeha he died bu the mr Nazi Hitleron

i dont speak yidish LuL
אבל יא בן זונה עברית אני כן דובר יא הומו


Work at a milk bar.

Hahaha holy fuck you're dumb as fuck cunt, know how I know that all you know about politics comes from your dad and Sup Forums?

who here getting JUST'd right now?

Is he /ourguy/?

mfw my portfolio is down 70%

>"just get a job bro its easy xD"


> + underemployed + hidden

>tfw a good portion of those "vacancies" are either: fake ads for data mining, internal/nepotistic hiring, or are open only to foreign workers

self employed software technician :^)

literally who?

>mfw watching his brutal takedown of VICE

He is slowly overdosing on redpills and being driven insane by the lefts shit. He will unironically be shouting 1488 gas the kikes by 2020.

>can't find accommodation and sleep in my car while chinese students live it up

Name ONE other politician who isnt a cunt

Taking fiance to french restaurant


George Christiansen is probably the biggest cunt in parliament. He keeps threatening to leave the Coalition but never does. He's just an attention seeking fatso.

self employed engineer

>australian unemployed workers union

wew laddy

Anywhere I can listen to Jim Molans speech in parliament apparently he called for reduced immigration.

he's on bitch roids to grow tits for the womens league

prostituting your asshole doesn't count user

>He's just an attention seeking fatso.
He really needs to get fit. It's fucking embarrassing.

thats not being much of a cunt though is it

Anyone watching the Sudanese propaganda on 7:30? Those good boys dindu nuffin and they family suffering.

Self unemployed software boi

Yeah, I saw that. What a load of crap. What is wring with VICPOL?

The guy thats about to be sacked.

what time is it on?

Ten vs one and the ten are still shit scared lol


I'm a janny

Since I was too dumb to check the catalogue and kept making a new aus/pol/ heres some extra news from today

>Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives to fight for 20 seats in SA election

>Barnaby Joyce's leadership has Nationals stuck in holding pattern

>Barnaby Joyce's leadership has Nationals stuck in holding pattern

>Lost boys: the African youths behind the headlines

>The Australian dollar enters a holding pattern ahead of today's blockbuster US inflation report

>Labor pressures Barnaby Joyce over rent-free house in Armidale – politics live

>SA election: Party leaders questioned on women's concerns

>Not one rule-breaking political lobbyist suspended in five years, audit finds

>'Yes' victors seek abolition of all church exemptions to anti-discrimination laws

Alright cunts, lets settle this.


the state of this country

Ahh, a fellow cracky.

I'm a loyal centrelink customer

Yfw they go on strike and go to work.

WORTHY post m8


what freak eats a parma

He put a little tomato sauce on her pie

i'd vote for him

Is this leftypol?

self employed meme inspector

he couldnt resist


I'm heading to Jakarta for a weeks holiday and while im there I want to buy some of the local smokes back (specifically pic related which are godtier smokes).

However, ive just found out that our fucking nanny-state (((government))) has cut our tobacco licence to just 25 fucking grams.

Any advice on how to bring a decent amount of smokes back?

Should I just bring say a carton and declare and pay the duty? how much is the duty? would it still work out cheaper than just buying smokes here?

I want to sack up and just not declare it but that sounds way to risky and I dont want to be paraded around with all the gooks on Border Security.

pls halp. also fuck this pozzed nanny state government that bans and regulates every single fucking thing under the sun.

Simon Birmingham

Inspect my meme please.

3/10 meme/meme bretty good t. meme inspector

>oh shit I can't refute that argument because its true, I better go for ad homiuem

case closed lads