Stop burning fossil fuels

Stop burning fossil fuels.

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Gib economy of scale.

methane isn't a fossil fuel thats why elon is using it in his new rockets and Spike Drives.
No fossils on titan but there is Methane.

fear any man that is a billionaire twice over and oversees deep underground tunneling operations

Oki doki mr elong

Will Musk be remembered as the visionary who couldn't finish a project?


You mean twenty.

twice is good enough

How is this man rich? What has he profited off of massively since PayPal?

And start buying my brand spanking new battery banks.

And switch to jews.

just go to mars already

Most of his networth, like nearly everyone who is a billionaire, is directly tied to the equity of the companies he controls. In this case, he has the controlling interest in Tesla and SpaceX. Along with a few other smaller companies (one of which will probably turn into being worth as much as Tesla, at a minimum).

He also substantial ownership in land, bonds, hardware, buildings, and of course cash.

SpaceX's most recent valuation put it at around 21 billion dollars. He controls 75% of all the stock, or close to it. Then there is the Tesla stock. Right now Musk could sell all of his Tesla stock, and effectively be impervious to any sort of damage to his wealth because SpaceX's value will never go down. The economy could tank, and he wouldn't even notice. If you see Elon sell off most of his stock in Tesla, prepare for another recession. That will be the sign of his turtling up and getting ready to reinvest the cash into Tesla once everything shits the bed.

The dude owned pic related at once point (as well as other planes). He has no right to tell others to be economical with fuel use.

A lot of your rich people are buying property in remote areas here. Its a good sign that they can see the imminent american civil war 2.0

>le stop with fossil fuels
>builds the largest rocket today by an order of 2 that burns tons of fuel a second

F9/FH burn LOX and Kerosone. LOX for the 1st stage, and Kerosene for the second stage.

Elon is autistic enough to trust
Real human bean.

Make me.

I hate how they worship this guy all the time

Even the main booster of the falcon heavy failed to land on the droneship

He's going to be the richest man on the planet, and his sons will be political and economic powerhouses. You may not like the worship, but recognize the audacity of the game he's playing.

wut? LOX = oxidier, RP1 (kerosene) is the fuel.

was anyone else here an elon fanboy before the normies discovered him? I've followed musk/spacex/tesla since about 2005.

Stop sucking dick

yeah, that fucking loser.

Stop being a fucking liar!

Space my ass!