ITT: Psychedelic Experiences

Describe your most profound psychedelic experiences, Sup Forums. (((They))) have tried to lock these substances away for decades because of the power contained in them. I'm sure many of you can attest to this power, please share your story.

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They should be treated like a once in a year treat.
Doing them every day is terrible.

I drank a bottle of Robitussin and sucked off my straight friend. I am also straight. Came in my mouth.

this pic is the closest thing i have ever seen to what dmt is like

Psychedelics are critical tool we'll need to manifest our destiny. Incredibly powerful substances most people are starving for.

Also this:

I'm pretty sure you can communicate with "aliens" by going inside your mind instead of looking for them within the physical realm.

Being young and dumb, took 2g dried caps at a friend's, had a blast. Decide to do it again, "gonna do more!" tough guy showed up. Quarter dry. My entire being had never felt more humble afterwards. Changed my life entirely for the better. I've since tried to trip hard every 6 months. Generally I meditate, focus on my life and my place as such. I find it as terrifying and torturous as soul nurturing.

Never take drugs while you are in crippling depression pol.

Last lsd trip felt like a punishment from heavens

Its not gay if you dont swallow but I know you did

perhaps because the the true causes of your depression surfaced to the front of your mind and your subconcious jew shut it down?

how would one who is completely inexperienced with all this drug stuff but has an acute interest in them acquire them?

I'm probably not at the best part of my life to really divulge into them either.

Also, I had two experiences with marijuana edibles and had horrible, horrible experiences - should I just steer clear from drugs?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Took mushrooms and realized the movie frozen was the Jews mocking Walt Disney’s frozen body. Still believe this to some extent

I've heard from some friends that microdosing a couple times a week really keeps their perspective in line. Considered trying it, but never did anything but nutmeg (which was fun, aside from the nearly dying part.)

But in all seriousness, a couple of my psychedelic experiences were very cathartic and cleansing. It also allows you to think look at your problems in a different perspective which can be useful

they are very powerful,

I for a while was a nihilistic depressed little shithead, I tried Dmt one time and afterwords I quit all psychiatric drugs and stopped being depressed, I embraced god and the beauty of creation, But I also started to realise my own power as well, its important to stand up and fight every day to bring yourself and the world closer to what someday might be.

My dmt trip
>load 65mg
>take it in two hits hold it then exhale
>cough my dick off
>close my eyes almost immediately after setting pipe down
>see all kinds of geometric patterns and shapes that I cannot even describe
>Eventually I feel a presence
>it looks like it is made of shapes, and somehow I know it is sentient too
>It morphs into my mom, then my dad, then my brother, and then my friends growing up, and I swear just about everyone I have ever met, including my past and current pets
>Right after this I woke up on my couch'

Crazy stuff, The experience profoundly changed my view on reality and my personality for the better.

find deepdotweb on google
lookup guide to buying drugs on dw

Drugs are not for everyone, make sure you have no family history of mental illness or anything.

I went to Stonehenge on Summer Solstice with some friendship last year and tripped on acid. Shit was pretty magical I loved just being able to touch the stones.

Trip hard every few years and evaluate for the rest of the time un between. Like 3 years minimum

Most profound experiences I've had weren't psychedelic, I've done DMT, mushrooms, and LSD plenty. You are buying into the Jew bullshit, the idea that you can literally consume spirituality. If you do these substances for anything other than fun, you are bluepilled.

Use the reddit "darknet market bible" and read it thoroughly. Congrats, you now have better drug connects than lifelong addicts.

In your case I would recommend 2-3g dried psilocybin mushrooms. You may be able to legally acquire spores and grow them yourself, not sure about the US on that one.

>You are buying into the Jew bullshit, the idea that you can literally consume spirituality

No it is merely recognizing that a telescope can be used as a tool to better understand the cosmos; you can also look into it backwards.

>le so enlightened face x D education, ancient teachings, and architecture are stupid!!!!

It was about 6 months into me and my girlfriend's relationship. We had tripped before and had wonderful times together, so we decided to take 2 tabs of LSD on a whim. Things were going alright in the beginning, but as I started to peak, there was a shift within me. She would be laughing and acting silly while I sat there feeling so distant from her.

I found myself questioning our relationship, if she was really "the one" for me anyways. I already had a few failed relationships, and I found myself here yet again: the honeymoon phase had ended, leaving me with a background discontentment. That warm feeling that used to be in the center of my chest whenever I was in her presence was replaced with an emptiness. I sat there wondering if I'd ever find someone I truly felt connected to, that I truly loved. I didn't even know what love is.

I couldn't take it anymore and I turned to her saying that something is wrong. I tried explaining to her what I was feeling and she started crying, asking why I didn't love her anymore. I cried to, saying I don't know what's wrong with me that makes me so shut off.

And then in a split second, everything was fine. She suddenly seemed to understand exactly what I was feeling. I didn't know what it was about that moment, but it was everything I was missing in the trip thus far. We kept talking, trying to understand what that was.

Suddenly, the center of my chest exploded in a a soul-clenching burst of emotion. We were looking deep within each others eyes into the very essence of our Beings. We were sharing one synchronized mind. "Is this happening to you too?!" I asked in awe. I'll never forget the words she spoke "I love you from the depths of what make me alive, user, and I will walk through Heaven and Hell with you." I had only felt glimpses of this; it was everything I've ever chased after in a girl, everything I felt I was missing. It was pure unconditional love.

Look anons. Here is the quick rundown on psilocybin cubensis. It's rather simple. It's an entity that enters you and offers lessons. There are multiple ways you can enjoy a trip, you can do it like the average college kid and "get fucked up", probably have a wild time with highs and lows freaking out thinking you're gonna die for 10 minutes but it feels like an hour. Here is what you really should do: have a dialogue with the psilocybin entity which has entered your body. Just like the Greek philosophers, you need to have a back and forth dialogue. You will know what I mean when you start tripping. Now the entity is going to confront you with EVERYTHING you have been afraid to confront within your soul ALL AT ONCE. You have to bravely accept this lesson or else you will have an awful trip. I know almost everyone on Sup Forums is ready for the redpills that the psilocybe entity will give them because you all are the type who are already capable of swallowing them without these lessons. But these lessons go further and I mean you will receive some serious enlightenment and be forced by an invisible entity to work through thought problems that might bother you. That is what "magic mushrooms" can do, it's not an automatic experience, you have to engage and have a dialogue and you will quickly find that this being has a message to give you about rediscovering inner logic which is cruel and antithetic.

You have to hold a dialogue with the mushroom entity, trust me, it will show you how to fix all of that forever

that's Timothy Leary retard

I just want you to know i'm happy for you user.

You have something very few people ever find.

user what if i told you aliens are actually demons

I've had many experiences on LSD and Psilocybin and even combined both in addition to edibles and beer and so on. It's mostly been at concerts where i realized some profound truths about the universe and the nature of reality which cured my depression and anxiety and all that. The psychedelic experience is kinda like a natural pol that helps you become more of a dot-connecting man immune to kiked subversion.

I'm curious how different LSD and Shrooms are in effect?

I've never taken either, I plan to try LSD at some point in the future, but I can't try shrooms because i'm allergic to fungi.

Are they significantly different effects from one another?

Thank you very much. But just know that the fundamental realization that the experience brought me is that at my core, there's nothing another girl can give me that my girlfriend doesn't already give. Likewise, there's nothing my girlfriend can give me that another girl couldn't give. Because at our core, we are of the same pure essence. All of the rest, identity and all, is just fluff on top of the divine perfection present within each of us.

In other words, we can make it work with anyone if both parties are honor the divine light within one another and pledge to make it work. This is the lost truth of the marriage covenant that many are not aware of.

I dropped 600ug of LSD and watched TGSNT after a friend recommended it while I was still bluepilled.

It was an intense experience to say the least, I saw myself standing in the crowds, listening to Hitler, feeling the pride of the Germans at this man who set the country straight with his will and wit.
I not only saw him as a leader, but as a person, an individual with hopes and dreams, goals and ambitions, strengths and weaknesses and virtues and faults. I saw him for the first time as a human being, and saw the web of lies laid out.

The allies bombing supply routes, the effects of (((communism))), the state of Weimar, the lies and the empathic connection I had to these people so clearly demonized and destroyed by (((some seemingly random force))) made me feel extremely ill and heartbroken, but I did not cry, I felt angry, I felt like I had woken up in a house full of smoke, eager to find the source and put it out.

I haven't done any psychedelics after this experience, went cold turkey on weed and alcohol as well and decided to straighten myself out.

What's your opinion on Hitler and Nazism ever since that trip? Can't imagine watching one of his speeches on LSD. But I can totally imagine how you viewed it in that way, it makes you a much more empathetic person.

From google:

P: onset: 30 minutes; peak 90 minutes; duration: 6 hours
L: onset: 60 minutes; peak 2-3 hours; duration: 10 hours

L: pronounced stimulant effect, similar to phenethylamines
P: brain healing effect

scope of effect
L: all sense fields -- visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic
P: primarily visual [Eds: We disagree with this one.]
perceptual integration L: profound synesthesia in high doses, especially visual perception of auditory stimuli
P: limited synesthesia, even in high doses
L: general, wide spectrum of possible effects
P: somewhat specific, with recurrent forms
L: neutral, visuals ranging from the banal to the sublime
P: visions of sublime beauty the norm
L: primary or spectral colors
P: 'earthy' composite warm colors
color-object association, mobility
L: abstract, colors moving and changing freely
P: concrete, colors fused to objects
other qualities
L: transparent, neutral
P: rich, lustrous
L: fine detail, fractal-like quality
P: little emphasis on detail
L: great variety of form; small lines, facets elucidate structure
P: broad interlocking regions containing different colors bounded by curved, clean edges
consciousness, general
ego dissolution
L: profound depersonalization accompanying experience of the underlying unity and boundlessness of everything
P: mild depersonalization accompanying experience of beauty in and empathy with other beings/phenomena
L: very expansive, multiplicity of thought and emotion, sense of boundlessness
P: mildly expansive
cognition and perception
L: cognition and perception are intimately associated, perception seeming to be largely directed by cognitive processes
P: perception is little affected by cognition
L: high degree of continuity imparted (apparently) by the mediation of perception by cognition
P: little continuity as one intense sensation replaces another

Similar but different. LSD was always more visually apparent and shrooms were more emotionally and "physically" apparent for me (when I say physical I mean it feels physical in your body even though it's happening in your mind. Even still there are some decent visuals, but less fractal than LSD imo.) Shroom trips were the ones that taught me something even if it was a hellish nightmare to see how I need to fix my situation. They were trips that allowed for inner reflection on the past and the future based on choices I've been making. LSD was more of an experience that heightened the senses and allowed me to see the world differently and experience "truths" in real time.

>picture is something I drew recently. Not while on psychedelics but it represents my experience with them a little.

LSD has a dopaminergic metabolite which is liable to make the trip dark after four hours.

Terrence McKenna was an elaborate psyop. Was said to have met the CIA frequently.

You're a bisexual faggot.

>inb4 u are gay

Never did drugs, i'm of the opinion that they allow The Devil and it's minions to fuck with you more easily.

Absolutely agree.

And answering Op

MDMA, Truffels and DMT in a forest in the rain in England with my mates was the best fucking experience ever.

We even had a drug Gandalf.

smoked 5meodmt. complete ego loss. realized i’m god / were all god / everything is god.

We're not God.

Hey guys I would like to contribute to the multiverse theory or parallel worlds. The event took place on 01/11/2012

So then I just start. Colleague invited me to chat with him for a round of "legal highs" with him. Since I had already heard about it, I wanted to try it out.

This time it was worse than the other trips. I've had some bad trips behind me but that would have been so hard I had not thought of. I had to start laughing, could not stop, and stuck the other people in the room. All I can remember now is like a dream, because I was suddenly in another world.

The feeling for my body and my thoughts completely gone. I was in a dream world ... Far from the living room where I was sitting.

I no longer had a physical body and found myself in a black felt endless endless dark space. Intuitively, I could feel that this space is infinite and extends in all directions

I was only conscious with my memories and my character.

I did not understand exactly why I was suddenly there. Something frightened suddenly suddenly broadened inside me ... I briefly considered what I had done that I was here now..The worst thing was, I did not know much anymore..I had my NAME, family where I live where I was Where I work ALL forget ... Everything seemed so fake, not real, and I was totally panicked because I wanted to get away from there and back into my real reality ....

I acted the whole time really intuitive


All of a sudden, I had different transparent "windows" / gatewayportals (I just call it)in front of my "eyes" (i had no physical eyes), where I saw different realities of mine and I could switch by hand back and forth ... I could look into all these windows and listen ... I wanted absolutely Back into my real world but you can not imagine how it feels if you do not know exactly how you got into this situation and how you get away from that place and you do not know who you are ...

The next memories are scheming. I am lying on the couch. See double & triple. My cycle is at the end, my colleagues say I look totally pale and get bad air. I do not feel my body, and still I do not know exactly who I am and what exactly happened. My thoughts are mixed and I do not realize the situation. everything seems to me unreal and not real. The fear is a little gone, but the funny feeling that I am not in my real world / reality remains. After about 2 hours I can get up again and start slowly to realize what is currently happened. My trip into the this world seemed like an hour ago. My colleagues claim that it was only around the 5-10 minutes and I was permanently ill at laughter until i Fell faint .

The next day I feel like I'm in a bad sitcom. everything feels not real and even the breathing seems so unreal to me.

Image for better understanding my view in the world on the portals

later then i discovered the mandela effect in 2015, quantum physics, mutliverse

You're definetly God, Adamgoy.

take 3 puffs of 5 and we’ll see how you feel about that

Complete ego death, becoming one with the mycelium and watching fractal islands float in tune to Spacetime Continuum on full blast.

Was a monster amount of mushroom. Felt good for months afterwards.

I'm not into "try it just once". Look, i know for a fact i'm not God.

For lack of better terms, LSD is cleaner, sharper and more clinical than mushrooms. Body load on mushrooms is quite heavy depending on amount/type of course.
I like both, but I feel more fulfilled after mushrooms.

>Look, i know for a fact i'm not God.
Based on what evidence?

He can't make a rock that even he can't lift. He can't make a rock period. Also if he was God he wouldn't make faggots like you exist.

i’ll say this. going into that trip, i was a stone cold atheist. that trip changed everything. i thought it was bullshit until i read other 5meo trip reports and many said the same thing. the logical part of my brain doesn’t wanna believe it but i experienced it first hand

back when i was 16 i smoked weed with the buddies from boarding school and then afterwards when i was in bed i listened to Jimi Hendrix - merman 1983 (or something) on my MP3 Player
It was unbelievable, and no i didn't see any colours but it was still the best thing ever

I'm not saying we're all god. However, you can't disprove something without evidence in the same manner you can't prove anything by faith.

lmao, yes okay fine i'm god

see Using your brain a bit isn't dangerous.

what if she's an ugly midget though? like not just a midget but an ugly one too, like deformed and shit

do u believe there is a god?

don't patronize me

Why would I? It can't be proven and the only thing believers back it up with is a book of fairy tales written to teach ignorant sheepherders morality through fear of punishment.

i c, ghosts and shit like dat?

dat ass gotta get punished boay

LSD doesn't work on me, last time I did a 200micro g and got nothing at all. Is it because I also did MDMA at the same time?

It's funny to me how you're telling me that i can escape hell. Because that's what you're telling me.

Sure kid.

You just need to be able to control your mind. I've been depressed for years (although not a major depression) and never had a single bad experience with hallucinogenics.

That’s an interesting idea, about marriage. I suspect this is why Indian arraigned marriages are so successful, because both parties enter the marriage dedicated to make it work and are willing to support each other. It shows that more people are compatible than they think, just our cultural malaise holds us back at the moment.

CIA niggers couldn’t even get Hillary elected, there’s no way they created the Terence McKenna persona, it’s too convincing and real.


what if i told you demons are actually aliens

>Be me, 1993
>Buy RED ROCKET from local pikey
>Fuck off up the woods with 3 other friends
>Acid aint working, this sucks
>Discover group of smaller lads playing on horizon
>Stealth mode activated
>Stalk them like lions, tingling now
>Sprint the last 100 yards howling like madmen
>Kids shit bricks, many lels were had
>Tripping balls now
>Carry on towards woods, dusk falls
>Fucking bats everywhere
>Both real & imaginary
>Bump into another group of degenerates, shake hands & exchange pleasantries
>'Now we're both covered in shit' Says one.
>Look down at hand, 50% chance it's covered in shit, can't be sure
>Make it to woods, build fire
>See Predator swinging from the trees after every hit of amyl nitrate
>One mate goes missing
>It's fine she'll see the fire
>Commune with nature bullshit + fire spirits etc
>Can feel shit on my hand, but not see it
>Dawn arrives
>Missing mate appears from behind tree where she's been lost for 9 hours
>It's about 20 feet from the fire
>We were calling all night too
>Walk home
>Probably the fondest memory I have, to be 17 again eh

Don't be an idiot. Don't buy drugs through the internet. If you are an American go to Mexico and pay a doctor to give you prescription on whatever you want. American citizens have the right to acquire medical drugs from abroad.

You have to do it on an empty stomach. Try to avoid eating while you're on it too.

man i once took 10 gs of dried shrooms, a pot of ayahuasca, 5 tabs of LSD and 5000mg of dramamine topped it off with an adderall and a couple beers, the first 30 mins i didnt feel shit, but then i had to go take a shit, i sat on the toilet seat for like hours trippin and seein stars n shit and i was floatin through the universe smokin a crack pipe but i never smoked crack which was weird, then i looked in the toilet and i was like woah man and i saw the universe in my shit so i wanted to hold a galaxy, ah fuck it
long story short i woke up covered in shit and the whole bathroom floor covered in shit, had to take a long shower afterwards

My mom was with me while I did mushrooms and she made fun of me saying I looked like a mental patient in a hospital. It made me realize that even though she has been a stay at home mom and always near me, she's too self involved to really love me or understand me. "you don't get me" "you always ignore me" "you never support me" kept replaying in my head over and over again.

The first time I did LSD was the best. My bed was full of clothes and my room, a mess. I felt so disgusted with myself. I looked at pictures and listened to music online. I also saw an interview of a singer and I could tell when he was lying based on his expressions. "where have I been?" was what was replying in my mind towards the end of the trip. I started to fold all my clothes and cleaned my room. I also remember looking in the mirror and seeing black emphasized. My black hair especially. I wish I remembered more.

On a side note my memory is not what it used to be. I often don't remember what I was talking about 5 minutes ago or when I went somewhere. Is this because of the drugs? I've done mushrooms, LSD and weed no more than 5 times each about 2 years ago. I can't get them anymore which makes me sad. I do get drunk 2-3 times a month. I'm 23.

ha you fucking tard

take DMT, it's in the bible in Exodus

>man i once took 10 gs of dried shrooms, a pot of ayahuasca, 5 tabs of LSD and 5000mg of dramamine topped it off with an adderall and a couple beers,
wow what a waste of time

“where have i been?”
i know that feel too hard user

some days i’ll wake up and feel like the guy from Click who fast-forwarded through decades of his life, wondering what the hell happened

I'm doing acrid in the summer, looking forward to it

1. Fantasia on 1P-LSD
3. Museum Of Consciousness on 1P-LSD

>ywn try Psychedelic :(
I want to try in so bad

Nice work, both of you

>be me in 12th grade
>take two sugar cubes of acid before school with a few bros
>1st period just feeling a little giddy, light in stomach
>2nd period begin feeling effects, trying hard not to just laugh
>lot of commotion, teachers turn tv on
>shows planes crashing into first tower
>then another plane crashes
>can't control laughter at this point
>get dismissed from school because was in arlington which was 5 miles from pentagon
>spend rest of day on rooftop with bros just playing guitar and swimming

What is everyones opinion on doing psychedelics when you have had severe depression for the past 9 years, like i used to be on a triple dose of anti-depressants severe.
Currently im in a slightly better place but not the best and ive quit taking any medication for about 2-3 months.

Same but it's so hard to find some good shrooms, at least here in this region. Never had the chance to grow some...

Always research before you do things. Check Erowid and other people's experiences, weight and dosage.

To have a good time you need to be your own doctor because doing it wrong can really fuck you up. Always do the lowest dose to test allergy and reactions and then gradually go up from light dosage that'll have an effect and work your way up.

Also never put partying before anything else. I had the unfortunate experience of being hooked on benzodiazapines and opiates but still kept my high paying job. Even so I wouldn't recommend it because such things fuck with your mental health.

To obtain such things just ask around but with plausible deniability. Don't outright ask but say if they smoke weed or party then if they're cool about it all ask for a contact. Also ask weed dealers cos they usually know people with access to more interesting things.

With all this I strongly lead back to my first point in making sure you're very careful about dosages. Always research and take into account your weight and height. Always test on the lowest possible dose just to gauge your reaction to it.


i did mushrooms while suicidally depressed. it was very intense and scary but i'm glad i did it.

what do you have to lose? mushrooms are being used in labs to cure depression.

Anyone here done a 4th plateau dxm trip? How was it?

Wow that's all so gorgeous. Shame it's a hoe and nothing more than a play thing. I'd hate to be her father.

Guess I dont have much to lose, what would your opinion be of dmt in this state as it is more readily available to me.

You can buy 1p-lsd online legally. Check on Reddit on how to do it.

" The one " is a meme. Anyone is good so long as they're proper and in it alongside you. The reason why so many end up old and lonely is because they're searching for something that doesn't exist except in their fantasy.
At least help the man.

Also, to any 5-0 lurking, these two sites are already monitored by your ilk. Don't bother, faggots. Get a real job. Stop destroying things.

I was like this without the psychedelics though. I find them really good at breaking down barriers but I was already willing to listen and learn when I begun watching.

>MDMA, Truffels and DMT in a forest in the rain in England with my mates was the best fucking experience ever.
Sounds pretty comfy, but I'm confused, did you take all of that shit at the same time? Or are those separate occasions

Beautiful drawing, user. LSD always makes me love nature and appreciate every little thing, for this reason I always keep it for summer and good days. I've still got to try mushrooms though, I'm waiting on a drop but it's taking a while. Eager to try tho!

I love this thread so much I can't let it die

Wouldn't having it sent to a home address raise a flag at customs?

They hide it well. My mushrooms were delivered in a sealed Altoid box.